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Complete Guide to a Dreamy Getaway in Santorini Greece for Every Wanderluster

Santorini, Greece one of the biggest islands of the Aegean Sea, is considered to be an imperative destination on every traveler’s bucket list. This is evident by the thousands of tourists that flood the island every summer in order to witness for themselves its unique air, beauty, and temperament. This comes as no surprise, as history and mythology entwine together, inspiring a kind of awe that can only be found there, in Thera –one more of the many names given to the island.


If you’re looking for an unforgettable getaway, Santorini has it all: a volcanic island in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, thought to have inspired the myth of the lost Atlantis, and a victor of pirates as well as conquerors, the Santorini of today should be experienced by all as it truly is… Eternal.


A Complete Guide to Santorini, Greece for the Wanderluster in You


Where to Stay


Being one of the top touristic places worldwide, your list of options regarding accommodation in Santorini might prove to be quite long and perhaps bewildering. But if you’re looking for a top-quality stay that’s also affordable, the Apanemo Hotel is the place to go! Perched upon a hilltop looking over the famous Red Beach, the Apanemo truly is the jewel in the crown as it sits whelmed into the Mediterranean sunlight and the fresh Aegean breeze.


Rich in its Venetian simplicity, the Apanemo offers an incredible list of amenities including a swimming pool, jacuzzi, bar, wireless Internet, air-conditioning, private balcony with a view of the caldera, daily maid service, sun terrace as well as a buffet breakfast!


What to Pack


Santorini is a destination that favors minimalism or perhaps it’s just the carefreeness of the warm Mediterranean summer! Your necessities could be limited to a bathing suit, a pair of sandals and a couple of kaftans, although you should not forget your sunscreen and perhaps a cool straw hat! No need to worry about toiletries or hairdryer as the Apanemo Hotel has your needs already covered!


Where to Eat


Greeks are famous gastronomes and their cuisine is known not only for its delicious flavours but also its indispensable freshness! Suitable for both meat-eaters and vegetarians/vegans, the Greek cuisine is sure to satiate every one of your taste-buds!


Whether it’s fresh fish at “To Psaraki” accompanied by a glass of locally produced wine; fresh greens with hot potatoes and white eggplant at “To Krinaki”; or mousaka and prey –upon occasion– at Rosa’s… one thing is for sure: Santorinians are firm behind the wheel of the food-lovers’ wagon! Here is a list of great places to eat in Santorini, Greece.


Places to Visit


Santorini Greece, things to do, akrotiri


With its rich history and even richer mythology, Santorini’s heritage is immense but its natural beauty truly exceeds the limits of the imagination. Within walking distance from the Apanemo Hotel, you can visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri where a prehistoric settlement was excavated during the ‘60s. This large settlement is estimated to date back to 4.500 BC and is thought to have thrived until the historic volcanic eruption of Thera in 1.500 BC.


At Oia, many say you can experience the first true sunset of your life as the Mediterranean sun crowns the Aegean horizon in breath-taking colors. Oia is only a short drive from the Apanemo Hotel, and you can easily get there with a Santorini car rental.


According to mythology, god Helios used to carry the sun in his carriage, bringing it round and round, until his sun, Faedontas, asked for a turn behind the wheel. As the myth goes, Faedontas’ miscalculated orbit caused the eruption of the volcano as well as the tsunami that marked the end of the Minoan civilization.


Pyrgos, the most elevated settlement of the island is considered to be its most idyllic part. With its name translating to “castle”, Pyrgos was one of the five castellos of Santorini that serves today as the perfect destination for those looking for peacefulness and impeccable natural beauty.


For a night out


In order to enjoy the night-life of Santorini, all you need to do is visit the island’s capital, Fira. With its Ibitha-like vibe, the bars and night-clubs of Fira are always busy and vibrant with the colors of the rainbow! Situated by the beach in their majority, bars in Santorini offer fruity cocktails, non-stop dancing and –to top it off– a straight view of the volcano.


Santorianians love to have a good time so don’t miss out on an opportunity to attend one of the many parties and events that are hosted every night in Fira. After all, the nightlife at the heart of this historic island is guaranteed to be an experience! 


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