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4 Nostalgic Attractions in Wildwood, New Jersey – For the Retro Traveler

Wildwood, New Jersey, may not be a household name for many Americans. For the ones who love it, however, it’s the only vacation destination they’d consider. Many families and generations of family members return year after year, reminiscing about old times and creating new memories in this Cape May County city.


The following four places are some of the Wildwood attractions that spark nostalgia in visitors


The Wildwood Boardwalk: Retro Beachside Strip


When you imagine a boardwalk, you likely imagine something such as the 2-mile pedestrian thoroughfare bordering Wildwood’s local beach. Your senses will go into overdrive as you listen to the sounds of carnival rides and happy crowds, admire the items at retail stores, and let the scent of saltwater taffy, pizzas, and sea air fill your nostrils. The wooden boardwalk is a great place for a walk or bike ride, but if you want to save your legs, the Sightseer Tram Car will take you from one end of the Wildwood Boardwalk to the other.


With more than 100 attractions and rides, many families find that one visit to Wildwood Boardwalk isn’t enough. Look for Wildwood hotels on Hotel Planner to find ones near the boardwalk for easy access to this popular seaside strip.


Remember When Arcade: Classic Games


While you’re on the Wildwood Boardwalk, make sure you stop at Remember When Arcade.


At a time when many modern arcades feature the latest computerized games, Remember When Arcade has a nostalgic charm. In many ways, it feels more like a museum than an arcade. The pinball machines and antique video games that line the walls were purchased from eBay and failing arcades. The individuals who operate the arcade hope to preserve these games for the adults who love them and introduce them to a new audience of young gamers.


The Doo Wop Experience Museum: Vintage City Experience


Visiting Wildwood NJ feels much like stepping back in time, as the city has the greatest concentration of Doo Wop construction in the country. The Doo Wop Experience Museum pays tribute to this quirky and colorful architecture and artifacts through its
unusual exhibitions. Browse the neon lights and signs salvaged from Wildwood’s old landmarks, retro furniture, and other extraordinary artifacts from the 1950’s and & 60’s. Once you’re done browsing, its old-fashioned malt shop is the ideal place for a milkshake and snack.


If you’re visiting during the summer, make sure you explore the museum on a Tuesday or Thursday night for the Back to the 50’s trolley tour. The trolley takes you past some of Wildwood’s most unusual motels.


Wildwood Mini Golf: Wholesome Family Fun


Playing a round or two of mini golf evokes a great sense of nostalgia for many families. Wildwood has several mini-golf courses, but Wildwood Mini Golf is the largest and arguably the best. Wildwood Mini Golf was designed by the world’s leading miniature golf designers, Harris Miniature Golf Co. The company has created an exciting course with waterfalls, jump shots, rolling rivers, and islands that all add to the challenge and fun.


Whether you’re a regular visitor or have yet to experience the pleasures of Wildwood, make sure you don’t miss the above top attractions the next time you’re in New Jersey.


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One thought on “4 Nostalgic Attractions in Wildwood, New Jersey – For the Retro Traveler

  1. Sadly, the Remember When Arcade was forced out of their Boardwalk Mall location when the property was sold & they were not invited to stay on. The owner is looking for a new location in Wildwood or elsewhere to reopen. His collection is huge & truly belongs on the boards!
    The Wildwoods have an amazing history & are a significant factor in the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. Many acts from Philadelphia & beyond played summer engagements there before taking their show on the road. Bill Hailey & his Comets went in as a cowboy band & left a rock ‘n’ roll act, first performing Rock Around the Clock there. Chubby Checker first performed The Twist in Wildwood. There’s so much more… perhaps worthy of a follow up story! Thanks for writing this nice article!!

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