Iceland is home to many natural phenomena, most famous perhaps being the Northern Lights. However, one natural phenomenon that shouldn’t be overlooked is the experience of the Midnight Sun in Iceland.


Something of a required taste perhaps due to its nature but nonetheless spectacular. The summer months in Iceland are incredible and full of long days and bright nights. If you want to make sure to make the most of the Midnight Sun phenomenon you should make sure to visit Iceland before it peaks in June.


The melt water from the glaciers of Iceland passes over a low grassy pain under the midnight sun of the far north.
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What is the Midnight Sun Adventure in Iceland All About?

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The Midnight Sun in Iceland is a natural phenomenon caused by the tilt of the Earth’s axis towards the sun during the summer months and the sheer beauty of it is something you will remember for a lifetime. With the right preparations, you will be able to sleep fine and you shouldn’t be deterred by the many urban legends that surround it.


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What’s the Best Way to Experience the Midnight Sun?


One way of making this an even more spectacular experience is by exploring the range of Iceland’s camper rental industry. By utilizing the opportunity for campervan rentals in Iceland you will be able to find the perfect vehicle to make this the road trip of a lifetime.


Camper rental in Iceland offers interested parties a wide range of choices and by opting for alternatives such as Campervan Reykjavik or the even more popular Motorhome Iceland you will have a great selection to choose from. Finding the right campervan to drive around the island while enjoying the Midnight Sun in Iceland will be imperative to the success of the journey.


Listen closely to the professionals and map out your own unique travel itinerary before you get going. 


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How Do You Find the Right Campervan?


Places such as Motorhome Iceland will be able to offer advice on everything you need to know before starting your very own journey around Iceland. The summer months, for instance, offer somewhat easier road conditions than the winter season but one should still be cautious.


Iceland is famous for having rough and unpredictable weather conditions, even in the summer there might be sudden shifts and then it’s best to be prepared. Consulting rental companies such as Motorhome Iceland will make sure you have answers to all your questions ranging from car insurance to add-on and whether it is better with a 2WD or a 4×4.


Especially if this is your first visit to the island, any and all advice will be welcome. Traveling during the summer in Iceland, especially while sleeping during the Midnight Sun where the island experiences some of the longest days might also provide its own set of challenges.


Make sure to consult the rental company on the best rental for the most comfortable sleeping arrangements. Just don’t forget to bring your sleeping mask as well. Whichever road you will travel once in Iceland, it’s impossible to go wrong, there are simply too many incredible sights everywhere.


Most are advised to start with the Ring Road though as it is one of the more easily maneuvered roads on the island.


Gulfoss Iceland
Gulfoss Iceland


The Island that Never Sleeps


Once you have the perfect camper rental it’s time to set out exploring, although if you are visiting Iceland during the Midnight Sun this will surely be enough on its own. Natural phenomena aside, since there is light basically from sunrise to sunset, there really is no stopping you from sightseeing 24/7.


Take advantage of the late nights while driving around and create your own midnight sun tour covering incredible sites such as the Golden Circle or why not even go whale watching. If you are looking for some information on how to best cover the most spectacular sites in Iceland there is always the possibility of going online to consult the islands official tourism information for some great ideas.


You also might want to make a visit to the Game of Thrones filming locations in Iceland while you’re there!


Driving your own campervan allows you the freedom to travel at any time during the day and night, due to the many hours of light it’s possible to visit destination that might be to crowded during peak hours. There is also the possibility of traveling around Iceland with the intention of being present for the summer solstice on the 21st of June, also recognized as Iceland’s longest day.


During the summer there is much going on around this date as well such as music festivals and fairs. Really, use the opportunity of having your own campervan and explore at your hearts will. Why not try the famous sun coffee?!


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Practical Notes About a Midnight Sun in Iceland Adventure


The midnight sun occurs in Reykjavík between the 16th and the 29th of June, perhaps plan your road trip around these dates in order to really experience the Midnight Sun in Iceland to the fullest. Make sure to pack in layers. There will be times when you’re cold and times when you’re hot.


Bring practical adventure gear, hiking shoes, a rain parka and comfortable cozy items like socks and a throw blanket. You can find a lot of this on my Camping Gear Gift Guide!


A Midnight Sun in Iceland adventure is surely going to be a trip you will never forget. In a place known as the land of fire and ice with legends of elves and Vikings and even fairies, you are sure to find yourself surrounded in magic, folklore and thousands of years of history.


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