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My Favorite Xnspy iPhone Spying App – Must Have Gadget for Moms

A few days ago, I shared a blog about “staying aware of your kids’ location with a locator app” because, at the end of every adventurous day, I am a nerdy mom. However, in my quest to find the best gadgets that help make life better and fun, I found Xnspy. It serves as a nice iPhone spying app that also works on Android devices. It is not always about locating people you love. Sometimes, there are online harms that can have lasting negative consequences. I need to know my kid is safe wherever he may be, and I assume the same is the case with every other parent.

What’s Different About this iPhone Spying App?

While you come across numerous apps with GPS tracking or Geofencing, you need to consider the threats lurking online. Once kids start using the cell phone, you need to look out for them to protect them from bullies and content that little eyes shouldn’t see. Moreover, it operates undetectable, and you don’t need to hold the target device in your hand all the time. Once you install the app on the target device in the case of a jailbroken iPhone or Android device, that’s it. You don’t need to hold the phone in your hand again. Likewise, for a non-jailbroken iPhone, you don’t need to install the app on the target device. This means the app is impossible to detect for the target person. It works via iCloud; all you need to do is make sure the target device has its backups on iCloud active.

Apart from these, with Xnspy, you can:

Read Incoming and Outgoing Text Messages

The app allows you to see the contact details of every text messages on the cell phone. You can also read entire threads of conversations to know what’s up.

Know all Contacts and See Call Logs

You can remotely access the phonebook to see all the people added on your kid’s phonebook. If you have concerns about specific contacts, you can watchlist them. This means that whenever the watchlisted contacts converse with your kid via email, text, or on call, the app alerts you.

Watchlist Words that Bother You

If you feel that your child needs to learn to avoid using swear words, surely this app can help. Whenever the app detects the use of watchlisted words, you receive an alert.

Listen to Calls and Ambient Surrounding Remotely

The app has the ability to record all incoming and outgoing calls automatically. Once it records them, it uploads the apps onto the control panel so you can listen to them. It deletes all temporarily stored recorded files on the device, which help maintain its stealth mode of operating. You can also turn on the recorder to record ambient discussions and eavesdrop in a tech-savvy way. I found this very interesting.


Screen Browser History

This app allows you to see all saved bookmarks and frequently visited websites. If you have concerns about certain browsing sites, you can educate your kids about not visiting them. Unless it is absolutely necessary, you can lock their cell phone too. This app allows you to have this power.

Pros and Cons of Using Xnspy

For starters, in pros, it comes with all the features you can possibly need for complete monitoring of any smartphone. With this app, you wouldn’t need any other app because it also offers GPS tracking, Geofencing, 24/7 alerts about all the features it monitors on a cell phone, and it is affordable too. In addition, you can try the live demo available on their website to get a clear idea about how it works.

Moreover, they have a robust customer care service that is available whenever you need help. It doesn’t need any specialization to use; it is that user-friendly and simple to understand.

In cons, there’s just one thing I found a bit niggling. You must subscribe to it for a minimum of one-month. There is no lesser service available. Besides this, there was nothing wrong. In fact, this too has a hidden pro in it. Unless you use it once, you wouldn’t truly appreciate this app. The creators are so confident that they will win you over that they even offer a money back guarantee. Truth be told, after a month of using it, it grows on you and you would fall in love with Xnspy iPhone spying app. Try it yourself!

Make no doubt about it, giving your kids their freedom and space are important. They must use a cell phone but you as a parent must do your part to keep them safe from online harm and this can be achieved with this iPhone spying app. Their safety matters!

Christa Thompson

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