7 Places in the United States that are Foodie Heaven

The United States is a country of food lovers with some of the best foodie cities in the world. Every single year, Americans spend billions of dollars on delicious delicacies. From Maryland crabcakes and pot roast to wild Alaskan salmon, there are a profusion of mouthwatering dishes that have earned a reputation as being 100 percent American. 


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Much of the country’s cuisine has been shaped by different cuisines around the world, mainly Native Americans and Europeans. If you’re interested in a particular cuisine, check your destination for local foodie events. Not only do these types of events give you a chance to sample fare from different corners of the world but they’re a magnet for fellow foodies, so you’ll have a lot to talk about!


Are you ready to tease your taste buds with quintessential American fare? If so, check out the following 7 foodie paradise cities in the U.S. this year.


Foodie Cities in the U.S.



  • Chicago – You might want to book a hotel in Chicago on Expedia if you truly want to experience the food scene in this city. Home to numerous Michelin-rated restaurants, Chicago is a destination for craft cocktails, grilled pork dishes, tasty tacos and creative dishes, such as those served up at  S.K.Y. in Pilsen. Lonesome Rose is a recommended Mexican-style eatery or if you prefer to chow down on juicy cheeseburgers, order a treat in Evanston at Edzo’s Burger Shop. Don’t forget to visit Chicago’s “Restaurant Row” in the West Loop/Fulton Market areas for freshly prepared fare.



  • San Francisco – What type of food do you fancy? Whether it is sushi, pizza, ice cream, barbecued meat or finger foods, San Francisco will satisfy your appetite. Many of the city’s eateries open their doors until the early hours, so you can grab a bite when returning from a night dancing at Temple Nightclub. For upscale dining, dine at La Taqueria or Burma Superstar. Relaxed dining is available at Stones Throw and State Bird Provisions.



  • New York City – Your mouth will be watering from the moment you arrive in The Big Apple, where foodies can feast to their heart’s content on foods influenced from every single country around the world. With more than three million of the city’s residents being foreign-born, the food culture in NYC is very diverse. Top-rated restaurants are scattered around Washington Square Park and if you stroll along any street, you’ll find food carts selling Twinkies, hot dogs, and other scrumptious snacks. Exclusive and casual restaurants can be found in the Bronx, Queens, Harlem, Tompkinsville, and Chinatown. Need some food inspiration for searching the New York food scene? Check out this squareship video for inspiration on cuisine from around the world.



  • Portland –  Get ready to send your taste buds into a flavor-filled frenzy as you discover the food trucks, cafes, fast food joints and high-class restaurants that are peppered around this city in Oregon. Known as one of the best food cities in all of America, Portland provides its visitors with access to some of the top-rated farmer’s markets. Peruse fresh produce plucked from Portland’s fertile lands at these markets, such as milk, honey, berries, salmon, and game. Try the tapas at Toro Bravo, devour Asian fusion cuisine at Departure or dine in sophisticated surroundings at Higgins.



  • Austin – World-acclaimed chefs have emerged from Austin’s exciting and ever-growing culinary landscape. Visitors favor this city for its many waterfront restaurants, some of which specialize in barbecued meats and others that can cater to every taste. Relax with a beer and some food at La Barbecue or put on your nicest clothes for a classy evening of wining and dining at Wink, Salty Sow or Roaring Fork. Every year, gourmet tasting events take place around Austin, such as Food for Thought.



  • Charleston – You better be hungry when you visit Charleston because the scent of smoked chicken wings, barbecued pork and stonebaked pizza wafts through the air in this city. These aren’t the only types of food you can savor during your trip to Charleston, where talented chefs focus on culinary traditions to prepare iconic dishes, like crab cake, oyster roast and Frogmore stew – a classic Low County South Carolina specialty. Top area eateries include Minero, Butcher & Bee and Cru Cafe.


foodie cities



  • New Orleans – Slowly but surely, New Orleans is becoming the to-go place for food connoisseurs around the states and further afield. Regional dishes are featured on the majority of restaurant menus and if you eat out a lot, you’ll notice how the locals like to put a modern spin on traditional American eats. Order an entree, such as shrimp gumbo and rice, or a plate of po’ boy sandwiches for your lunch at one of the alluring city diners, such as GW Fins for upscale seafood dining, Galatoires for Creole cuisine or Cafe Amelie for a laid-back dining experience.



I hope these foodie cities in the United States will make your bucket list. Not everybody will have the same taste in food, which is why the aforementioned cities are so popular with culinary connoisseurs – they offer a broad spectrum of flavors! Attending food tasting events will help you to discover flavors from area eateries and master chefs. You may also want to spend a little bit of time researching the top restaurants in each city, based on food, presentation, interior and exterior design, service, and value for money. 


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  1. I have reveled in the culinary delights of all of these cities- except Charleston, which is on the itinerary this summer. I would add Boston, San Diego and Kansas City (MO) to the list.

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