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Random Acts of Kindness Just Became Gamified – Meet The Good Cards App

This is a sponsored article written by me for The Good Cards.


In a day and age where negativity spreads on social media like wildfire, it’s refreshing to see an app based game using the same platforms to spread happiness and random acts of kindness. The Good Cards are on a mission to spread happiness globally and everyone is invited. So what are these Good Cards all about?


The Good Cards


About The Good Cards


You know that story about the guy who pays for the woman’s groceries because she doesn’t have enough? Or the couple who anonymously paid for the table next to them at dinner? These are “random acts of kindness”, and sadly there aren’t enough of them. Now, with The Good Cards app, you can participate in a community of people who pay it forward and watch as your good deed spreads around the globe by using The Good Cards.

The Good Cards

The sky is the limit with the good deeds you can do. It can be as simple as delivering flowers to your co-worker or as big as building a house. No matter what good you do, it’s all going to create happiness in the world. Happiness that spreads from one Good Card holder to the next as people all over the world start to remember the power of KINDNESS!


Here’s how it works:


  • To play this game, a person starts with The Good Card which is either given to you by someone else or from some partner brands who collaborate with The Good Cards, or you can get a deck and explore the game fully.
  • The card itself is made out of a special and environmentally safe plastic that biodegrades back into our Earth if it’s dropped or lost by someone, so no worries there!
  • Once someone (potential hero) has a card, they’re supposed to scan it using The Good Card game app that can be downloaded on any Apple or Android device.
  • The app will then guide that person through a mission to do something kind for someone else, as anonymously as possible.
  • Once they’ve done their good deed, the ‘hero’ will then need to ask the other person to simply pass on the kindness by doing something good for someone else.
  • The ‘hero’ will then give them The Good Card, And that person will do a good deed for someone else and pass the card on. So the one card can travel through the hands of many people inspiring everyone to do a good deed and keep the chain reaction alive. And the coolest part is you can track it in your mobile app and see the locations and stories that happen with your card.
  • That person will then scan the card themselves, and follow the same process creating a chain of reaction.


The Good Cards


Who’s Spreading Random Acts of Kindness?

For months CEO Pawel Alva has been curating a tight community of influencers who are passionate about spreading love and happiness around the world. And to take things to the next level, they’ve started a Kickstarter campaign which launched today! Here’s what people are saying about The Good Cards:



But this game is part of something so much bigger. Anyone, any group, any team, any office can join forces to share the power of kindness. Imagine a company like Walmart sharing this with their employees to keep morale high. Imagine if they randomly handed a card out to a customer and paid for their entire purchase! What if we could spread the fire of doing good and kindness around the globe one person at a time? If large brands jumped into this, the world really could be a better place! 



When companies encourage customers to step out and create some good in the world it’s a win/win: a positive PR outcome for the brand and the customer also gets to make the world a better place.”



The Good Cards


Where can you get your Good Card if someone didn’t give you one?


The Kickstarter campaign has officially launched and in just its first hour met 37% of its goal! People WANT THIS! The world needs this. You can get an early bird Good Card by pledging $2 to their campaign. Or, if you’re looking for something more, you can get The Good Box with x6 cards and a special mission bracelet for $35. There are additional pledges as well.


Just for fun here are 10 good deed ideas you can do with your Good Card!


  1. Pay for someone’s groceries
  2. Send one of your neighbor’s flowers
  3. Pay for someone’s gas
  4. Mow your neighbor’s yard
  5. Give a friend a free car wash
  6. Take a friend to get their nails done
  7. Pay for someone’s coffee
  8. Pay for someone’s dinner
  9. Send a coworker lunch
  10. Pay for someone’s book in the bookstore


Who’s day will you change with The Good Cards?


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The Good Cards






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7 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness Just Became Gamified – Meet The Good Cards App

  1. What a cool idea and a great way to get people to act nicer to each. It kinda sucks that we have to off an incentive for that, but what can ya do?!

  2. This is a great idea. Its really good for humanity to be kind. I think we all should make our lives such that it’ll make an impact on other’s life too.

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