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Important Things to Know Before Going to Sydney

Being told that you are going on a trip to Australia is akin to being told you are getting a new car, well, sort of. They have the same feeling like you are on cloud nine the whole day. But before you start planning you’ll want to know tips for visiting Sydney.


You might start looking up places to go, restaurants to eat in, and hotels to make you feel relaxed. It is very easy to get carried away with all that excitement. Sometimes we fail to do one of the most important tasks before going on a trip: research.


When considering tips for visiting Sydney it’s a bonus that Australia does not have a lot of very strict laws. But it is crucial to be prepared before going there.


Of course, you do not want to get in trouble just because you forgot there is a law against riding a bike without a helmet and an ID for instance.


To help guide you on your research, here are some of the tips for visiting Sydney, Australia.


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Tips for Visiting Sydney 

You Will Not See Lots of Free-Roaming Wildlife


The city is not anymore the place for wild native animals, so they have all moved inland. However, there is still a chance that some would still visit the city for a short while.


If you want to see lots of native animals, then you will have to go to a wildlife preserve or a zoo. Additionally, contrary to what you may believe, not everything you see is deadly in Australia. If you see some creepy crawlies, it is unlikely that your life is at risk.


tips for visiting sydney, no smoking


Try to Avoid Smoking


This is not a call out to smokers out there, if you want to smoke, it is your choice. However, cigarettes and even cigar lighters are expensive in Australia.


Other than posting gruesome pictures of tumor-filled lungs and the full stages of emphysema, making cigarette packs expensive is one of Australia’s efforts to discourage smoking. If you will not let up on the habit, they are charging close to $40 a pack.


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Aussies Love Their Wine and Coffee


Seeing that the best wines and beers come from Australia, it is not surprising to know that they absolutely love their alcohol. There are lots of local breweries you can visit and even try your hand out at making your own beer.


You can also go to wine valleys and try some of their awesome wines. Australian’s also love their coffee that you would see cafes almost at every street turn.


The specialty is, of course, the Flat White, but go on and try all of their artisan coffee concoctions.


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Brush Up on Local Lingo


As we all know, Australians have slang words that, at first hearing, might not make sense to some of us.


Their Australian English is mainly just a shortcut to some words.


For instance, McDonald’s is Maccas, chuck a u-ey means turn around, thongs are equivalent to flip-flops, and togs or bathers is a bathing suit.


Do not stress out about this much, it is not another language, but they do love their slang words, and it is best to know some of them.


tips for visiting sydney


In Closing


Going to Sydney will surely be an incredible experience if you’ve never been before. You’re on the right track if you’re here researching tips for visiting Sydney. The most important thing to remember is to have fun.


Don’t let your schedule get in the way of the moments and take in the culture as much as possible.


These are just some of the things you should know before you buy those airline tickets to Sydney. Keep these things in mind and google laws and restrictions so that you would not end up in trouble during your trip.

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