5 More Reasons to Visit Hawaii – Like You Needed More

Hawaii is often at the top of many travel lists, and with good reason. This idyllic little collection of islands offers a limitless number of things to do and see, all while visitors bask in its tropical beauty.


One of the best ways to see the islands is to stay in one of the many Hawaii luxury homes you’ll find scattered throughout the big island as well as the smaller ones. Staying in a luxury home ensures a relaxing experience without feeling isolated in a tourist-filled neighborhood or hotel.


When you stay in a real Hawaiian home you gain access to all the local culture and life and have the chance to live like a local during your stay. You can explore lesser-known beaches, eat local cuisine, and learn all about the history and culture of your area. Beyond that, Hawaii is an excellent choice for a vacation filled with gorgeous scenery and tropical luxury. Read on for five reasons Hawaii makes our travel list every year.


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One of the biggest reasons Hawaii is so incredibly beautiful is the weather. There are seasons (sort of) with summer being drier than winter, but for the most part, it rains a little bit every day on the islands, keeping the plants that tropical gorgeous green we can’t get enough of.


The good news is that it’s also sunny pretty much every day, so don’t let a little morning or afternoon showers ruin your plans. Rainstorms are short and temporary, as are the periods of foggy mist that sweep over the islands during various parts of the day. Sun is almost always around the corner, allowing visitors to get time outside every day of their trip.


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Traditionally, Hawaiian foods were some blend of Chinese and Japanese dishes with an island twist. As Hawaii became a more popular destination, local chefs got more creative with their offerings and now a wide variety of fusion restaurants can be found throughout the islands.


Food trucks have also been on the upswing in recent years, and finding a Poki bowl, Acai bowl, or some delicious local take on BBQ is never far off when visiting Hawaii.


Fresh fruits and local ingredients like fish and coconut are still a mainstay so it helps if you already have a taste for island food like the cuisine found in the Philippines or Southeast Asia. But if light savory dishes are your thing, you’re sure to fall in love with the food here, not to mention the potential for endless rounds of Pina Coladas and Mai Tais.


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Tourism is the main industry for the people living on the islands, and the proof is in their hospitality. For this reason, it’s not super common to find Hawaiians grumbling about the tourists the way locals do elsewhere.


A lot of people also try to live by the Aloha Spirit, which says to treat all people with kindness and compassion. This is something that’s incredibly ingrained in the culture and definitely shines through when you visit the islands as a guest.




The history of the Hawaiian islands is a long and fascinating one and began way before Columbus and the European discovery of the Americas.


Hawaii was inhabited by people from other islands and even had its own monarchy for a number of years. The monarchy was eventually undermined by white settlers from the north and the islands later became a U.S. state. But when you visit Hawaii, you can practically feel its incredible history in every outdoor experience. It’s one of the last places in the U.S. that feels truly wild, from the high green peaks most famous for being filmed in the Jurassic Park films to the incredibly rich ecosystem found by the coast and in the ocean.


When you visit Hawaii, there’s definitely a sense of something old and mysterious afoot under the many layers of green vines and palm trees, and it’s impossible not to have your curiosity peaked by the local lore shared by its people.




The diverse and rich landscape of Hawaii makes even a short drive feel like an incredible adventure. Gorgeous sandy beaches and rough volcanic rock give way to blue ocean views. High cliffs and jungle-covered peaks cover most of the islands, making hiking a must for any visitor.


Best of all, every island is different, with natural landmarks like waterfalls, volcanic beaches, and vast canyons dotting the landscape and making it unique. Visitors that spend time on multiple islands will have the easiest time distinguishing its landscape and admiring the incredible biodiversity of the region.


Each island has protected lands including national and state parks. These vary as much as the islands themselves and are worth visiting.


The protected lands give a true insight into what the geography of the islands has been for thousands of years and allows visitors to admire the uninhabited landscapes of the island, imagining what they may have looked like to the first people living there.


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Hawaii is a great place to spend your next vacation, whether you seek amazing adventure, pure relaxation, or both. And with all the practical advice and adventure tips for Hawaii, it’s easier to explore than ever. 


Spending time on the Hawaiian islands is sure to spark something in any traveler, whether it’s a curiosity for local history, a wonder for the incredible landscapes, or a meditative state of tropical bliss. So if the ultimate getaway is on your bucket list, be sure to consider Hawaii for your next escape. 


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