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Cinderella red carpet

I’m Headed to the Red Carpet Premiere of Cinderella!

Some of you may have heard the amazing news yesterday as I blasted it out across social media. The Fairytale Traveler was invited by Walt Disney Pictures to the red carpet movie premiere of Cinderella! I still can’t even believe my email! That’s right Hollywood, here I come! I am so excited about this, I can’t even begin to put it into words.


Walt Disney Pictures is generously flying me out to LA, giving me a room in the Hollywood Loew’s Hotel, and sending me to a real live Hollywood red carpet movie premiere at the El Captain Theater! I feel like Cinderella myself! And that’s not all friends. Walt Disney has teamed up with JC Penny for a Glam Ball where myself and 24 top bloggers will be made up like princesses for the big event! I’ll even be interviewing the cast and filmmakers! What an amazing opportunity for The Fairytale Traveler. I am so very grateful to be a part of this.

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cinderella in theaters

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Live from the red carpet premiere, I’ll be working my way into the theater snapping as much as I can along the way. This event will be an incredible adventure for the Fairytale Traveler and I just can’t wait to share every moment of it with you. From takeoff to until my carriage turns into a pumpkin, I want YOU to live through my story!

Missed the trailer? Here you go!

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Cinderella 2015 trailer
What do YOU want me to ask the stars? Kids questions are encouraged! Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Before I go I have to get your opinion! I NEED your help!


I want to know EXACTLY what YOU want me to ask the stars and filmmakers! Please leave me a comment in the section below and I will do my best to get all your questions answered! I encourage kids especially to ask away!!! You can find the cast list here.

Cinderella 2015 trailer
What should I ask the stars?


What on earth should I wear to the red carpet???? Send me your favorite dress ideas! You can send me pins on pinterest by:

Cinderella 2015 trailer
What should I wear?


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Thank you guys for being such incredible fans. I couldn’t have possibly been given this amazing opportunity without you!

Thank you Jana Seitzer for this great graphic!
Thank you Jana Seitzer for this great graphic!

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  1. Hiiii could you ask Richard if he’s still in contact with the game of thrones cast please ? Also I’m really happy for you xx

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