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Blogging Tips – How to Write a Killer Blog Post in 5 Easy Steps

Now more than ever, new bloggers are seeking blogging tips from the pros. Would you like to lead your readers into doing something or sharing in totality with your vantage point about a particular topic? More likely than not, your answer will stand to be a big “YES”. The ability to be able to carry this out successfully is known as the art of persuasion.


Persuasion generally entails pulling strings that help create a situation where you emerge as the most probable winner. In the case of blog writing, it consists of presenting a case which other people (your readers) find it advantageous to agree to your terms and what you say. In a nutshell, it is one of the requisites for becoming a great blogger by basically offering your readers offers that they cannot bring themselves to refuse in a non-manipulative way.


It should be simply a great position that’s not outrageous to your reader’ line of logic and there are techniques with which you can ensure that your blog posts are more compelling. This article explores some of the five best strategies that you can use to make your blog content more persuasive:


Blogging Tips to Live By


Tell a Story In Your Blog Posts


People never shy away from good stories, use them in your blog


Ever since time immemorial, human beings have always had a great affinity for stories. In the past, stories could be told at fireplaces and often times, this was the highlight of the day for the ones that were listening to the stories. This trend has never been watered down by time as it’s still around to date.


With this in mind, as a writer, you should always have the desire to make the most out of the irresistible power that stories have over human beings. Make your content to have persuasive content in form of captivating stories that your audience would want to read for the time without end. It is not strange to find people who are of the opinion that they do not have stories that they can offer to readers in their blog writing. You may not be aware of it, but the truth of the matter is that there are indeed some stories that would be of interest to your readers.


One of the techniques that you could use to come up with stories worth telling your readers is by asking yourself some of the following questions:


  • Which blog post have you ever written and performed exceptionally well?
  • What thought process did you incorporate to come up with it?
  • Which promotion methods did you use?

These questions are very simple, and the answers to them could be easily translated into the stories that you are meant to share with your readers. This simple act will be your first step towards the creation of persuasive content for your blog posts.


Ensure That There Is Consistency In Your Blog Posts


There is power in consistency – it is associated with integrity!


In the world today, consistency in our actions and thoughts is considered as one of the most valuable of social traits. Likewise, we should not desire for our blog posts to come off as inconsistent because other than being one of the mistakes that will kill your writing skills, it is a characteristic that is heavily associated with flightiness and instability. On the other hand, however, if the blog posts are consistent, they tend to be easily associated with rational behavior and integrity.


You can use this in your blogs by making the reader agree with a particular notion that you present and especially one that many people would not have a hard time agreeing with. Afterward, you should be vigorous when making your case in the blog post and don’t forget to include a lot of supporting evidence to further make your case. In the process of doing all these, ensure that you keep pointing back to your opening scenario that your readers already accepted.


Use Persuasive Words in Your Blog Posts


The pen is mightier than the sword!


Words are among the most powerful weapons on the earth. They have the power to trigger various global courses of action, as well as triggering emotions at individual levels. Likewise, you should have your blog post’s readers in mind when writing it and assume that you’re talking to someone on a face to face basis. This will enable you to adopt the character of using specific words that have the ability to persuade people into seeing things from your field of vision.


Some of these words include the likes of new, instantly, because and free among many others. By using them in the correct context, you are bound to churn up the waters of persuasion and are likely to cause a bigger impact as compared to a situation where you would have used a less persuasive word.


The word “because” can be used to call the readers to attention and give them reasons as to why they are supposed to take a certain action instead of another one. It is common knowledge that people are in the habit of trying new things whenever they get the chance. Therefore, take advantage of people’s minds jumping with excitement each time they read the word “new”.


Knowing how to lace your blog post with such persuasive words is one of the greatest skills that you can master as a blogger. And you don’t need to ask somebody to write my paper. Spread them evenly all through your blog post and tailor them to reinforce and persuade your readers into being receptive to the message that you would like to relay in your blog post.


Use The Agitation and Solve Technique In Your Blog Posts


Make your posts interesting by using the agitation and solve technique


This is a technique that can be used to persuade your readers into winding up in your wavelength of thinking. It works by first identifying your target problem and then qualifying your audience. You should then agitate your readers by causing pain concerning the problem at hand prior to giving your foolproof solution as the answer to making things better.


It is very important to note that the agitation phase is not meant to come off as a sadistic phase. It should have the aura of empathy to it, making the reader feel that you can relate to that ominous situation. In addition to this, it is supposed to ensure that the reader knows unequivocally that the problem is part of something that you have experience in eliminating. The credibility of your solutions become valid in the readers’ eyes if you majorly show that you can indeed share the prospect’s pain.


Avoid Short Blog Posts


Of all the blogging tips related to writing, this is probably one of the most important. Blog posts that contain content with words in the range of 500 and below are not the ideal type of pieces that you should train yourself to be writing. The main reason behind this is that in about 500 words, the possibility of fitting enough knowledge and thoughts that will prove to be persuasive to your audience is scarce.


It can be validly argued that the length of your blog posts depends on the particular topic that you’re tackling. As much as this is true, it fairs much better to have your blog posts with words numbering 1000 or more. The reason behind this is that short posts make readers skeptical about the quality of material contained in them and thus, making their minds closed up on any persuasion that you would like to mount on them. They also will give you little space with which you can successfully incorporate the persuasive techniques above. On the opposite end, long articles enable you to persuade your readers at great lengths while also giving them more in-depth views on that particular topic.




The art of persuasion is one of the strongest tools that you could have in your arsenal as a blogger. This is because it is one of the surest ways of hooking your readers as they get compelled to keep on following your blog posts.


We hope the blogging tips that have been put in the spotlight in this article will be of much inspiration to blog writers who would love to come up with persuasive blogs. Which ones, in particular, have picked your interest?


Author Bio: Christina Battons is a creative writer and content strategist from LA. Currently, she writes for various sites. Her posts address the topics about self-education, writing, motivation, professional development. In her spare time, she prefers to read novels and crime thriller stories. Connect with Christina on Twitter.


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