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I was approached by the DreamCloud Luxury Foam Mattress company to host an affiliate link to their site. They offered me this mattress with a DreamCloud promo code so that I could do a review and share the $200 off coupon with you! Of course, I don’t host any products which I don’t personally test out myself. So I told them, I would be happy to use their product and if I liked it, write an article about it with their affiliate link. This article does contain an affiliate link at no cost to you. The coupon is down further so keep reading.  DreamCloud – View Mattress


If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you know I travel, a lot. If you’re new, then welcome to the party. In 2016 I visited seven transatlantic countries, all on different trips. To add to that, I boarded a plane 27 times for domestic flights alone. I was bouncing from one time zone to the next, and it started to take its toll. And 2017 wasn’t far behind that, even though I swore I would “slow down”. I was exhausted. Mentally and physically, and I was waking up sore every day.


But that all changed about thirty days ago when an opportunity came my way that really helped me, and over time I realized my biggest issue was not traveling, it was my poor sleeping. This is an honest DreamCloud review. You can read some other DreamCloud Mattress Reviews here.


But first, my jet lag hell.


Dreamcloud promo code $200 off and free shipping


DreamCloud promo code further down, keep reading


Why is Sleep so Important When it Comes to Jet Lag?


According to the Sleep Foundation, source


For years, jet lag was considered merely a state of mind. Now, studies have shown that the condition actually results from an imbalance in our body’s natural “biological clock” caused by traveling to different time zones. Basically, our bodies work on a 24-hour cycle called “circadian rhythms.”


One of the ways to combat jet lag is by advance sleeping. That’s when you anticipate the time change for trips by getting up and going to bed earlier several days prior to an eastward trip and later for a westward trip. Which is basically impossible if you already have a hard time falling asleep. That’s why having the right mattress is everything.


Thirty days after sleeping on the DreamCloud Luxury Foam Mattress, I now have more control over my sleep than ever.


DreamCloud Review, Dreamcloud promo code


My DreamCloud Review – The Luxury Foam Mattress That is My Jet Lag Game Changer


I was super excited when the DreamCloud arrived. And super excited that I would have a DreamCloud promo code to share if I fell totally fell in love with this mattress. Which I did.


It was hilarious how big the package was! I have to chuckle at the FedEx guy who left it at my door. He waved with a cheesy grin as I opened my door. And then I tried to left it! I don’t care what company you are, there is no quality king size mattress that is going to be light as a feather. This thing was a million lbs. But I couldn’t wait to see how all of it fit into this giant bag! DreamCloud – View Mattress




As soon as I saw it open up I was in heaven! This mattress is really like a bunch of little clouds! Just look at it! It’s delicately crafted with quality stitching and the handles are awesome! They make moving it a breeze.


Sleep is an essential thing we need. No sleep or tossing and turning and the next day I have zero energy and a bad mood.


DreamCloud Review, Dreamcloud promo code

Handles make rotating this mattress a breeze.


So far, for years I’ve been trying to find the best mattress for my bed. All those years of bad sleep and countless hours of staring in the dark are over. The name speaks for this mattress – it is literally a heavenly dreamy ‘cloud’!


In the thirty days following the delivery of this mattress, all of my sleep problems were over. There are no words to explain the magical feel of sleeping on it, but I will give my best to describe this ‘dreamy cloud’!


What makes it so special? Where do I begin?


No Worries About the Warranty




Literally, sit back and relax in this case. This investment has a lifelong warranty. It is one of those products that will not show any flaws and defects. It’s simple – this is created and made by the best in the bedding business and this product will last a long time.


The best part is that if you need to return it, you have a whole year to do so. A YEAR! With the 365 Night Sleep Trial!


But you won’t, trust me.


Designed in a Flawless Way


DreamCloud Review

It literally is like a cloud. And it’s made of cashmere!


The feeling of lying down on this mattress is like being on king-size bed specially made for royals. I’m saying this because the top layer is covered with cashmere! Sounds perfect already?


I couldn’t believe when I discovered it is made of 8 layers in total.


This memory foam is perfectly blended with wrapped coils and special foam, so I believe the experts behind this knew what they were doing. I’m not an expert on bedding designs at all, but whatever method they used – the end result is spot on.


Great Pressure-point Design


DreamCloud Review, Dreamcloud promo code

The details show the quality.


As I said, this mattress has 8 layers. All of them make your body feel relaxed and curved nicely on every body part.


You’re probably as sick and tired of waking up with back or neck pains as I was. This won’t happen with DreamCloud. It was like someone made this mattress, especially for my body. It feels like it’s  ‘tailored’ to perfection just for me! Just keep in mind that your body shape may have an impact on the pressure points and reading more reviews on Mattress Matchers is always a great option.


Good Temperature Regulation and Perfect for Those with Allergies


DreamCloud Review, Dreamcloud promo code

Hypoallergenic and cooling.


Most mattresses gather dust mites and caused me to sweat a lot, so my skin suffered. This is a hypoallergenic item and amazingly adjusts to your body temperature.


Sean, my partner, is like a tank of water when he sleeps. I could never understand why. Not one time has he woken up in a sweat in this bed. NOT ONCE. All the materials used let our skin breathe and even cool off. In the summertime, this will be a life-saver for the sleepless nights of summer heat.


Soft and Firm at the Same Time!


DreamCloud Review, Dreamcloud promo code

Looks like you can just float on it.


I tried to put great pressure on it with my hand. It felt like my hand sunk into compressed cotton, but then the foam got back to its primary shape! Use the DreamCloud promo code SHOP200 !



I thought would I ‘sink’ into this? Or would it be too firm like sleeping on a yoga mat on some old bed? The answers are no and no. It has the perfect firmness for durability and the perfect softness for the comfort of the body curves.


Don’t Be a Skeptic


DreamCloud Review, Dreamcloud promo code

I love the colors and quality in the stitching. This is no cheap mattress.


This might be a new brand on the bedding market, but it’s not a thing to stress about. Every business starts off somewhere. And these experts obviously didn’t just make a product overnight. Every detail here is carefully planned to give you the best sleep you’ll ever have!


Don’t be surprised if customer support is just a bit slower than expected. You won’t need those guys probably anyways. 


FAQ  Learn More About DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress.


I know this because I’m really picky about big bedding investments. So, I’m not returning this mattress and surely didn’t need customer support! If I decide to call them, I’ll do it for giving the ‘thumbs up’ for this mattress! 


Watch our Vlog episode as we unbox the DreamCloud!


30 Days of Sleep Later, we love this mattress! Use the DreamCloud promo code SHOP200 !



Free Shipping and DreamCloud Promo Code (affiliate link + coupon)


Right now you can receive a special DreamCloud promo code for a $200 coupon and Free Shipping just for purchasing your DreamCloud Mattress from this link! This is a special offer just for my readers, so I hope you get to use it!


Get $200 Off DreamCloud Promo Code and don’t forget you have a  365 Night Sleep Trial! Use the DreamCloud promo code SHOP200 !


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  1. This mattress sounds awesome! We recently got a foam topper with the cooling gel and it helps for those hot summer night in Houston. Next time we need a new mattress, I’ll have to check this out. My husband sleeps well but I don’t always get enough sleep. I never thought about it being the wrong mattress!

    Stephanie / Reply
  2. This sounds like a great mattress. I travel a lot, too, and sleep has become more important than ever since I don’t seem to get much. I will definitely look into this!

    loisaltermark / Reply
  3. This bed really does look comfy. It makes me want to just snuggle up and get cozy.

    Rachel / Reply
  4. This looks so comfy! my current mattress gives me back pains so maybe I’ll upgrade to this when I have the chance!

    Sachi / Reply
  5. My husband and I just got a new mattress and wow does it ever make a difference! Love that this one is made of cashmere. It really does look like clouds!

    Angela Tolsma / Reply
  6. Love me a nice firm bed. This looks comfortable

    i!Mommy11 / Reply
  7. That looks gorgeous! It’s really important to choose the right mattress and this one seems to offer a great quality.

    helenevlacho / Reply
  8. honestly nothing beats the feeling of sleeping on a high quality mattress and fresh clean sheet! This one looks amazing!

    chelf / Reply
  9. I am saving your post. It will be useful soon as I am planning to refurnish my house.

    marjiemare / Reply
  10. I love the dream sign above the bed. Not in the market for a new mattress right now (got a new one last year) but next time I will keep this in mind. Looks comny

    Kelly / Reply
  11. Great review. This bed is perfect for gloomy days, like what we now have in our place.

  12. I have been researching a new mattress for myself. This one looks great i’ll have to check this one out.

    Tonya Michelle / Reply
  13. Wow that looks like one amazing mattress! That lifetime warranty sounds absolutely amazing! Going to look into this.

    brandidcrawfordgmailcom / Reply
  14. I’m definitely in the market for a new mattress. My current bed is giving my back a hard time. I wake up feeling like someone ran me over with a truck.

    Tonya Michelle / Reply
  15. Wow! That looks rediculasly confortable! I need a new matress badly this makes me dream big!

    sarahandfamblog / Reply

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