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Should I Get a Hotel or a Villa?

When planning a lavish holiday, one of the most crucial components to consider would be the accommodations. Remember that choosing the right one will set the tone for your grand vacation.  And since you’re planning an indulgent holiday, you can’t just get a cheap hotel room, obviously. Your best options would be to book a room in a luxury hotel or in one of the finest luxury villa rentals in the area. Choosing between the two can be a challenge though, so we’re here to help. Below is a rundown of the pros and cons for both kinds of accommodations for when you ask yourself “Should I get a hotel or a villa”


Luxury Hotel vs Private Villa Rental: Which Should You Choose?


Making a Case for Luxury Hotels


Luxury hotels are probably some of the most convenient options if you’re craving for a fancy holiday since they’re very easy to find anywhere. If you’re headed to a popular destination, there’s a good chance that you can find a five-star hotel brand.  Do a quick search online and you’ll also find a good number of options wherever it is that you intend to go. You won’t have a hard time getting to know what they have in store for you as their marketing materials should contain nearly everything you need to know when you book a room.


Then, there’s also their services. Upscale hotels always put their guests first so you can be assured that you’ll be pampered and properly cared for by experienced hotel personnel if you book with them. Last, but not the least, the amenities they have are also worth looking into. For some people, the hotel itself is already the destination, so a lot of these properties are made to wow guests. Aside from the architecture, gorgeous interiors, and comfortable features, they also tend to have breathtaking vistas and other unique offerings.


The only downside to staying in a luxury hotel is that you have to share all of the amenities with a lot of other guests. Sure, there may not be a whole lot of them as compared to regular hotels, but the fact still remains that you’ll have to share the amenities with total strangers. If this doesn’t bother you, then, there’s a good chance that you’ll thoroughly enjoy your lavish getaway.


Why Private Villas are More Indulgent Options


For a lot of people, renting a private villa is considered the more indulgent option. Why? For one, you’ll enjoy privacy. This is the biggest difference between luxury hotels and private villas because you’ll only have to share the amenities and outdoor amenities with your party. You don’t have to mind the rowdy kids of total strangers as they run around the lobby or endure strangers trying to make small talk with you while you try to sunbathe.


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Another thing to love about private villas is that they usually have incredible bedding and linens. One of the biggest issues for me when I travel is being away from my bed. When I first bought my home I was sent a luxury foam Dreamcloud Mattress and my life has never been the same since. I wake up refreshed and free of pain. But when I travel, I am always worried that my hotel mattress will be hard and cause me to wake up sore. Being in a private villa usually means having a high-quality mattress. And where there is a high-quality mattress, the best bathroom rugs for your toes are usually not far behind.


Other Pros


Arranging a trip for a big group is also easier when renting a private villa. While these properties also have headcount limits, you can still find nice properties that can host a large group. Doing this with a luxury hotel can be a hassle. So if you want to stay together with everyone in your huge party, a posh villa might be a better option.


If you’re worried about the service, you don’t have to. Most of these properties have live-in staff so you can still count in 24-hour assistance. This will ensure that you’ll stay pampered and well cared for on your lavish holiday.


You also don’t have to fret about finding the best luxury villas. There are tons available in the most popular tourist destinations. So you just need to do a quick search to find one that will suit your taste, needs, and particular preferences.


Which Will You Chose?


While luxury hotels offer a traditional lodging option for those who want to go on an extravagant holiday, private villas are also highly attractive alternatives for such occasions. Give them a shot and you might just find a new amazing way to take a break from your hectic life.

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