How to Fly on a Private Jet for Less

Think of a private jet flight, and you’ll most likely imagine traveling in ultimate luxury – champagne flowing freely, beds on board and other amazing luxuries. While this is obviously the case, in reality, almost 50% of private flights comprise of business trips, meaning there’s a budget to keep costs down.


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In fact, many people who hire private jets for business use are smart thinkers, who know how to get the maximum value from the private jet hires while saving time and money in the process. If you’re looking for ways to fly on a private jet for less, here are our seven quick tips.


Compare and Book Online


Yes, we all have our favorite service providers, but investigating private-jet services other than the one you know or got recommended to is wise. Comparing different private jet charter companies is perhaps the best way to get the most out of your budget. Make use of online marketplace apps that enable you to find the best private jet offers.


Consider Empty Leg Flights


One of the best ways to book a private jet for less is through last-minute empty leg flights since most private jet companies want to fill empty seats on their return legs. However, you need to be flexible to book at the last minute for these unscheduled, one-way flights. While finding a deadhead flight can seem challenging, it offers one of the best opportunities to fly privately at normal airline prices, sometimes saving you up to 75%.   


Choose Airports Carefully


Consider changing your airport choices if you want lower private jet charter fees. In case you’re flexible, you can also lower your handling and landing costs by opting for a different airport in the same area. For instance, if you’re flying to London, using an airport like Stansted instead of London City Airport could save you up to $2000.


Consider Downsizing Your Aircraft


Rethinking your private aircraft choices can make a huge difference to the charter pricing. Get the right aircraft size that will fit the number of people and luggage you have for your trip and also get you to your destination, without allowing yourself access. For instance, choose a light aircraft for shorter lights instead of a medium-sized jet.

The best thing about private charter flights is you get to choose the best jet for each of your traveling requirements and no matter what aircraft you choose, you still enjoy the same flexibility and time-saving on the ground.


Find the Best Deals on Private Jet Charters


Identify the best deals for private jet charters using different flying and traveling operators like TripAdvisor. With some good research, you can find a few online sources for the best deals, tips and other perks from different private jet charter companies to experience the best private jet flying for less.

Group Up


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Once you’ve booked a private jet, the price for the flight remains the same, no matter how many people you have on board. Traveling as a group can save you money. Whether you’re a group of four traveling from Las Vegas to Los Angeles or business executives attending a meeting in another city, grouping up helps split up the private jet hire cost per person for the same trip.


Request for No Frills


Yes, this also applies to private jet hire terms. For instance, say you don’t want any catering or entertainment on board, you can simply ask. Being specific about the extras you don’t need for your trip can sometimes result in reduced charter costs.




Traveling on a private jet offers the thrills and luxuries anyone would wish to experience, but it can be quite expensive. Chartering a private jet on its empty leg can actually be cheaper than flying business class on a commercial flight. You can always find ways to fly privately for less with these tips.

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