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things to do in cambridge

Things to do in Cambridge on Valentine’s Day Or Any Time of the Year

,The most romantic time of the year is around the corner. It’s that time of the year when you want to plan something exclusively for your special one and enjoy some love-filled times. One of the most romantic cities to celebrate this day in Cambridge.


Cambridge with its splendid gardens, parks, architecture, lake, buildings, and culture has always been romanticised for its beauty that makes this city a great pick to celebrate valentine’s day.


To enjoy your Valentine’s in the lap of luxury you must book your stay at The Tamburlaine hotel. This hotel has spectacular modern interiors, offering all the contemporary facilities, comforting amenities and a polished ambiance that will charm all. The warm and friendly staff here will make sure you have a memorable stay here. Another highlight of the hotel is its prime location, it’s located in the heart of the city and is only a short walk away from popular attractions, railway station, airport and the city center.


Planning a Valentine celebration Cambridge is a great idea and if you are here with your partner, here’s a list of Valentine special things that you can do in the city.


things to do in cambridge
Punting on the River Cam is a popular thing to do in Cambridge and perfect for a sunny day.


Things to do in Cambridge for Valentine’s Day


Bonding over Bowling


To add a little fun element to your Valentine’s day couples can indulge in bowling activities. Play against each other or be a team the game of bowling will have you share a few laughs and build memories that will stay in your heart forever. 


Best chocolate and flower shops


No Valentine is ever complete without the classic combo of chocolate and flowers. In Cambridge, you will find many great shops that sell handmade chocolates in a variety of flavours and variations. Plus, the lovely gardens and greenery of the city provide a wide range of flowers, especially beautiful red roses for you to impress your partner with.


Romantic Strolls


Cambridge and its vast green spaces, the scenic corners, the beautifully restored architecture and parks will surely leave you enchanted. And there is nothing more romantic in this world to walk hand-in-hand with your loved in while enjoying the marvels of nature. For such an ideal romantic walk you explore the River Cam, Botanic Gardens of Cambridge University, the Backs, Parker’s Peak, King’s College and more. Your love will surely blossom here.


Party Night


There are several clubs and restaurants in Cambridge that keep special nights or parties for couples to have a gala time. Just make sure you book in advance as these events quickly get sold out. All you need to do is put on your party dress and wear your party shoes to dance away the night with your loved one.


Dining and Drinking Options


Cambridge offers several cuisines, pubs, restaurants, and bars where you can book a dining place for two and enjoy a nice romantic meal. You can also book a meal at the luxurious Tamburlaine’s restaurant and bar in Cambridge and enjoy a great evening in the premises. This and more makes this hotel one of the best hotels in Cambridge UK.


Punting on the River Cam


A popular activity of the Cambridge locals is punting on the River Cam. You can book a punting tour and enjoy this unique adventure together on Valentine’s day and make it a special one.

Regardless of the holiday, Cambridge is a special place and one you can enjoy with your partner any time of the year. It’s filled with special places, gardens, and shops that are perfect for just about anyone. Be sure to bring your camera!

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