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dusseldorf boutique hotel, hotel indigo dusseldorf

Dusseldorf Boutique Hotel – Super Swank Hotel Indigo Dusseldorf

If you’re looking for a Düsseldorf boutique hotel, you’re in the right place. Over the summer I had the opportunity to check out one of my favorite hotel brands, Hotel Indigo Düsseldorf. Located in the Königsallee between the international Düsseldorf Exhibition and the city center, it’s well appointed with all the conveniences needed from a boutique hotel and then some.


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dusseldorf boutique hotel, hotel indigo dusseldorf
Photo Christa Thompson 2016


Düsseldorf Boutique Hotel


As a lover of all things fairy tale and fantasy, I find Düsseldorf to be quite a magical city. But, apart from the magic of the city, there are amazing places to dine and shop. Staying in a Düsseldorf boutique hotel is an obvious choice if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the city (and not in your room).


My Experience


This was my first Düsseldorf boutique hotel experience. I love the Hotel Indigo brand and had just spent several days with them in Edinburgh. I had a pretty good idea of what I could expect from this brand. What I wasn’t aware of is how every hotel is different, based on its local culture rather than a cookie cutter design. I was pretty blown away by the level of service and attention to detail offered by the staff. Overall I had a perfect stay.


dusseldorf boutique hotel, hotel indigo dusseldorf
Photo Christa Thompson 2016


The Rooms


Something I especially loved about the Hotel Indigo is each room was designed after its own style modeled after a specific decade. With decor, furniture, a color scheme and giant photographic mural Each decade is represented by t to make each floor unique, I felt the boutique ambiance I was looking for. I stayed on the fourth floor, where the 70’s were showcased. In my room was a large double bed. Directly opposite of the bed I had a flat screen TV. The TV was adjustable to accommodate where you were in the room and personal preference. In addition, were two chairs and an espresso machine.


The room also had an awesome shower and modern bathroom. All of the decor, such as lamps and artwork or photographs on the walls, was very stylish. What fascinated me most were the color combinations which provided such a pleasant atmosphere. The small details complimented the room and made it feel complete. Altogether, it had the feeling of being in a photo shoot.


dusseldorf boutique hotel, hotel indigo dusseldorf
Photo Christa Thompson 2016


Service and breakfast


The highest priority is always courtesy toward the guests. I was in no way disappointed with this at the Hotel Indigo. The staff was very accommodating and friendly and always smiling. They helped with any problems or questions I had. Also, they are fluent in the English language which was a big help for me.


I was pretty excited for Breakfast in the morning. Everything you need in a breakfast was there. The room was also very ambient, sitting next to portrait windows which overlook the garden.


dusseldorf boutique hotel, hotel indigo dusseldorf
Photo Christa Thompson 2016


Dinner: I recommend having a go at dinner here as well. It’s convenient and the service and food are excellent.


I suggest a stay with this premiere Düsseldorf boutique hotel Hotel Indigo. If you love a modern vibe and boutique atmosphere, you’ll love this hotel.


Check out the making of Hotel Indigo and its relationship to fashion and brand continuity of using the local culture to design the hotel.


Special thanks to Tourism Düsseldorf for arranging my stay at the Hotel Indigo. It was a fine experience and a perfect choice for a Düsseldorf boutique hotel.

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