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wild camping in Sweden

Travel Tips – Wild camping in Sweden and the Right of Public Access

Wild camping in Sweden and the right of public access is a privilege that anyone in Sweden, whether you are a citizen or not; is entitled to enjoy. Freedom to Roam is a right that has been granted by the Constitution of Sweden in 1994.


The government removed any restrictions that would limit anyone’s will to have access to nature.


Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe that is abundant with natural sensations that you will be thrilled to experience. When you visit Sweden, you will be sure to enjoy all sorts of recreational activities that you can per take in outdoors without any limits.


Buying a tent for wild camping can be confusing at the best of times, thankfully editor Daniel Ryan is here to run you through what you need to know.


wild camping in Sweden


Wild Camping in Sweden


What are the activities that Right of Public Access allow you to do?


The terrain of Sweden is impeccable for workout exercise such as riding mountain Bikes. The country has a diverse range of parks that are exciting for bike riders. The two most common parks in Sweden with best features are:


Vallasen Bike Park


The park has a total of 9 tracks with a vertical drop of 145 meters. Although this park is not known to be one of the large parks in Sweden, it is famous for its varying types of terrain that provide different levels of difficulty for every rider to enjoy.


Are Bike Park


It is the famous largest park in Sweden that accommodates around 34 tracks. The park has a vertical drop of up to 853 meters.


wild camping in Sweden


What other activities can you do in Sweden?


There a lot of activities one can indulge in which are equally fun depending on your taste of amusement. You can either ski, camp or take walks to explore the sceneries. However, even when you have the Right of Public Access, you should be careful not overstep to areas that have signboards indicating they are forbidden.


Areas that are near the households of the natives, especially those who have crops planted around their houses, should be avoided. Furthermore, when you adventure included a motorbike or a car, you should always follow the marked trail and at no cost should you proceed to areas that have the track fenced off.


What about sailing, boating and swimming in Sweden?


The Swedish Right of Public Access gives you the freedom of also exploring the water bodies by either sailing or boating with the intention of swimming or fishing.


Well, on the contrary, there are a few aspects you should consider so that you are not on the wrong side of the law. Like camping, you are also not allowed to sail near areas that are home to the Sweden dwellers. Also, due to environmental concerns, the use of motorboats is prohibited.


Can I light campfires in Sweden?


Yes, you are allowed make campfires in Sweden. As long as that area is not explicitly forbidden for bonfires, you can extend your right of public access by making your camping exhilarating.


At this point, it’s you who is in control to ensure that you observe your safety, the safety of others and the safety of the surroundings.


You should be careful not to allow the fire set to get out of hand. Despite the hefty charges, it is hazardous especially during summer when the vegetation is dry; forest fires can spread profusely.




Sweden is an extraordinary country that is full of so many wonders ranging from the land to the seas bordering it. Some of the glamorous features that make up this wonderful country and sure to leave you in awe once you visit



  • There are high Lapland mountains have polar microclimates.
  • Exotic vegetation such as The alpine -birch and coniferous forest zones which are available on both northern and the southern parts of the country. There are bare mountain zones which lack vegetation cover thus is perfect for rock climbing. A long coastline bordering the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia.


Therefore, from the above features, wild camping in Sweden and the right of public access are the makings of a fun weekend of outdoor adventure.

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