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So you want to really impress your guest with an elegant guest room. I get it! If your guest room is in need of a makeover and you’re getting special visitors staying overnight very soon, you might want to get started asap! Why not elevate your space with elegant queen bedroom sets? Not only will the space welcome your guests, but it might just make them want to come back! Moreover, the comfort doesn’t stop at looks. You need to think about how your guest room functions. 


Here you will learn how to create an elegant guest room using a Queen sized bed along with hosting tips on details that will make your guest super comfy.


Design an Elegant Guest Room with a Queen Bed


Why a queen size bed? 


The explanation is quite simple. You will not find something more ideal for a guest room than this size of the bed.  It’s big enough to seem luxurious to pleasantly surprise your guests and thank them for your visit. And, on the other hand, it’s small enough that it doesn’t overwhelm the room, which should accommodate many necessary pieces of furniture. You cannot be sure that relatives will come to visit you just for the weekend. They can always stay for a couple of weeks or months. In this case, you should always be on the alert, and your guest room should remain a cozy place for the life of your loved ones.


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Welcome Guests with Upscale Accommodations


Too often, guest rooms seem to be an afterthought. We sometimes think since these bedrooms are not used all the time why bother. Why put extra thought, work, and money into a room that doesn’t seem as important as other spaces. At the same time, the guest room should be a very special place created for very special people. Providing a wonderful sleeping environment for those you don’t get to visit with all the time should be important to you and those you welcome into your home.


elegant guest room


Go for an Elegant Style, It’s Always a Crowd Pleaser


Even if you don’t have an unlimited budget, choose the best bed linens and decorative accessories you can afford. Nothing says “welcome, and we hope you enjoy your stay with us,” like fine sheets and soft fluffy blankets and comforters.


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Just a few upscale decorative accessories can bring a beautiful elevated look to the guest room. in such cases, simple vases with fresh flowers add a special charm. Flowers always enliven any interior and bring a state of harmony to the room. If you are ready to spend a little more time on it, then flowers in pots are an even more convenient and long-term option that can please more than one guest.


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Little Details Mean A Lot


To make your elegant guest bedroom seem even more welcoming, be sure to bring in thoughtful touches, you know your guests will appreciate it. I can’t stress this enough. Think like YOU’RE the guest at a fancy B&B and ask yourself what you would appreciate upon arrival from a long travel day.


A Few Ideas: 


A basket of travel-size toiletries, like still in the wrapper toothbrushes, lotion, tiny soaps and such will be welcome additions. This will create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your guest room, no matter how pompously equipped it is. Any care is in the details and you are able to convey it to your guests leaving more bath towels and bedspreads.


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A small clock, an extra charging station, and even a Kindle loaded with books and magazines would be extra thoughtful. Especially when it comes to guests whom you are not able to devote enough time to. in such cases, it is imperative to think about their leisure and pleasant pastime in your home. Think about it and pick up the good films that we all saw in childhood and which will take a couple of three hours.


A basket of snacks and water or juice might be just the thing. I like to place a bottle of wine, some chips, peanuts and if time permits, meats, cheeses and fruits. 


wine basket


Have a photo framed with the Wi-Fi login info! 


And don’t forget an extra pillow and blanket or throw for chilly nights or air conditioning that works overtime.  Soft accent details complement the interior, filling the gaps in amateur design solutions. By the way, if you can’t find a blanket or a wrap for a chair that matches the tone and style, then you can always use the universal alternative and buy your favorite fabric in a textile store, use it for different details in the interior. For example, curtains, pillows, bedspreads, bedding and even tablecloths on the coffee table.


For guests you know well, you’ll be able to come up with other welcoming ideas. Most of these little things will take only a few minutes of your time but will show you care and are thinking of your visitors’ comfort.


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Check Out These Ways to Save on Great Furniture


In the long run, more expensive furniture may be a better value than cheaper options. The same goes for elegant queen bedroom sets. Check out all your options before you dismiss the idea that you can elevate your guest room with this great alternative to just plain bedroom sets. Remember what we discussed earlier about looking for home furniture with free delivery to make your guest room furniture even more budget-friendly.


When you’ve completed your elegant guest room, you’ll be able to welcome guests with pride and confidence, knowing they’ll be comfortable in a beautiful space with everything they need for a wonderful stay.


Also, we recommend that you read HGTV offers “20 Tips for Turning Your Guest Bedroom Into a Retreat” if you are craving even more inspiration for luxurious guest rooms. And if you’re looking for mom inspo, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post from my Mom’s Corner!


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