Favorite Kia Models from the 2017 New York Auto Show #KiaRioNYC

Recently I had the opportunity to hook up with my Kia family to check out the 2018 Kia Rio at the 2017 New York Auto Show. What do you do as a blogger at the NYIAS with Kia? Well, you sit inside every make and model on the floor, awe at loads of awards and play with giant hamsters of course. Or, “Hamstars” as they like to be called.


2017 New York Auto Show, Kia

It’s go time!


But that’s not all I did. I had a chance to interview the James Hope, Product Communications Manager for Kia inside the all new Stinger, kicked it with my Kia fam NYC style and got super excited about all the stories I[m going to tell through my favorite car brand.


So what was my 2018 Kia show takeaway?



My Favorite Kia Models from the 2017 New York Auto Show #TheNewKia


Dude, let me tell you something, Kia is really bringing on the game when it comes to global preservation and fuel economy. And sparing no expense in the luxury feels department while they do it. If you’re shopping for a new car that will not only make an impact in your driveway and your savings account but an impact on the planet as well, then Kia has a variety of wheels to choose from. They are also still bringing the game when it comes to interior and the whole driving experience. Offering more bang for your buck like they have become so well known for.


I am OBSESSED with the Kia Hybrids and Plug-in Hybrid models!


2017 New York Auto Show, Kia


In no particular order, my favs:


  • The Kia Sorento (my #1 fav SUV of all time for its body style, safety, cabin and luxury feels)
  • The Kia Rio 5-door (for its perfect fit as a first car for teens)
  • The Kia Soul EV (for its fun style, fuel economy (93 miles range) and UVO tech)
  • The Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid (for its crossover style and eco fuel MPGe N/A)
  • The Kia Optima Plug-in Hybrid (for its classy feels, cabin and eco fuel 103 MPGe)
  • The Kia Cadenza (for its classy feels, body and cabin)
  • The Kia Stinger (for its performance, body style and interior)


Here’s why:


The idea of hardly ever paying for gas thrills me to the bone. The Kia Soul EV, the Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid, and the Kia Optima Plug-in Hybrid bring three incredible cars to the next level with a plug-in option that allows you to charge in about a half hour. This means no fueling during the week. This could literally save a driver hundreds of dollars a month.


2017 New York Auto Show, Kia

Kia Sorento

2017 New York Auto Show, Kia


My roots, of course, have me in love with the Kia Sorento since it’s the car I own. But, as much as I love the Sorento and SUV life, I’ve seriously considered moving into a Kia Soul EV or Niro Plug-in Hybrid because of their global preservation qualities. Maybe we’ll see a Kia Sorento Plug-in Hybrid someday? That will be the SUV I ride into the cosmos for sure. For now, I still love the technology and safety the Sorento offers as well as the all-around adventure feel. Check out my last Sorento adventure!


2017 New York Auto Show, Kia

2017 New York Auto Show, Kia

2018 Kia Rio 5-Door

2017 New York Auto Show, Kia


The Kia Rio 5-Door is my choice for a first car for teens. It has minimal distractions but still all the safety technology. Its fuel economy comes in at 31mpg and has a starting price of $15.5k which works for most budgets.


2017 New York Auto Show, Kia

2017 New York Auto Show, Kia


The Kia Soul EV brings the SUV vibe to the next level with its fuel economy ability (93mpg) with 3 ways to charge (including fast charge). It’s great for the geek family or younger driver and has a very pop culture feel. And, it made the ‘Hamstars’ famous! I also love the UVO technology that allows you to unlock your doors, adjust climate and monitor your Soul’s health all through the UVO app on your phone.


2017 New York Auto Show, Kia

2017 New York Auto Show, Kia


The Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid (2018) takes my favorite Kia crossover to that special “barely pay for gas” place. I already loved this car when I met its Hybrid version in San Antonio and declared it the #1 Con Car of the Year for Geeks. It drives like a dream, has every bit of technology a modern car should have and is incredible on fuel, now as a plug-in more than ever. And, it’s big enough for my family of three plus dog!


2017 New York Auto Show, Kia

Kia Optima Plug-in Hybrid

2017 New York Auto Show, Kia


The Kia Optima Plug-in Hybrid takes you to that classy place where you feel like your driving Grandma’s Cadillac, except your saving the planet and cooling your butt beneath a panoramic sunroof. The leather detail in this car is incredible, as is the cabin. Definitely the car for the driver who wants all the space, class and fuel economy they could ask for. I think there’s more leg room in the back seat than any other 4-door I’ve ever been in. It also works with the UVO app to make your car smart.


2017 New York Auto Show, Kia

Kia Cadenza

2017 New York Auto Show, Kia


Speaking of class, the Kia Cadenza is Kia’s luxury ride. It brings all the bells and whistles of fine interior and cabin technology to the driver. Sitting in the Cadenza is much like sitting in an Optima but better. And with its super cool head up display, you’ll feel like David Hasslehoff in Night Rider.



And finally, the Kia Stinger (2018) which let me tell you blows me away. It’s sexy, fast and luxurious, everything you want from a sports sedan except it’s designed to make you feel like you’re in a cockpit. And it’s totally true, it’s the very first vibe I got from it before I even asked any questions. I love, love, love this car!


2017 New York Auto Show, Kia

2018 Stinger

2017 New York Auto Show, Kia

2017 New York Auto Show, Kia

2018 Kia Stinger

2017 New York Auto Show, Kia, Stinger

2018 Kia Stinger


For more information on 2017 Kia models go here.


Here’s what James Hope had to say about the Kia Stinger



Kia is near and dear to my heart. Having the opportunity to work with a brand which I believe in (as a Kia owner) and use on such a personal level is very special to me. While Kia paid for my trip to NYC to tour these models, it in no way shapes my opinion. I am a true Kia believer.


2017 New York Auto Show, Kia

Best part is always the great friends! Heather Pfingsten, Ari Adams, Mitch Chaitin, me



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  1. Kia has really come out with some sharp looking cars over the past 5 years or so. That brand is really growing fast!

    Ryan / Reply
  2. I am not into cars at all 🙂 I am in my 30s and I still don`t have a driver`s licence.

    elenasts / Reply
  3. Wow those are some awesome and spiffy looking cars!! I have always wanted to go to an auto show. They look really fun.

    Alicia / Reply
  4. I have never been to an auto show but would love to go someday. Kia has some pretty amazing launches lately of cars, SUV’s and stylish sporty looking rigs. Loved seeing these pics!

  5. Now you have me itching for a new car! My choices are either a Kia or a Toyota.

    Tami @ ThisMomsDelight / Reply
  6. I think I may want a Kia now, specifically the Kia Sorento! The auto show looked like it was fun!

    Amber Faith / Reply
  7. Wow! I am loving now the kia! The auto show looks so much fun!

    chei / Reply
  8. Kia has some really great hybrid options, and they totally make going green affordable! I would love to get the Optima Hybrid Plug in…but that Stinger is pretty awesome too. So many great cars to choose from!

    travel blogger / Reply
  9. I’m obsessed with Asian car manufacturers for their design and quality. We have Toyota and Hyundai cars but haven’t tried KIA. The first white car caught my eyes the most. Love the built and style.

    Hey Sharonoox / Reply
  10. Our first ever car was a Kia but I was so young back then to remember. It served us well though, until my mom gave birth to my brother. I think these models are awesome. I like the features of their new cars.

    Mai Cochico / Reply
  11. Kia has gone a long way and is turning to be my car manufacturer of choice. They do pack some awesome features and the body design is fantastic!

    My Teen Guide / Reply
  12. Looks like you had an incredible time at the show. KIA is such a great brand. When we buy a car, we are going to invest in one of theirs.

    Leigh Anne / Reply
  13. Kia is my choice when it’s time to buy a new car. I’m sure you had an amazing experience with their show.

    Drake Conan VA / Reply
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