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6 Reasons You Want to Visit Algarve As Soon As Possible

Plain and simple, you should pack your bags and plan to visit Algarve, Portugal. This pristine southern edge of Portugal has much to offer and is dubbed as the Florida of Europe for a reason. This is perhaps the warmest part of the country with both natural retreats and economic significance. If you’re planning a trip to Portugal but are on the fence about Algarve, then check out these reasons to pack your bags.


Why You Should Visit Algarve


1.  The Vila Monte Farm Houses


The Vila Monte Farm Houses actually accommodations with a farmhouse theme. This is a 22-acre property is connected to herb and vegetable gardens which dominate the kitchen. Handpicked by the staff and freshly prepared to your plate, the Vila Monte Farmhouses complete their theme in every way. 


The hotel is just a 5-minute drive away from Olhao city. Recently it went through upgrades offering a boho-chic look to its 55 rooms. Once you arrive you will be greeted with straw hats and sarongs. It’s an ideal spot if you want to venture towards the beach or hills. If you want to book yourself, you can find good deals here.


2.  Tres Palmeiras


Tres Palmeiras is a seaside restaurant that has no pretensions. The restaurant is known for offering great food and visuals. Ever dine without a menu? Here you get to pick the fish from the counter right at the entrance and have your meal made by your request. The restaurant is also known for its bread and olives, tomato, onion salad, roasted potatoes, wine selection, and fresh fish.


3.  Monterosa


Olive oil makes the backbone of Portuguese dishes. Recently the country started to make a small batch of artisanal oils to compete with the rest of the world. Monterosa is a premium brand that hails from Algarve. This brand has opened its olive gardens for tourists tours. The company gladly offers a tour of its production facility. This way, visitors can see everything in the process. 


4.  Hiking and Goats


If you like hiking than Algarve has something special in store for you. The country is a small-scale producer of rare delicacies which includes cured meat and cheese made from goat’s milk. But if you like hiking, you can arrange a trek with a local goatherder as they move around the rugged lands of Algarve. It can be an excellent experience if you love the outdoors and culture.


5.  Porches Pottery


For the last 5decades, this shop has had two great artists, one Irish and one Portuguese. The shop went on to say that traditional craft doesn’t always end up in the history. It’s a beautifully painted ceramic building which has a contemporary sensibility


6.  The Anantara Vilamoura Resort


This is an Asian luxury resort that opened up recently. It has created quite an impact. It has already gone through two renovations, both of which were well received. It redesigned the public spaces with beautiful upgrades.


The resort has become well known for its authenticity and natural abstract design.  It offers world class facilities but with a touch of Portuguese culture. The unique blend of Asian and Portuguese is something you have to see for yourself.


So if you weren’t quite sure about a visit to Algarve, then maybe these reasons will sway you to add this destination to your travel plans. And if you’re looking for more travel tips or travel hacking ideas, I’ve got you covered.

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