Insignia Bluetooth Portable Speaker

I was given a free product to review. This in no way shapes my review of the Insignia speakers.


Insignia™ Bluetooth Speaker


Bluetooth tech is really everywhere now. It’s in my car, my computer, my headphones… Sometimes I don’t even know where my sound will come from if it’s been a hectic day ha! Lately I’ve been dying to get a bluetooth speaker for my house. I wanted it to be portable, durable, easy to travel with and of course, it had to sound awesome. Then Best Buy asked me to check out their Insignia™ portable speakers. It was like a match made in heaven!


Now I’m always the skeptic, so I wasn’t teeming with joy when I got them in the mail but I was pretty stoked to see what they were packing. So I charged them up, synced them up and viola! Music to my ears… literally! How can something that sounds this good be this handy? It was such a “sweet” moment!


They sent me both the plug in and the portable. I love both. Here’s a quick breakdown of each.


Insignia Bluetooth Portable Speaker


Insignia™ Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Now I can listen to my tunes wherever I go. Whether I’m camping, walking, hanging out with friends or just taking a break away from my crazy house in my own little corner of the yard, my music is portable and it sounds pretty good! Here’s my favorite features of the Insignia™ portable speaker:


  • Pretty bright teal color with a silicone strap and casing
  • Small, fits right in my purse or beach bag
  • Wireless, hands free and can be used for talking on your phone in the car if you don’t have bluetooth in the car
  • It packs a punch! It actually has bass! It sounds pretty good! Powerful enough for taking it to the beach, park, and poolside
  • SPLASH PROOF! Always a big winner
  • Rechargeable battery with 6 hours of playback time
  • USB for charging


Insignia Bluetooth Portable SpeakerInsignia Bluetooth Portable Speaker


Insignia™ Plug In Bluetooth Speaker


This was a big win in my house. The Little has been wanting a bluetooth speaker in his room for awhile and now he has one! It’s easy enough to just plug and unplug that it’s great for the whole family to use. It’s of course wireless and streams bluetooth audio from my phone or laptop.


It’s got a built in power adapter with a rechargeable battery for more than 2 hours of unplugged playback. Pretty sweet.


Product Features:

  • Auxiliary audio input jack connects your non-Bluetooth devices for more listening options
  • Built-in power adapter allows the speaker to stay plugged into a wall outlet to maintain a full charge
  • USB charging port keeps electronic devices powered, so you can continue enjoying your favorite tunes
  • Built-in rechargeable battery enables over 2 hours of playback when taking your speaker on the go
  • It sounds really good


We’ve been listening to music every day since we got these in the mail. I am so glad we have them! I am 100% hooked on these! If you’re in the market for a bluetooth speaker, this is a great choice for you. bluetooth really makes life just a little bit easier. And as a busy mom, easier is ALWAYS better.

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