5 Places to Grab a Slice Before Your Broadway Show In NYC

Your tour of the Met just ended, and you have more time in the day than you expected. We’ve all been there. Now you’re starving, and you only have an hour until your show starts. Don’t worry! While you won’t find pizza in the Theater District like downtown or in Brooklyn, there are plenty of decent places close by that will get the job done!

Here are a few of our favorite places to grab a slice of pizza near Broadway in the Theater District.


Pizza Near Broadway


5 Places to Grab a Slice, Pizza Near Broadway


Patzeria Perfect Pizza

Location: 231 West 46th Street

This quaint pizza joint is located in the heart of the Theater District and is the perfect little place to grab a quality slice. Aptly named, you will feel right at home with the Broadway memorabilia that adorns the walls. The hardest part of going here is debating between the fresh tomato and basil or the Margherita.



Two Boots

Location: 625 9th Avenue

New York City pizza pioneers at Two Boots will not disappoint. If you have time to venture to East Village, stop by this pizza shop opened up by two indie filmmakers who love pizza and beer. You will find amazing pizza with their own quirky ingenuity, fun pies like “The Dude,” a Cajun bacon cheeseburger pizza. Their slices have been a staple for New Yorkers and tourists alike since 1987.


Famous Amadeus Pizza

Location: 840 8th Avenue

The Famous Amadeus Pizza is in a prime spot for a quick post-show bite. This family-owned-and-operated pizza shop is where you’ll find the owner, Amadeus calling the shots. This pizza shop features all of the classic varieties from Hawaiian to Sicilian, you will most definitely find the slice for you.



Kiss My Slice Pizza

Location: 274 West 40th Street

Kiss My Slice offers pan, deep dish and gourmet style pizza slices at a reasonable cost and is located at the southern end of the Theater District. From Lasagna Deep Dish pizza and more, this pizza shop will keep you coming back for more. Their authentic New York City pizzeria is serving up pizza the way it’s supposed to be.



John’s Pizzeria

Location: 260 West 44th Street

If you’re with a large group, we suggest stopping by John’s Pizzeria to order a pie. Voted one of New York’s best pizzas, all pizzas are made to order in one of their four coal-fired brick ovens. They pride themselves in using only fresh ingredients and incomparable recipes. Their space used to be a church, so there is plenty of seating and a pleasant atmosphere to accompany your brick oven pizza.


No matter what kind of pizza satisfies your taste buds, you will find it in the Theater District. Are you in the area but don’t have tickets to a show? No problem, grab a slice of pizza and find last minute Broadway tickets in a matter of minutes. The Theater District has so much to offer, don’t dismiss it for having some quality places to stop and grab a slice of pie before or after a show.


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