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Kid Friendly with Iron Man Tampa Bay Comic Con

Official Kid Friendly Trailer Featuring the Fairytale Traveler’s Youth Blogger

Making Momma Proud

‘The Little’ ventures off to become ‘Kid Friendly’


After two amazing years of traveling to places inspired by books, film and TV, ‘The Little’ takes on an adventure of his own, Kid Friendly. At just six years old he’s launched a YouTube channel made for kids by a kid featuring gaming walkthroughs, toy & candy reviews, TV & film reviews, kidventures and interviews of grown ups with really cool jobs. And mommy couldn’t be more proud.


Kid Friendly and Joel Adams
Interviewing the famous King of the HIll artist Joel Adams.


The Little, now to be known as ‘Kid Friendly’ has always been tenacious. Even as a toddler, he went after everything he wanted no matter what the effort. Of course this wasn’t the most delightful aspect of his toddlerhood, but I knew with the right target it would prove to be a quality most wish to have. Now, watching him work so hard for his launch, I can see he will be as vigilant now as he was then.


Kid Friendly and Chorboogie
Painting with legendary street artist Chorbooogie at Tampa Bay Comic Con.


The Birth of Kid Friendly

It all came from a funny story actually. Being an only child to a blogging mom, he’s learned how to entertain himself when the time calls. Often this is while we are at home between press trips (a completely different daily lifestyle than when we are in the field working), but it can also be while on trains or in airports. In this case, he was watching Minecraft YouTube videos. I had checked them before and approved. He loves Minecraft and the videos are tutorial…. or so some of them are.

I was approaching his room one day when I overheard a bunch of screaming and yelling, then profanity. It was the host of a Minecraft walkthrough on YouTube! I couldn’t believe this! It was outright obnoxious! That’s when I started investigating more and more of these videos. I couldn’t believe the garbage, even sexual in nature, related to Minecraft. I went on a mission to find appropriate kid content on YouTube.

I found loads of unboxing and candy reviews, many done by adults, tons of gaming walkthroughs, and a few personalities. Then it clicked! I asked him what he thought about starting his own channel for kids by a kid, and the rest is history.


Kid Friendly in action on set for Minecraft unboxing
And Action!



About the Kid Friendly YouTube Channel

It’s a  brand new channel aimed towards children who love candy, toys, movies, TV and gaming. It’s primary focus however, is sharing the world of travel & culture along with career awareness in children.


Kid Friendly and Neal Adams
Interviewing the world-famous DC Comic artist Neal Adams.



Growing up as a child in the 80’s the only thing I had to rely on for career guidance was my own mom. There was so much more knowledge beyond the scope in which I was taught. Now, with social media and reality TV there’s a lot more awareness on careers. kid Friendly aims to build on that awareness by interviewing grown ups in really cool careers, allowing them to share their inspirations and thoughts with children on how to have a career like theirs when they grow up!


Kid Friendly at Xplor
One of the many kidventures of Kid Friendly ayt Xplor in the Riviera Maya of Mexico.


Game Walkthroughs: Gameplay of the newest kid games for Playstation and Xbox.

Toy & Candy Reviews: Unboxing reviews of cool toys including the most popular selling toys. Candy reviews on weird and silly candy with an “Always brush your teeth after eating candy” message.

TV & Film Reviews: Reviews from a kid’s perspective on the latest in TV & Film.

Kidventures: Epic mashups of Kid Friendly on his crazy adventures with his mom The Fairytale Traveler. Together they explore places inspired by books, TV and film.

When I Grow Up Series: A series featuring interviews of grown ups in really cool jobs to include celebrity comic book artists, NFL players, NHL players, professional wrestlers, celebrity artists, and more.


Watch the Official [Kid Friendly] Trailer Now!


The trailer features Kid friendly at Tampa Bay Comic Con interacting with his favorite cosplayers, interviewing celebrity comic book artists like DC Comic artist, Neal Adams, being artistic with celebrity street artists Estria and Chorboogie, going on kidventures to Downtown Disney, the LEGO Store, Universal Orlando Resort’s Marvel Island at Islands of Adventure, the Riviera Maya with Xel-Ha, Xenotes and Xplor and at Isla Holbox with Villas Flamingos. It also features LEGO Minecraft unboxing, and Jurassic World LEGO, Minecraft gameplay. It’s a complete mashup of the brand and what’s to come.


Stay tuned!


The Pink Cloud Princess Cosplay and kid Friendly
With the Pink Cloud Princess of Adventure Time, one of Kid Friendly’s favorite cartoons.


Follow his adventures and reviews here!

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You're never too young

What do YOU think about YouTube for kids? Share with us here in the comments below!

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  1. Go Kid Friendly! I love this idea and these videos and I’m excited to follow the little guy’s adventures – he’s a natural in front of the camera. Yay for family travel for kids – by kids! #globalkids

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