Stay Aware of Your Kids’ Location with Family Locator App

Every parent dreads the moment when their children don’t come home from school on the bus at the regular time or when they go to pick them up from a certain place, and they are not there. Where are they? Your heart starts to beat a little faster but don’t panic as you can always track their location remotely through the family locator app.

What can you do with locator app?

As mentioned earlier, you can always track your kids’ location to stay in the know of where they are. That’s basic. With any advanced app such as Family Time parental control you can:

Track their Location Virtually

The tracking app allows you to track your kids’ location on the virtual map in the real-time. You can see the tracks they follow, the places they visit etc.

Trace location-history

If you couldn’t get time to keep tracking your kid’s location, relax! The app will do this for you. With the app, you can check their location history along with the date and time stamps to see what time what place they were at!

locator app

Geo-fence locations:

Geo-fence the places your kids visit often so you can receive instant alerts anytime they enter or exit that place. Geo- fencing means to create a virtual fence around locations they visit most to receive auto check-ins and check-out alerts. This helps you stay in the know with your kids’ whereabouts all the time and stay posted about when they enter or exit the places you have Geo-fenced.

Receive PickMeUp Alerts

Your kids can always send you a PickMeUp alert in a single tab. With the alert, you will receive the complete location detail of your kid.

locator app

Receive SOS Alerts

Help your kids connect with you in the case of emergency with the SOS alerts. SOS alerts are the panic alerts you can receive from your kid with the location details.

locator app

Don’t waste the time anymore. Download the app today from Google play or iTunes.

Stay Aware, Set your Kids Free:

Kids demand freedom and using the family locator app to monitor their movement is a great choice in this regard. By staying aware of your kids’ movements, you can be better equipped to assist them if troubles arise. After all, all that matters is their safety!

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  1. […] few days ago, I shared a blog about “staying aware of your kids’ location with a locator app” because, at the end of every adventurous day, I am a nerdy mom. However, […]

  2. For location you can always use Find my Friends or Find my Iphone, why do you need third party app for that? I also use parental control app for my kids, but I am using it for app blocking, screen time limitations, content blocking. It is called Kidslox, I like it a lot as it has user friendly interface and has only necessary for control features. Anyway of course its up to you to decide, but if you are looking for location – I would rather use native apps, as they work much better.

    Bubaska / Reply

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