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Cinderella Film Locations in England

A Look at Cinderella Film Locations, England

These real-life fairy tale locations will sweep you away into a world of Fairy Godmothers, enchanted carriages, glass slippers, and prince charmings. When I started researching Cinderella film locations it came as no surprise to me to have found them all in England.


Given the film’s time period and of course its famous story, I would be shocked to have seen it filmed anywhere outside the British Isles. What did surprise me, however, is the attention to detail Disney gave for one of the most classic fairy tales of all time.


Now, I’m not saying that attention to detail is more than par for Disney, I’m saying they outdid themselves. From an English-Baroque palace to the Old Royal Naval College, Disney made sure Cinderella would be getting the ball she deserved.


Here you will find a listing of all the awe-inspiring and mostly open to the public, Cinderella film locations.


What places can you spot?



Cinderella Film Locations


If you’re wanting to visit these places, all but Pinewood Studios are open to the public! Please explore Visit Britain for your trip planning needs.


Also, check out each area’s local Visitors Bureau for more helpful information like special events and seasonal tips. I have included links to each public property so you can make the best of your Cinderella film locations trip!


Cinderella film locations
Photo by Mrsnappy under the Creative Commons license


#1 Pinewood Studios — Exterior of Castle


Of all the Cinderella film locations this is the one you can’t get into unless you’re special. Sorry friends. Pinewood Studios is a mega big-time film studio with locations worldwide.


With a roster of over a thousand blockbusters and televisions series from A Clockwork Orange to Harry Potter, it’s pretty much nerd movie-making headquarters. Currently, Pinewood is building phase 2 of their mega studio in Atlanta with Georgia being one of the top 5 production destinations in the USA.


With popular TV series like The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries and blockbuster films like Catching Fire, Lawless, X-Men: First Class being filmed in the ATL, Georgia is really becoming the Hollywood of the south.




Cinderella Film Locations
Only the fencing scene was done in the Royal Naval College.


#2 Old Royal Navy College, London — Palace Interior for the Fencing Scene


Established in 1694, the Old Royal Naval College of Greenwich, London is more than breathtaking. With one (if not the) largest painting in all of Europe in its famous Painted Hall, it has been described as “the finest dining hall in Europe.”


It was originally intended as an eating space for the naval veterans who lived here at the Royal Hospital for Seamen. Its exuberant wall and ceiling decorations are by Sir James Thornhill and pay tribute to British maritime power. The interior of the ORNC is used as the Palace interior for Cinderella.


Cinderella Film locations
Detail of the Painted Hall in the Old Royal Naval College. Photo by Graeme Maclean under the Creative Commons License.


Key Facts from the Royal Naval College Website


  • In 1806, 3 months after the Battle of Trafalgar the previous October, the body of Horatio Nelson was brought to lie in state in the Painted Hall
  • Between 1824 and 1936, it was known as the National Gallery of Naval Art, with over 300 naval-themed paintings on display
  • In 1939, it was used for dining (including breakfast) by the officers of the Royal Naval College


Cinderella Film Locations
Inside the Chapel Hall of the Old Royal Naval College. Photo by Nick Garrod under the Creative Commons License.


Fairytale Traveler Tips


  • It’s open to the public and free of charge
  • You can take the tube there from London city center in under a half-hour
  • This is very close to the London Excel Center (great for a day trip)
  • For up to date events and opening times click here


Cinderella Film Locations
Black Park in Buckinghamshire, England. Photo by Ray Booysen under the Creative Commons License.


#3 Black Park Wexham, Buckinghamshire — Woods


Black Park is a county park open to the public. It has over 500 acres of woodlands, trails, and facilities for spending the day out. You’ll find it has paved tracks for bicycling and even a weekly 5k event.


The park is pet-friendly, you can even bring your horse! Black Park was used as the woods where the outside of Cinderella’s house was built. For more information on visiting Black Park check out the Buckinghamshire City Council site here.


Cinderella Film Locations
Cliveden House Clock Tower in Buckinghamshire photo by Linda Martin under the Creative Commons License.


#4 Cliveden House, Berkshire — Clock Tower


300 years of politics and parties look like the Cliveden House in Berkshire. For the filmmakers of Cinderella, it looks like the clock tower. The Cliveden House is one of the world’s finest luxury hotels.


With a 5 Red Star rating, you are sure to feel like Cinderella in this palace. The house is surrounded by 376 National Trust maintained acres of countryside so you can forget the city life and feel like royalty. Rooms range from GBP 425-2,000. A small price to pay for a night at the ball.


While this is not a Cinderella film location, they used the clock tower as the inspiration for the one in the film. I later found this out during my interview with Director Kenneth Branagh.


The Cliveden House with its clock tower to the left. Photo by Bill Andersen under the Creative Commons License.
The Cliveden House with its clock tower to the left. Photo by Bill Andersen under the Creative Commons License.


For more information on visiting the Cliveden House or just to check out their swank digs, check out their website here.


Cinderella Film locations
Blenheim Palace and Formal Gardens
Residence of the Dukes of Marlborough, Oxfordshire, England (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Photo by Sheila Sund under the Creative Commons License.


 #5 Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire — The Palace


The filmmakers really nailed it when they chose Blenheim Palace. This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to the 12th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough.


It’s known for its pristine 18th-century baroque architecture and sits quietly surrounded by 2,000 acres of parkland and formal gardens. One look at this place and you can see exactly why the filmmakers chose it to be “the Palace.”


Cinderella film locations
Blenheim Palace coat of arms. Photo by Scorpions and Centaurs under the Creative Commons License.


There’s a truly fascinating history behind Blenheim Palace as the home and birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. You’ll want to spend the day here. It’s not a place you pop in and out of.


The palace is open to the public and there a number of guided tours if that’s your thing. You can walk to parks, explore the gardens, and meander through the palace to see its breathtaking baroque architecture and extravagant artwork, furniture, and tapestries.


For more information on visiting Blenheim Palace check out their website for times and tickets.


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  4. I note that the outside of Cinderella’s house was built in the woods for the movie – what about the inside? I admired the yellow wallpaper by the stairs, which I thought looked French…in fact all the interior decoration was spectacular!

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