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How to Get Awesome Flights on a Budget

A fantastic holiday is ahead: you chose your destination and you are excited to go. Then comes the realization that you still need to book your ticket and that he might make a big dent in your budget. The good news is today that’s not always the case. There are loads of travel tools online to help you get flights on a budget, and even find those killer deals.


Keep in mind, when you get flights on a budget it’s smart to think of insurance to cover you for when plans change. Another smart tip is to stay abreast on flight changes. Check out this flight information page from Holiday Extras before you fly. You won’t be late to the gate, that’s for sure. So how do you get the best flights on a budget? You just need patience and some direction to choose the best option. Have a look at the tips below to find out how:


This is a screenshot of the Kayak Explore map. I use this things all the time! I recommend planning a month in advance at least. I have flown to other countries for under $200!
This is a screenshot of the Kayak Explore map. I use this things all the time! I recommend planning a month in advance at least. I have flown to other countries for under $200!


  • Flights will be cheaper if you travel on public holidays such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve as people want to be with their families around this time and don’t want to be on a plane. If you are heading to Europe remember that a lot of people take time off in August so you might want to avoid this month as prices will skyrocket.
  • Research show that the best time to fly is Wednesdays as people normally travel on the weekend.
  • The time of the day is important too: catch a very early flight or a very late one like at 11pm.
  • Consider last-minute offers for some great deals: when carriers can’t fill up their seats they have to give them away.
  • If you just need a holiday and you don’t mind the destination, keep your eyes on different websites for any cheap offers that comes up.
  • Book your trip 3-5 months in advance.
  • Try entering different days of departures and returns: A few days might make a difference. I love using the Kayak Explore Map. If you go to the departure date and close it out, a map with super low prices around the world will appear. Play with this, it’s a great tool!
  • Fly during the low season: there are still plenty of things to do at your destination any time of the year, you just need to work around them.


  • Sign up for airlines newsletters and check every day for deals. Sometimes offers are available for 24 hours only and if you don’t check your email regularly you might easily miss them.
  • Keep checking comparison websites like Kayak, Expedia, or Orbitz to get an idea of the going rate and wait before making a final decision.


  • Use budget airlines like Ryanair  in Europe or AirAsia in Asia for example.
  • See if you can take 2 planes: get to a major destination and then change to a budget carrier to go the rest of the way.
  • Clear your cache and cookies to be able to see updated prices.
  • Buy your ticket on a Tuesday: that’s when airlines put their sales on.

From what you can see above there are few ways to go on a great holiday without spending your saving on expensive airfare. I use these methods regularly for travel. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to your next fairytale adventure too!



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