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There are a lot of travel tips out there, but it seems like no one is talking about being homesick. Now more than ever we are spending time away from home working. This can become lonely, especially if you are leaving a family behind for days, or even weeks at a time. One way to combat homesickness is by adding some homely touches to your hotel room, to make it feel more like home. By adding some tweaks to your hotel room Your comfort level can increase dramatically if you add some minor tweaks to can be a great way to relax and feel closer to your loved ones while you are away.


Travel Tips – Make Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home




When we travel, many of us fall into the habit of living out of a suitcase instead of unpacking. When you’re away on your own it can be tempting to think there’s no point. However, unpacking is the first step to making your room feel more like home.




Photographs are always the best way to make yourself feel at home, no matter where you are. Take a few photographs or even a digital frame with you to help you to feel closer to your family.


Change the Aroma


Your hotel room will either smell like whoever stayed in it before or cleaning products. It certainly won’t smell like home. If you’ve got a favorite scented candle that you use at home a lot, take one with you and burn it for a few hours when you first arrive. It still won’t smell exactly like home, but it will be more personal and the smell will hit you as soon as you walk through the door after a busy day. You can also try using a diffuser (my favorite) with essential oils to help you sleep, focus, wake up, relieve headaches or just smell pretty.

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Take a Pillowcase


Hotel bedding is often harsh on the skin and plain. It will also smell like the hotel’s laundry products. Taking your own pillowcase from home will help the bed feel more comfortable and safe and add a homely smell. If you have room in your suitcase, you could even pack a blanket or duvet cover.


Take Your Favorite Drinks


Home comforts aren’t just soft furnishings and photos. Food and drink can play a big part. How often after a long hard day do you think “I’d love a cup of tea”? While most hotel rooms feature a kettle and a few hot drink options it’s unlikely to be the brand you are used to. So, take your own. Get a small jar of coffee or take a ziplock bag filled with tea bags. Taste association is an important tool when it comes to feeling at home. First thing in the morning, a cup of your favorite, familiar coffee is an easy way to make sure you start the day right.


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In these times of television streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, there really is no reason to be stuck with basic hotel TV channels or pay per view movies. Most hotel televisions will have an HDMI port you can plug your laptop or tablet into so you can binge watch your favorite shows while you are away from home.


You can also use a Google Chromecast (fits in your hand) which links up to hotel wi-fi and gives you your Netflix, Hulu and YouTube accounts on demand and on your TV. The quality of hotels on offer today means it’s much easier to add some homely comforts and make your stay more enjoyable.


Bring Your Current Favorite Book


Don’t underestimate the power of a good read and a warm tea. According to behavioral researchers, reading can help dramatically reduce stress, in fact, it can help you reduce stress by 68%. Bring your favorite book along your business trip to help you unwind and take you into a relaxed state of mind.


Bring Your Thing


Almost everyone has an object or something (they’re picky about) they just don’t feel comfortable without. It’s not always feasible to bring your most personal stuff along with you on a business trip, sometimes though it’s worth the extra “trouble”, to make your hotel room feel more like home.


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