5 Places to Visit on a West Coast Road Trip

The West Coast of the United States encompasses 1,500 miles of coastline that begins in Washington State and stretches all the way to Southern California. It’s such a vast territory that it could take you up to 30-hours to cover the entire distance by car. The mesmerizing beauty of the Western Seaboard has plenty of amazing places to visit. If you’re thinking about taking a road trip for your next vacation, the West Coast is an attractive option.


Practical Tips for Flying Into Los Angeles


Of course, if you’re going to make this journey, flying into LAX is the best point of origin. From here you can make your way to your rental car.


If you are visiting LA for the first time, you can book a Los Angeles airport transfer to your next destination from the Airport for your own convenience and safety purposes. 


Obviously, a rental car is a must. You’ll want to get an off-airport rental car (which is much cheaper) so you can be on your way to one of the world’s most breathtaking road trips.


If you’re not renting a car, then you’ll surely want to get an RV (which is very popular to do). There are many places that rent RVs out like San Francisco RV rental. This is a really fun way to experience road tripping in this region. 


Here are five places to visit on your travels.


West Coast Road Trip Ideas


Redwood National Park


Native to northern California, Redwood trees are an American environmental icon. The densest groves appear in the Redwood National Park. Some of these trees, such as the “Chandelier Tree” are so large that you can drive your car straight through a tunnel bored through the trunk of the tree.


Redwoods are magnificent to behold and a wonder of nature that grow upwards of 300-feet in height. Take a hike through the glades and marvel at these megalithic monsters.


San Francisco


Home to Silicon Valley and the headquarters of tech giants, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple, San Francisco is a town with a trendy vibe. The Golden Gate bridge stretches across the bay, drawing your attention to the spectacular sunsets that glisten over the water on a warm summer evening.


Order a sandwich from the legendary deli “Ike’s,” and enjoy it in Dolores Park while you look over the hustle and bustle of the city below. Visit the Fisherman’s Wharf and browse the trendy fashion stores and review the menus of the many 5-star restaurants found in the area.


San Francisco is a lovely city in which to live and work, and if you spend enough time there, you may consider moving to the worlds tech capital. However, one glance at the local real estate values and you may think twice about making that decision.


PCH from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, Malibu


Big Sur


Take a drive through the wild coastline of Big Sur, south of Carmel. This seemingly endless stretch of remote coastline features deserted beaches that are often blanketed by thick fog in the early morning. The allure of this magical stretch of the West coast captivates the minds of the world’s greatest writers and composers. After visiting Big Sur, you’ll understand why so many people find this area so attractive.


Santa Monica


Before you head into Los Angeles, visit this iconic beach town for a stroll on the sand. Watch the local surfers pull into waves and enjoy a luncheon at one of the fantastic restaurants along the boardwalk. Visit the promenade and ride the giant Ferris wheel, the view from the top is spectacular, with the city stretching out before you. The laidback lifestyle of this town is second to none, and there’s a pleasant vibe among all of the local tourists and residents alike.


cultural areas of los angeles, popular US destinations for Chinese nationals


Los Angeles


No West coast road trip is complete without a visit to the “City of Angels.” Sample a craft beer at one of the local home-breweries and dance the night away at one of the city’s many nightclubs. The modern the interior design, and general construction in the greater LA area offers a professional vibe that will leave you spellbound with possibility.


California is full of amazing spaces and cities. Any of these trips are sure to bring you fond memories and great photos. And, the desire to come back for more. Check out my all new best online prices comparison page for travel planning online.

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