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Kid Friendly at xplor park

10 reasons to Visit Xplor in Playa del Carmen with Your Kids

Many of you have been following our crazy fun Indiana Jones-like adventure in Mexico which took us from Xcaret Park to Isla Holbox and now Playa del Carmen. So far the trip has been crazy awesome, filled to the brim with adventure, Mayan mythology and a nice side of relaxation. After three days in Holbox, we hit the road to head back to the Riviera Maya to experience Xplor Park. Thanks to our friends at Mexico Boutique Hotels, we were set up with awesome accommodations at Acanto boutique hotel, right dead smack in the center of the bustling city of Playa del Carmen.


We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Villas Flamingos hotel in Isla Holbox, but we were ready for some more action, and boy would we find it at Xplor Park! We tested the limits (I think for all of us), and did things we never imagined we could do. Which, is why I’m bringing you 10 reasons why you should bring your kids to Xplor Park right now!


Amphibious Vehicle at Xplor Park
On an amphibious vehicle in the jungle at Xplor Park.


Xplor Park Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya


#1 Nature –  For millions and millions of years nature sculpted the underground landscape of Xplor Park. Drop by drop impressive stalactites and stalagmites began taking shape, creative stunning underground decorations and exposing precious fossils. At Xplor, 146 acres of nature includes the rainforest jungle and 20 acres of underground caverns and river systems. Visiting this park is a great way to show your kids diversity in ecology and nature while getting them in on the adventure.


 Xplor Park
Running through the park it’s easy to feel like you’re the only people there.


#2 Air Line – You (and the kids) can zip line over the jungle and into crystalline waters on the 14 highest lines in the Riviera Maya! Kid Friendly LOVED the zip lines at Xplor Park. He boasted hitting every course totaling over three miles of lines.


Zip line at Xplor Park
Zip lining one of the many courses. Bugs and Gauge.


#3 Swim Beneath the Earth – There’s nothing quite like swimming in crystal clear water beneath the earth in caverns with ancient stalagmites and stalactites. Nearly a quarter miles of cold refreshing river ways take you through this unforgettable journey. You can also raft another river course which totals nearly a half a mile. Both courses are phenomenal.


Underground river rafting at Xplor Park
Gauge and I rafting in an ancient underground river system.


#4 Drive an Amphibious Vehicle in the Jungle – It’s hard to really tell you which of the activities at Xplor is the most fun, but I certainly can tell you we laughed the hardest on this. We enjoyed it so much we did it 4 times! Where else in the world can you safely take an amphibious vehicle through the jungle into ancient caverns filled with mud and water! We caught air over giant bumps and even drove over suspension bridges! My son will never, ever, ever forget this. I can guarantee it.


Amphibious Vehicle at Xplor Park
Driving the amphibious vehicles was one of the coolest adventure travel experiences of my life.


#5 Hike Through Ancient caverns and Grottos – This park experience is unlike any other. Even though there are other patrons there, you often feel like you’re in the wild on your own as you walk through caverns and grottos to get from one experience to the next. It was such a cool adventure being surrounded by nature like this.


#6 Convenient Location – The park is located just 5 minutes from Playa del Carmen and is right next door to Xcaret! You can easily get a cab to the bustling city! And even better, you can arrange for a pick up from your hotel at Acanto!


#7 Amazing Photos – While photos are not included in the price, with all the other things that are included, you’ll certainly be able to splurge on these, and you’ll want to. They get the best photos of your crazy underground, amphibious and tree swinging adventures! One less thing you have to bring to the park is your camera!


#8 Safety – Safety is their number one focus. You can be assured that all the equipment and safety measures are in place to make your experience worry-free.


#9 All Inclusive Meals, Snacks and Lockers – Nothing is worse than having to pay a ton of money for family meals at a theme park. I can’t believe how much this can add up. At Xplor Park and all-u-can-eat buffet is included, as are snacks and lockers!


#10 Guaranteed to have the Coolest Summer Story in the Classroom – That moment when the teacher asks your kid to tell the class what he did this summer goes something like this, I zip lined over the jungle, drove an amphibious vehicle into caves and swam through ancient underground rivers in the Riviera Maya.”


adventure at Xplor Park
Seriously, this is one of the most memorable things I’ve ever done with my family to date.


Want to see more? Check out this Kid Friendly Kidventure at Xplor Park video: 



Where to Stay in Playa del Carmen


If you’re looking to enjoy everything the Riviera Maya has to offer in Playa del Carmen, I can highly recommend staying at Acanto Hotel. It’s a Mexico Boutique Hotel property which means its service standards are exceeding expectations. We enjoyed a beautiful 1 bedroom suite on the ground floor next to the courtyard pool. The staff was very hospitable and the location was perfect, right off the strip. It was literally like an Oasis in the middle of the bustling city. At night we enjoyed walking the strip, shopping and dining. It was a great way to take in the culture of the Riviera Maya.


Acanto and Playa del Carmen
We loved staying at Acanto in Playa del Carmen. it was a perfect location to see the city and experience the adventure.


With Xplor Park being just 45 minutes from Cancun through Cancun Airport Transportation, it really opens a whole entire world for the family vacation in Mexico. Personally, we prefer Playa del Carmen to Cancun for its location to other amazing attractions like the Sian Ka’an Mayan Tour, Tulum, Xel-Ha, Joya Cirque du Soleil and Xcaret. (Posts on Sian Ka’an and Joya to follow).


Special thanks to our sponsors:


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Where is your favorite place for family adventure? Please share your story in the comments below!



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