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Exploring Hidden Attractions and Things to do in Paros

The Greek island of Paros itself is an underrated gem. Many people who visit Greece never make it onto this particular Cycladic island. as it isn’t popular enough to get prioritized over the likes of Santorini or Mykonos. However, that is exactly what makes the island so special; it has all the beauty of Mykonos but not even half the number of people we see there in peak season. That being said, Paros is no longer an isolated haven of peace as it once was because footfall has increased a lot on the island in the last few years. However, we are going to go off the beaten path today and list all the secret places on Paros that most of the tourists who visit the place often miss out on because they simply don’t know these places even exist.


So, without further delay, here are a few secret places on the gorgeous island of Paros that only those who know about them in advance will be able to visit.


Butterfly Park


The Butterfly Park opens its gates to guests on the island for only four months, from June to September. So, if you want to see this peaceful grove, you will need to time your visit accordingly. If you are expecting to see butterflies in the park, you will not be disappointed because there are a lot of them in there and it almost looks like a scene right out of a dream during the summers when they are all flying around and painting color in the trees in there. What makes the Butterfly Park particularly unique is that the local climate doesn’t generally suit the delicate insects that reside here, so you won’t find too many of them around these parts.


Laggeri Beach


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Just like on any other Greek island, there is no lack of beaches here and some of the most visited ones include Golden Beach, Santa Maria, Kolymbithres, Chrysi Akti and Pounta Bar Beach. Due to the popularity and idyllic nature of the beach settings in Paros, the availability of accommodation less than 100m from the beaches is quite common. For example, it’s even possible to find luxurious Paros villas that are beachside, if you look at companies such as BlueVillas. On the other hand, the white sand beach of Laggeri isn’t really visited as much by travelers, but those that do visit love the sand dunes here. There’s also a sense of calm about the place, be it for the shade of nearby cedar trees or for the fact that there just aren’t enough people there to spoil the fun. Located on the Bay of Naoussa, Laggeri will also grant you access to the blissful islet of Nisida Εconomou. Feel free to swim around till sundown and then watch the sun set behind the faraway lighthouse.


The Village of Prodromos


Lefkes may be small, but its popularity has made it one of the most popular spots on the island for people to visit. The town is still a beautiful place with its typical Cycladic white houses with blue doors and down to earth lifestyle, but if you want to experience something special you will need to follow a trail (ask around for the Byzantine Road) and find the village of Prodromos, which should take you roughly an hour to hike before you find the village. Explore the remoteness of the stone-paved alleys and the simple lifestyle at one of the few tiny cafes there. Also, don’t forget to pay visits to both of the ancient monasteries in the village. Prodromos is in every sense a little village that somehow managed to remain untouched by the changing times all around it.


Faros Lighthouse


You will need to hike to Faros from the expansive Paros Park, but don’t worry, there are enough signs to direct you even if it’s your first time. The lighthouse is located towards the north of the park, so that’s where you will be heading. Once you do get on top of the 60-meter cliff where the lighthouse was built back in 1887, the view of the fishing village of Naoussa, multiple islets, and the bay itself is just splendid. Those who have been here previously suggest that travelers should come here during sunset to witness the view at its full glory and snap some pictures while at it.


If you found this list intriguing then wait till you get on the actual island because it’s a wonderful place to spend a blissful vacation, whether you want to go on one of these adventures or just stay in your villa and relax.

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