Things to do with Kids in the Grand Cayman Islands

We went to the Grand Cayman Islands in 2013 but I never had the chance to write this until now. We took a Carnival Cruise on a whim and boom we were there!  your stay at one of the reputable Grand Cayman Resorts can be a whirlwind adventure for both you and the kids. Whether you are traveling with a toddler or a teenager, or one of each, you can all enjoy yourselves and have an unforgettable vacation never. Remember to take your family’s hobbies and interests into account as you plan your perfect vacation. The more you research the destination, the better of an edge you will have when you’re there.

If you need some help on what to bring, have a look here.

Here are Some Fun Things to do with the Family in the Grand Cayman Islands

Culture, Dining, and Shopping

For the thespian in you, spend an evening taking in some culture at one of the theaters on the Grand Cayman Islands. Dramatic events, concerts, and more will quench your thirst for culture as well as expand your horizons and challenge your concept of a “beach vacation.” Bring the kids and teens shopping in the various marketplaces, where you can pick up fun souvenirs, interesting clothing, and much more. For some adults-only fun, you can hit up one the islands’ nightclubs for dancing, drinking, and late-night thrills.

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Fun in the Sun

The outdoor wonders never cease on the Grand Cayman Islands. Go for a sailing trip, try snorkeling as a family (if your children are old enough,) or visit the botanical park and gardens to see native flora and fauna. Kids will love visiting the parrot preserve, where you can spot colorful feathers and huge wingspans. Grand Cayman Resorts also include the finest accommodations and amenities, so if you just need a lazy day by the pool or some time to sun yourself while the kids play a game, feel free to that as well. 

Family Beach Day

Of course, who doesn’t love a family beach day? Just you, your loved ones, and the splendor of a tropical paradise. White sand beneath your toes, the lapping of the turquoise waves against the shore, and the warm sun beating against your back…it all adds up to a relaxing and invigorating day for everyone in the family. Some of the most popular beaches on the Grand Cayman Islands are Owens Beach and Point of Sand, although there are many other beachy locales that allow you to spread out your towel and get some sun. Plus, kid-friendly areas mean that you don’t have to worry about your children feeling unsafe or uncomfortable. It’s the hotspot for everyone! Check out this fun activity for kids in the pool.


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