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10 of the Best US Food Tours for Your Itinerary

Whether you’re planning a trip to the US, or you already live here, you’re gonna be eating. So, why not add some of the best US food tours to your plans?


It’s true that eating good food is necessary to sustain life, but for many people, it has become a source of pleasure and recreation as well. That’s because good food not only satisfies hunger but also has artistic qualities made of color and texture.


In addition, it is often a history-filled representation of the cultures and communities that it comes from and is often served in attractive facilities with a welcoming ambiance. It’s no wonder it is often a priority for many travelers who flock to these popular US food tours when exploring the country.


US Food Tours, San Francisco
San Francisco, California


The Best US Food Tours


Cozymeal Food Tours in San Francisco, California


With Cozymeal’s tailor-made tours, team building, and cooking classes there is something for everyone to enjoy in San Francisco. Whether you are interested in the Temescal tastes of Oakland, the exotic flavors from the east in Chinatown, or the iconic stops featuring locally-grown produce from the many farmer’s markets, Cozymeal can be the foundation of an unforgettable culinary adventure in the golden city.


US food Tours, New Orleans
New Orleans


Doctor Gumbo Tours in New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans has no shortage of food and drinks to reflect its colorful, rich history. Doctor Gumbo Tours showcases this city with experiences centered around artisanal confections, hot sauce bars, quirky sandwich shops, and of course classic Creole recipes.


If you’re only looking for libations with your history lesson, you can opt for their cocktail tour instead.


Chicago, Illinois skyline
Chicago, Illinois


Chicago Food Planet in Chicago, Illinois


The wind won’t be the only thing to sweep you away in Chicago if you book a tour with Chicago Food Planet. If you’re looking for a family-friendly foodie experience, then you’ll delight in local experts navigating you to a selection of Chicago-style dishes.


Stroll down Navy Pier, feel right at home at the local Mom & Pop shops, or marvel at the creativity of West Loop’s master chefs.


New York City is Known for, US food tours
New York City


Foods of New York Tours in New York City, New York 


With six different food tours to choose from, the hardest thing will be finding the time to do them all! Enjoy the specialties of each cultural mecca, such as the old rustic charm of Little Italy, the eclectic flavors of Greenwich Village, the nightlife of Chelsea Market, or the trendiest offerings of Brooklyn.


US food tours, San Diego, California
San Diego, California


Bite San Diego in San Diego, California


Conveniently located next to the Baja Californian border, San Diego has no shortage of culinary offerings with a Mexican flair.


From tortillas and tequila in historic Old Town to the romantic food and drink pairings along the Carlsbad coast, and everything in between, San Diego will show you through its food creations why it’s arguably America’s finest city.


Napa Valley, California, purple grapes, wine
Napa Valley, California


Gourmet Food and Wine Tours in Napa Valley


You might be wondering why wine country is listed in an article about the best UD food tours. Ever pair wine with food? California’s famous wine country delivers some of its best offerings through Gourmet Food and Wine Tours.


Refine your palette with some of the best locally-crafted wines of Sonoma, Napa, St. Helena, and Sausalito paired with fresh farm-to-table foods.


Savannah, Georgia downtown
Savannah, Georgia


Savannah Taste Experience in Savannah, Georgia


If you’re ready for the famous southern charm and country cooking, Savannah Taste Experience provides several stops to get your fix along with the live-oak-lined squares. These five-star tours can satisfy American history buffs and culinary adventure seekers alike. 


Seattle, Washington Skyline
Seattle, Washington


Savor Seattle Food Tours in Seattle, Washington


Among the best US food tours is Savor Seattle Food Tours. This top-rated US food tour in the Pacific Northwest can satisfy virtually any palette.


With fresh seafood from Pike’s Place or a range of flavors available at its downtown restaurants, it’ll hard to be sleepless when there is so much to sample.


Portland, Oregon, best US food tours
Portland, Oregon


Forktown Food Tours in Portland, Oregon


If you venture south from the Emerald City, you’ll find yourself at Portland, Oregon where you can get up close and personal with your food on its famous walking food tour.


From the global fare along Division Street to the eclectic blend of flavors on Mississippi Avenue and the classic favorites from Downtown Portland, your taste buds will thank you.


Houston, Texas, skyline, best US food tours
Houston, Texas


Taste of Houston Food Tours in Houston, Texas


Nestled in the lone star state is a melting pot of communities, cultures, and most importantly, food, in the city of Houston. With a mix of modern skyscrapers and historic neighborhoods, the culinary offerings are seemingly endless.


Allow Taste of Houston Food Tours to help you navigate through the city, one delicious bite at a time.


In Closing


With countless options available, pinpointing individual restaurants to visit among many others sprawled throughout the country can be challenging, especially if you are visiting a location with which you are not familiar.


Luckily, guided tours can make it easy to experience the best offerings from the country’s most popular destinations. Before you book your next vacation, consider adding one of these US food tours to your itinerary.

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