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The Fairytale Traveler is Heading to D23 EXPO 2015 for an All-Out Fairytale Adventure



Get Ready for Awesome

Geek Magic Reaches a Whole New Level August 14-16 in Anaheim


0cbe6dcaa19aa478bfa190316ce6162dOkay everyone, stop the press! I’ve been invited by Disney on an all expenses paid trip to the world-famous fandom event D23 EXPO 2015 at the Anaheim Convention center in California. Let me prepare you, you are about to see more exclamation points than necessary. I am literally going to flip out! If ever there was a person to be at this event it’s me! I have a permanent Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm mashup residing in my brain literally 24/7. THIS IS SO MY EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s so much going on at this event I can’t even BEGIN to tell you about all of it, but this sums it up pretty well. D23 EXPO is only held once every two years. It’s a mega fandom event (much like the famous Comic Con events popping up all over), but total Disney style. This means all the Disney franchises are there! Like hello, somebody pinch me! (I feel like I’m revisiting the same feeling I had when I was invited to the Red Carpet World Premiere of Cinderella).


Check Out the D23 EXPO 2015 Trailer Here!


First things first, I CAN WEAR A COSTUME!!! Wait, COSTUMES!!! I’m not telling you what I’m wearing BUT, I will hint that it’s related to upcoming films!!! Gah, I’m such a kid when it comes to this stuff!

So I don’t know a lot about the itinerary, it’s all been really hush, hush, but what I do know is this:

Where I’m Staying

I’ll be staying at the lovely Orange County Hyatt Regency Hotel for easy access to the convention center. The Hyatt regency is a finely appointed hotel with beautiful guest suites. Though I won’t be seeing much of this hotel, I am very happy to be staying. I’ll need all the rest I can get after the long days of fandom!


Hyatt regency anaheim
Hyatt Regency


I’m Going to Disneyland!!!!

In all my years I have NEVER BEEN TO DISNEYLAND! I know right! Growing up in Florida has really spoiled me, I mean as far as Floridian’s are concerned, there’s only one Disney! Finally after an entire lifetime I get to experience Disneyland! And what better year than during their 60th Diamond Anniversary Celebration!

Disneyland is literally sparkling with entertainment and decor. I can’t even imagine how amazing this is going to be!


Disneyland California
Photo courtesy of Disneyland


Once Upon a Time Will be there!!!!

I am seriously dying! This is literally one of my FAVORITE shows. I’m like a total GEEK for this show. I have seen every single episode and dying for the new season to start! I am so excited that they are holding a panel for this! Co-creators and executive producers Edward Kitsis (LOST) and Adam Horowitz (LOST) along with series stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Lana Parrilla as they discuss the upcoming season of unexpected twists, evolving characters, new adventures, and new rivalries.


Once Upon a Time Season 5
Emma turns into the Dark One


So much is happening this season (like all once upon a Time seasons really), you can’t miss one single moment! This fall Emma is taken to the dark side as she turns into the Dark One. I can’t even imagine how this is going to play out! We will also be seeing Merida from Brave in the new season. A first for Pixar and Once Upon a Time.

It’s a good thing you can’t see me writing this cause I think I’m drooling…


Disney Legends


There’s Going to be Legends!!!!

For 28 years, The Walt Disney Company has honored people who have made big strides with the Disney brand, naming them Disney Legends. I’m so excited to see the names on this list for D23 EXPO 2015. Among them are Star Wars creator George Lucas, composer Danny Elfman, All My Children star Susan Lucci, and animator Andreas Deja.


There’s Even a Mousequerade!!!!

It’s an all out cosplay style fan made costume contest! I LOVE costumes!!!! Disney fairy tales, Marvel, Star Wars, it’s going to be costume heaven for me! You can bet I’ll be taking lot’s of pics and sharing them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so make sure you’re following! #D23EXPO


D23 EXPO 2015


There’s just so much happening at this event, I can’t even begin to wrap my head around it. Thank goodness there’s an awesome app to breeze me through the process. I can’t wait to see what Disney has in store for its team of bloggers. Make sure to follow along for the inside adventure Fairytale Traveler style. I can’t wait to share with all of you!

Make sure you’re following! You don’t want to miss this adventure!

Special thanks to Disney for inviting me on this killer trip. While all expenses are paid, it in no way shapes my epic adventure sharing with you.

You're never too young

Have you been to D23 EXPO? Is there anything you’d like me to look for?


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  1. I am so excited for this! I just know we are going to have so much fun! I cannot believe it is this week already!

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