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London on a budget, increase stamina

Travel Tips – 5 Simple Ways to do London on a Budget

London on a budget can be done. Known to be one of the most costly cities to visit in the entire world, London is filled with awe-inspiring tourist attractions, diverse culture and history, great-tasting food, as well as breathtaking views. It has always been a favorite destination of each traveler from across the globe. Your trip in this stunning city will absolutely be one for the books.


Many people think you can’t travel to London without spending an obscene amount of money. Well, this might be true, but there are still numerous ways on how to achieve a budget-friendly trip in this amazing city (and you don’t even need a magic wand to make it happen). Opt for a car hire in London to help you go around the city without inconvenience and be able to budget your pocket-money. In can be expensive at first but if you think about the convenience and mileage, you will definitely save more money

London on a budget

Want to know more tips on how to save money when in London? Simply take into consideration the following:

Tips for Rocking London on a Budget

Get the London Pass

To make the most out of your trip, be sure to get the London Pass. This is the ultimate tourist attraction package that lets you get in to over 60 spots in London with fast-track entry. Once you have this pass, you will be able to save money and time while visiting the city’s most awesome sights without any hassle.

Buy Cheap Eats

Satisfy your taste buds with the affordable food found in London. There are numerous food trucks, traditional cafes, chain restaurants, and buffets which you can choose from to buy cheap eats if you want to save more during your trip here. In addition, you can also purchase ready-to-eat meals and dine al fresco in any of the city’s wonderful gardens or parks.

Visit Free-of-Charge Tourist Spots

There are tons of magnificent landmarks and attractions in London that you can visit for free. Take advantage of these outdoor spaces, museums, and art galleries to make your vacation more fun and less expensive. All you need is to search for these free attractions ahead of time and plan your visit. Definitely, you will enjoy discovering these places and be able to enjoy every moment.

Shop at Bargain Centers

Known to be as a shopper’s paradise, London offers a lot of bargain options to all its visitors. If you are to shop for clothes, accessories, shoes, and many more, then you may check out the city’s cheap fashion and affordable retro originals. More so, you can absolutely haggle for much bigger savings at London’s markets.

Purchase a Visitor Oyster Card

In order to experience a hassle-free travel around the city, you can get a Visitor Oyster Card. This is a travel smartcard for London’s public transport system. By simply having this, you can save more than half than purchasing a single ticket each day.

These tips just proved it is possible to do London on a budget. You just have to research thoroughly and consider these helpful tips mentioned above once you plan your trip to this fabulous city. Surely, it will be a fantastic and fun journey that you will remember all your life. There is nothing to regret about visiting the beautiful city of London for everything is worth your time and money.

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