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How to Stick to Your Diet When Traveling Even if You’re a Foodie

Gaining weight on vacation certainly shouldn’t be the norm. However with that said, so many of us come back carrying more weight than we left with – and that’s not concerning the luggage! The temptations of foreign delights, a disruption to our usual routines and a vacation mentality of being entitled to more “treats” than usual all contribute to us piling on more pounds than we desire while we are away.


For those who struggle with this, and who would prefer to maintain the perfect beach body instead, we have enclosed several tips for avoiding weight gain on your next vacation.


How to Not Gain Weight Traveling


Try to eat proper meals


Sometimes when your sightseeing or rushing around from one place to another, food can become a bit of an afterthought and you try to eat something easy and easy. Unfortunately, most of the time that winds up being fast food – something convenient no doubt, but loaded up with calories and saturated fats. Try to schedule the time into your vacation itinerary to actually sit down and have a proper meal. As a rule of thumb, your meals should decrease in size as the day goes on. So, you should start out with a hearty breakfast at the hotel, a moderate lunch, and so on. Grabbing something quick from a takeaway is okay as an exception but it certainly shouldn’t become the rule.


Stay somewhere that has a gym onsite


When it comes to selecting your accommodation, try to choose a hotel or couples resort that has a gym onsite. You will find that the majority of hotels do have these and they are typically complementary to use for hotel guests. Staying somewhere with a gym means that you will be able to keep up your fitness regime even while you are away. You don’t have to haul all of your workout gear with you – chances are that the majority of your vacation clothes will also double as being suitable for exercises too. Just be sure to pack comfortable footwear. Choosing products from reliable brands such as Nike and Adidas help you to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your workout.


Limit yourself on the treats


The mentality of “it’s okay, I’m on vacation!” Is all well and good until you fly home and prepare for your first day back at work only to realize that you can’t even button up your pants! Try to limit yourself to one treat per day, and don’t go too overboard with the gluttony. By all means, experiment with new things but try to maintain the same food quantities as what you would consume during a regular week at home.


Walk as much as you can


stick to your diet


Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you need to get lazy and start taking cabs everywhere like the Queen of Sheba. Walking from place to place is not only a healthier alternative, it also opens you up to the possibility of stumbling across hidden gems and making new discoveries that you wouldn’t have otherwise found if you didn’t take the opportunity to get lost in this new destination. Navigating a new place doesn’t have to be tricky or intimidating either. With plenty of free map apps available to download on your phone, you really have no excuse!


Prepare some meals yourself


Eating out all the time while you’re on vacation can be hard on both your wallet and your waistline. Instead, consider preparing your own meals occasionally – especially if you are staying in self-catered accommodation. Simple things like packing a lunch, or making a light salad for dinner can be a welcome break from large and filling dining options out at restaurants.



Pack healthy snacks for sightseeing


When you get a little hungry during the day, don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of grabbing an ice cream or whatever other unhealthy treats await you at touristic food stands. Instead, pack nutritious and satisfying snacks such as trail mix or fruit.


Implement healthy activities into your schedule


When you’re on vacation, it can be easy to exercise without even knowing that you’re exercising! For example, maybe there’s a really fascinating temple perched at the top of a mountain that you would like to see, or perhaps the ruins of an ancient settlement can be found in the countryside. Many activities that involve culture and history are combined with hiking, trekking and other physical activities that are not too challenging, but which offer up a good source of exercise.  


Don’t mistake thirst for hunger


stick to your diet


When you’re rushing around on vacation, it’s very easy to become dehydrated – especially if you are in a hot country. A classic mistake that many people make is not drinking enough water and then mistaking their thirst for being hungry. It may sound a little strange, but keep this in mind if you’re away and find yourself feeling hungry more often than usual. Ensure that you always carry a fresh bottle of water with you, and make every effort to drink the eight glasses a day that you should.


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