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Christa Thompson, Zootopia, Voice over, Disney Toon Studios, Paul McGrath

When You Get to do a Voice-over for Disney’s Zootopia

Okay back up. Did she say, “Voice-over for Disney’s Zootopia?” As in the movie? The actual real movie? Yeah… that’s pretty much what I sounded like the moment I read the schedule from my Disney publicist. Okay, freak out session…

I’m doing a voice-over for Disney’s Zootopia!!!!

Of course it was after the film was released, so basically it was just playtime in the studio. But it was super freakin cool dude! I mean, how often does one get to see the inside of a Disney ADR mixing studio? Much less play with its toys? This was a first time experience for me, and it was epic. A perfect way to end an already epic trip to the red carpet for Alice Through the Looking GlassAnd mind you, this was after getting to interview THE Flash, and filmmakers fo Zootopia. 

I almost burst into flames with excitement.

Christa Thompson, Zootopia, Voice over, Disney Toon Studios, Paul McGrath

About the Zootopia Voice Over Experience

First, I want to say I’m a huge fan of seeing the offices of creative people. I can say that almost 100% of them have toys on display. Seeing the inside of Zootopia’s dialogue mixer Paul McGrath’s office was no different. Toys galore (and a few bottles of classy whisky… well done Paul).

Paul is kind of a big deal in the studio. As Ron Burgundy would say, “People know him.”

He was the dialogue mixer on Phineas & Ferb, Planes: Fire & Rescue and he’s doing the all new Moana. I was kind of geeking out a bit. I’m so intrigued by the process of filmmaking. I really felt like Bill Nye the Science Guy in his first chemistry lab.

Fru Fru,
I did Fru Fru

Being in the recording studio, or the sound booth I should say is pretty desolate. You’re in this room all alone with headphones, a script and a flat screen TV. Then you watch this red line and when the red line touches the other red line, you say your part.

It’s really a lot of fun, but I would think it probably gets tiresome after hours and hours. But that’s what offices with toys and whisky are for! You take breaks and have a few laughs, reboot the old noodle and get to work (or at least that’s how I’m playing it out in my superstar alter ego mind).

So here’s my voice-over moment, don’t blink it’s pretty fast ha!

If you want to see the REAL deal though, you’ll have to get the Zootopia Blu-ray which is in stores now! It’s a great film, hilarious actually.

Zootopia Blu-ray

Disney flew me out to LA for an all expenses paid trip to the Zootopia Blu-ray in home release press event . This in no way shaped my opinion of this post.

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