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Dusseldorf is a bustling, well-kept secret in Germany. Many tourists hit more commonly traveled cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. But Dusseldorf is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. If you’re already planning a trip, you’ll be looking for places to eat in Dusseldorf. After spending five days there, I had the opportunity to check out some pretty great spots.


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Places to Eat in Dusseldorf that You’ll Love


So you’re in the fashion city. Now you need to check out the best places to eat in Dusseldorf. I spent some time checking out everything from sweets to eats. With a little help from the local tourism office and my local guide, I feel like I had a pretty good score of places to eat in Dusseldorf.


Eat in Dusseldorf


Zum Schiffchen


Zum Schiffchen  is right in the heart of Dusseldorf and offers traditional German food in a very traditional setting. A great place for meat and beer. It’s the oldest restaurant in Dusseldorf and offers a unique historic brewery. If you’re looking for some tradition with your visit to Dusseldorf, this place is for you.   


Na Ni Wa Noodles and Soups is located in the middle of the Japanese quarter of Dusseldorf. It’s a trendy small fine restaurant with 25 years of returning customers. If you’re looking for Asian flare, this is your spot.




Meerbar is a beautiful trendy restaurant and bar offering a lot in the way of atmosphere and creative food. With choices for every taste, Meerbar is a classy crowd pleasure as much as it’s romantic for two.


Carlsplatz is a perfect place if you’re looking for local choices with a very casual atmosphere. Bring your dog to outdoor seating areas, enjoy the area and take Dusseldorf in with multiple restaurants and pubs to choose from.


K is a real local favorite. Situated in the residential area of Dusseldorf, this small restaurant offers outdoor and indoor seating with a delicious menu. A perfect spot to meet up with a friend and have a casual drink and meal. Very charming.


Sweets in Dusseldorf


Photo the Patisserie Passion


The Patisserie Passion is a perfect stop if you’re looking for something on the sweeter side. Handcrafted pastries line glass cases commanding the attention of both the eyes and the mouth. These tailor-made delights are great for special meetings, couples, family and even weddings. I loved my dessert here and only wish there were one here in the states!


Gunusswerkstatt is another incredible spot for the sweet treat. With a charming atmosphere and spring-like floral vibe.


Gut & Gerne chocolatery is at a stunning location for the chocolate lover who also loves the ambiance. Located near the castle square and town hall, here you will find chocolate for every taste. A selection of the finest chocolates, truffles, plates and drinking chocolate, made exclusively from cocoa will make you want to stay for hours.


Drinks in Dusseldorf


Zum Csikos Hungarian Bar


Zum Csikos Hungarian Bar is a charming little venue where you feel like you just stepped into a gypsy wagon. With intricate wallpaper and rustic furnishings, it’s really a cozy place for a beer or a meal. And, it’s located in the heart of Dusseldorf’s Alstadt (Old Town).


Liq Bar is a small and classy little joint. The kind of joint with cute bearded boys in suspenders. Hey, I’ll take it! I rang in my birthday here. Loved it. And, it was just a couple blocks walk from my hotel, Hotel Indigo Dusseldorf.




Alstadt (Old Town) is a perfect little area in Dusseldorf which boasts more than 260 pubs, breweries, restaurants, clubs and cocktail lounges. It’s also home to many of the state capital’s art and cultural exhibits, high-end fashion stores, parks and beautiful bridges. There’s something for everyone in Alstadt.


This is where the waiters (“Köbesse”) are diamonds in the rough, where the next beer comes without it being ordered and where pork knuckles are a staple of people’s diet as well as where tales are told and tranquillity goes hand in hand with the city’s hustle and bustle.


There’s no doubt if you’re looking for places to eat in Dusseldorf that you’ll find something to suit you here. From sweets to meals and every drink between, this article has you covered on legit places to check out.


Special thanks to: Dusseldorf for sponsoring my dining experiences. This in no way shapes my opinions, it just makes bringing you the deets affordable and I’m okay with that.



Have you been to Dusseldorf? What are some of your favorite places to eat? Tell me in the comments below!

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