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MyWirelessTV 2, ScreenBeam Mini2

Amazing HDTV Without the Wires with MyWirelessTV 2

What if you could nix all your annoying HDMI cables and have a sleek TV look? Wait what? HD with no wires? Yeah that was my reaction too! Let me lead by saying, I totally invented this in my head in 2006, so my mind is officially blown at the idea that MyWirelessTV2 replaced the crazy mess behind my TV. Now what if I told you that you can cast anything from your tablet or phone without Wi-Fi with the ScreenBeam Mini2, without Wi-Fi. That’s right, all the HDMI cables are officially gone, and my binge watching days while traveling are officially here to stay! But that’s just the beginning, check this out…

MyWirelessTV2 and  ScreenBeam Mini2 Wirelss Display Receiver Review: Amazing HDTV without the Wires

MyWirelessTV 2

MyWirelessTV2 not only replaced my HDMI cables, I can move all the ugly stuff around my TV like the cable box, the Blu-ray player and even the Playstation. Now I have everything nice and neatly hidden in the console cabinet for a streamlined, all-mount look. It really does wonders for a living room. We’re talking hundreds maybe even over a thousands dollars worth of expensive wiring, completely solved.


But what would a wireless TV system be without the ability to bounce a mirror image to other screens?

For real? Yes, for real…

ScreenBeam Mini2

Plus, with the ScreenBeam Mini2 wireless Display Receiver I can take all this goodness and wirelessly mirror anything from my phone or tablet to my HDTV. This includes video, audio, pictures, apps, presentations and more.

Before I had the MyWirelessTV2 and the ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless Display Receiver, my son always had to play the PlayStation in my room because it’s more compatible with my newer TV. Now, he can play in the living room even with the Playstation in my bedroom.


My Favorite Feature of the MyWirelessTV 2

MyWirelessTV 2

Definitely that my son can play in the living room. I have a 60″ HDTV DLP in my living room and a 32″ HDTV LCD in my bedroom. I know, the DLP is old as dirt but it’s a peach. It’s still plays so well, I can’t see getting rid of it yet.

Up until now he’s been playing in my room with his friends and…let’s just say, no bueno. Now he can play in the living room and I get my room back! I just switch the input I’m using in my bedroom and I can watch TV while he plays.

It’s amazing, literally amazing. Anyone who has an HDTV needs this system. It’s convenient, streamlined and gives you so many more options for installing a TV anywhere you want!

My Favorite Feature of the  ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless Display Receiver

ScreenBeam Mini2

I can now watch anything from my phone or tablet when I’m traveling without a Wi-Fi network or a wireless router. That means I can binge watch The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries and all my other favorite shows as long as my hotel has an HDTV. This is so awesome.

ScreenBeam Mini2

All in all, this combo is the ultimate in home theater solutions. I am beyond in love with this setup and I can’t wait to take my new ScreenBeam Mini2 to Scotland and Germany with me this month. After a long press day, I’ll be all over some Netflix and chill.

I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. This in no way shapes my opinion of this epic new product.

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