Digital Nomad Jobs & Ways To Make Money While Traveling

I’m not sure you’ll find many people who don’t love to travel. Most people travel for just one week per year because they can’t take off from work. Wouldn’t it be nice to find digital nomad jobs that allow you to work and travel?


Many of us feel like we are dying a slow death of boredom, chained to our desks doing the same things day after day. Digital nomads live a completely different lifestyle where they travel wherever they want around the world.


This allows them to experience new things and new people every single day. Digital nomads have found a way to travel year-round without limiting their cash flow.


Being self-employed and able to work from anywhere with an Internet connection sounds attractive. Leaving behind a steady income and career, however, isn’t so great.


With proper planning, a reliable computer, and high-speed Internet access, you can undoubtedly generate income while traveling. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a full-time digital nomad?


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Digital Nomad Jobs

Invest in the Right Equipment and Plan


Successful digital nomads never take risks related to their income. They always plan trips extensively to ensure they’ll have reliable Internet access.


Digital nomads also bring an extra charger, laptop screws, and a USB mouse and keyboard set. These savvy self-employed travelers also buy durable waterproof laptops and equipment bags.


Lastly, consider purchasing an external WiFi panel antenna. These USB-friendly devices establish stronger Internet connections and allow digital nomads to sneak away from busy coffee shops or restaurants without losing their signal.


Start Content Writing


Content writing platforms pay independent writers to create blogs, articles, and listicles. Many digital nomad work as full-time content writers using these platforms.


While you may not be the most experienced writer in the world, you can still make $25-$100 per article. This is more than enough money to live comfortably in many parts of the world.


As you gain experience and skills you can start to charge more per word and really have financial freedom as you travel from country to country.


Make sure you apply to several content writing platforms of your choosing a few weeks before embarking on your journey. Doing so will iron out any kinks in the content submission process.


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Start Travel Blogging


Content marketing is one of the digital marketing world’s top strategies. Rather than buying paid ads, content marketers create original content that visitors actually want to view.


While there might be tons of travel blogs out there, many of them aren’t consistent and lack personality. You can start to travel blog by registering a website and creating blog posts.


Don’t forget that travel blogs need plenty of pictures. You can invest in a camera, but your smartphone should suffice.


Work as a Virtual Assistant


One of the digital nomad jobs you’ll run across is being a virtual assistant. It might not have to do with travel, but working remotely will allow you to choose what location you want to work from. 


Virtual assistants (VA) help businesses, high-level executives, and independent entrepreneurs. No two VA jobs are precisely the same. Your responsibilities depend solely on who employs you.


In general, expect to make social media posts, reply to emails, and make phone calls. To work as a VA, clear your schedule! VA contractors will ask you to remain free at certain times of the day.


If you plan on traveling far, you might compromise your sleep schedule to work as a virtual assistant. Always line up your schedule ahead of time to be a successful virtual assistant.


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Digital Nomad Job Supplements



E-commerce is growing at an incredibly fast rate around the planet. Dropshipping is a big part of e-commerce. Entrepreneurs who use dropshipping to earn money create websites with goods for sale.


Many of these entrepreneurs attract buyers with social media profiles that have dedicated followings. Dropshipping is safer than regular e-commerce because you don’t have to invest in inventory. You also won’t have to ship items yourself.


Essentially you create partnerships with the companies that produce the products you sell on your eCommerce site. You become a sales channel for them and earn commissions on sales.


Playing Online Slots


Gambling your net worth is never a good idea, though unveiling Mystery Reels in New Zealand could net you a few extra bucks if you need to supplement your Best digital nomad job.


While this might not be a dependable long-term income generation strategy, there aren’t many forms of recreation that also allow you to earn money.


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Help Foreign Students Learn English


English is the international language of business. Many countries’ school systems hire native and high-level English speaking teachers from other countries.


To teach English, you don’t need a work visa, to move to another country, or to speak another language. Platforms like VIPKid and TEFLPros pay you to teach English remotely.


Having a positive attitude and a willingness to teach others helps.


Being a Digital Nomad


Remote work opportunities are attractive for obvious reasons. Be wary of scams and always research opportunities online before considering them.


Again, you can never plan too much as a digital nomad. Never make any snap decisions. You should go on several test runs before relying too heavily on income from these jobs.


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