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5 Reasons to Go Fishing in Jacksonville Next Time You’re in Florida

Sure Miami and the Florida Keys get all of the publicity, but Jacksonville residents would argue they have some of the best fishing spots in Florida and the US. With 1,110 of interior shoreline, Jacksonville offers everything from saltwater fishing to deep sea fishing or angling. Jacksonville is also famous for its massive trout that come as big as 20 inches or more.



Being the largest city in the US by land mass and with tons of wetlands, Jacksonville is the ideal place for fishermen and fisherwomen looking to cast a line on a quiet Sunday. With over three different beaches, Jacksonville is more than just a city for sunbathing and kayaking. Here are just five reasons why fishing in Jacksonville beats any other place around. For deep sea fishing or angling, so make sure to go to total fishing tackle to stock up before your visit


Fishing in Jacksonville


Inland Fishing


Sure, everyone’s got their secret fishing spots and with over 10 rivers across Jacksonville, there are plenty of spots to claim as your own. Beyond this, Jacksonville offers everything from shallow lakes to bridges overlooking rivers so you don’t need a boat to fish.


The St. John’s River is the most famous across Jacksonville for its angling. You can find everything from largemouth bass to crappies and catfish in the river. Don’t worry, there’s bass galore as well. Due to the low tidewaters, there’s even “bull” red drum catfish available all year and the river feeds into multiple other tributaries that offer more relaxed fishing.


Go to places like Amelia Island State Park to take the kids and make a day of it. There’s so many wetlands, creeks, rivers, bridges, peers, and waterways to choose from that some residents can even fish from their own backyard from retention ponds.


The Trout


Off of the St. John’s River sprouts Trout River, home to many different species of trout. Of course, many locals would argue that there are much better spots to go trout fishing then the Trout River. Many people love to reel in 10-pound trout from Fort Caroline Shore or the Fort George area.


Immediate Access to Saltwater Fishing


With 3 different beaches to choose from, Jacksonville’s shoreline is home to some of the world’s most unique and varied fishing species. Here, you’ll find everything from sharks to bonito, cobia, barracuda, and tuna.


Deep sea fishing is available just a few miles from the Jacksonville shoreline. Choose from International Waterway or anywhere along the Atlantic coastline. The waterways are only a 30-minute drive or less from downtown Jacksonville.


Sport Fishing


The summer months bring some of the best sport fishing to Jacksonville. With those warm 90 degree waters, the sharks and redfish begin to bite. You’ll also find everything from rays to sand trout, jacks, croakers, and Spanish mackerel. Of course, most of the deep sea dives are only available during the hot summer months of July and August.


Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament


Finally, Jacksonville’s most celebrated fishing event, the Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament, is featured every July and attracts fishermen from around the world. Being the largest kingfish tournament, the stakes are high.


People fish for huge king mackerel and the event is a great time for you and the family. Jacksonville even hosts its own Fishing Kayak Classic that draws a lot of visitors from around the world.


With so many fishing options it’s no wonder many people move to Jacksonville. Fortunately, homes for sale in Jacksonville, Fl. are as abundant as the fishing. Of course, if fishing is not your thing, the white sanded beaches just might be.


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