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Peter Pan in London Kensington Gardens

London Travel Tips How to Spend Less in the City

Getting to spend time traveling around can be a life-changing experience. One of the most popular choices many tourists choose to go to the United Kingdom. London is a city that people choose to spend the most time in when they are visiting the UK. This city is packed with many fun attractions that everyone should see.

Yet, getting to London and spending time there can result in people spending a lot of money. This is due to the fact that London is one of the most expensive cities to visit in Europe. Here are some London travel tips that will help you save, so you can spend more on important things like your hotel. Because let’s be honest, a nice hotel is everything.


London on a budget


London Travel Tips


The London Pass


The London Pass is a sightseeing card that gets you into over 60 major attractions for free. These attractions include the London Zoo, Kew Gardens, Madame Tussauds, and Kensington Palace to name a few.




Getting Around


Getting around London is a simple task. There are cabs or rental cars that you can use to get from place to place. Keep in mind that all those short cab rides can quickly become very expensive. The best option is to use the bus or just walk from place to place. If you decide to use the bus system, look into buying a Visitor Oyster Card. This card will allow you to use the city’s public transportation system and is way cheaper than buying a one-day Travelcard.




Places to Eat


Going out to restaurants can put a big dent in your traveling budget, instead, try finding local Markets. Street food is often times better than any food you will find in exclusive London restaurants. These will usually have some great food that will not cost a lot of money. The place to go for good market food is Camden Market. But no matter where you go you will find many great street food options.


Places to Stay


Finding a place to stay in London is an easy task. However, some places are very expensive while others are not. Likewise, some places are dank while others are quite lovely. You should always know that you get what you pay for. While there are booking sites that can help you find a great hotel, you might try looking at the Montcalm At The Brewery London City This historic brewery was made into a handsome five-star hotel. It’s the perfect blend of history and contemporary for the modern traveler.


Free Attractions


London is home to many museums and galleries that are open to the public. Some of these free attractions include Tate Modern, National Gallery, the Southbank Centre art complex, and outdoor places like Hyde Park or Hampstead Heath. Choosing to visit these free attractions will allow you to be able to save money. Plus you will get more from your trip if you decide to see these places.


Happy Hours


Having a money-saving night out in London is easy. Simply, keep an eye out for pubs that have happy hours or try out London’s student club nights. With drink promotions and two


You can indeed enjoy the UK without having to spend a lot. The very same travel tips apply to fine places to stay in the UK for accommodations. can give you the best online prices available. They even have lots of coupons and promo codes that can help you save on best booking rates overall.

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