5 Incredible Fall Road Trips in Australia You Should Plan to Take

Australia is unimaginably beautiful throughout the year. Considering how huge the country is and how easy it is to source a variety of used vehicles that meet all budgets, it’s the perfect setting for a road trip. But there are some road trips that are especially worth it during Fall, or what they call Autumn down-under, provided you base yourself at in central serviced apartments in Melbourne. The changing colors and crisp air make these five fall road trips in Australia a must;

Fall Road Trips in Australia

Great Alpine Road, Victoria

Some road trips take you along the coast where you can spot whales, such as the Great Ocean Road, while others have you swerving through the mountains. The Great Alpine Road is a bit of both.

The mountainous cliffs overlook the sea and parts of the road are right up against the beautiful shoreline. This road trip is worth doing in Autumn because of the weather and colors. I

It’s also the ideal weather for a quick swim every time you stopover. Visit the small town of Bright along the route and make a quick stop at the Alpine National Park.

Rainforest Way, New South Wales

The perfect time to visit a rainforest is in the Autumn as the leaves shed and the lush trees trap in the heat leftover from Summer.

The two national parks (Wollumbin and Nightcap) are worth a visit if you’re on this route. It’s impossible not to like the small town charm of Nimbin, Murwillumbah and Lismore along the way.

Valley and Vines Tour, Queensland

As the name suggests, this touring route is all about wine. Many people still do not associate Australia with fine wines, but the wine culture here is arguably bigger than beers or barbeques. And what better way to explore fall trips in Australia than with good wine!

The scenic tour takes you through old dairy farms and charming artsy communities throughout the state of Queensland. Of course, since you head from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, you can extend the journey and head to Sydney for another cruise-like coastal road trip.

Indian Ocean Drive, Western Australia

The western coast of Australia is too big to be neglected. Not a lot of people stay there and tourists tend to prefer the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Until recently, there wasn’t even a coastal road along the Coral Coast. Now there is and it’s stunning enough to rival the east coast.

The Indian Ocean Drive is a road trip for adventure seekers who like taking offbeat routes. This is the sort of peaceful road trip that lets you take in the beauty without being too ‘touristy’.

Blackwood River Valley, Western Australia

This valley is a three-hour drive from Perth and is usually a symphony of flaming red, orange and yellow during Autumn making it on of the incredible fall road trips in Australia.

It’s a drive through lush and dense woods, which is why Autumn is the perfect time to visit. A quick picnic at the Golden Valley Tree Park on the way is well recommended.

Australia’s natural heritage is one of the biggest attractions for people from all over the world. But considering how volatile the weather is down under, there couldn’t be a better time to visit and take a road trip during Autumn.

For your calendar, the best time for fall road trips in Australia would be roughly on March 1st and more or less takes you up to June 1st.


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