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Lamington National Park, magical places in Queensland

10 Magical Places in Queensland, Australia + Practical Advice for Your Adventure

Alas, you’ve been waiting for this adventure for years! You’ve saved all your money, you’ve pinned all the things, or have you… Before you put a wax seal on those travel plans, check out these magical places in Queensland. There are many beautiful and breathtaking vacation locations around the world, but Queensland has amazing getaway destinations especially its islands, beaches, and waterfalls. This guide will list 10 places you won’t want to miss, plus some practical travel tips and advice so you can have the best adventure ever.


Practical Tips for Traveling to Queensland


If you are looking forward to visiting Queensland, here are some practical tips to keep in mind so you can enjoy your vacation. Keep reading for a list of 10 magical places in Queensland!


Spending Money


Of course, changing your currency to the Australian dollar is very essential. If you wait to exchange currency at the airport, you’re going to get ripped off. The best plan is to go into your bank about two weeks before you leave and order the currency with them. It usually only takes a couple of days and the exchange rate is way cheaper.


Wear Sunscreen


If you are traveling to Queensland during summer, ensure that you go along with your sunscreen so you can protect your skin since it is usually very hot there.


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Image Source


Take a Reusable Water Bottle


You must stay hydrated all day, so do not forget to go along with your reusable water so you can drink some clean and freshwater.


Getting to Queensland


Queensland is located on Australia’s far north coast. It stretches over 2000km and is comprised of the spectacular Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays region and the tropical islands. There are several ways of getting to this amazing destination. How can you arrive at this destination if you are from the United States, Europe or Asia?


Visiting Queensland from the US


The distance between the United States and Queensland is about 9,463 miles which is equivalent to 15,230 km. A direct flight from the US to the Brisbane airport can be about 18hours 56 minutes hours.


Lamington National Park Magicalplaces in Queensland
Lamington National Park Image Source


Visiting Queensland from Europe


Getting to Queensland from Europe takes 18 hours 44 minutes given that the distance is about 9115 miles and 14, 670 km.


Visiting Queensland from Asia


A flight from Asia to Australia is about 10 hours 13 minutes. They are 4,862 miles apart equivalent to about 7825 km. To get more details kindly visit


What is the weather like in Queensland?


Queensland experiences different weather during different periods of the month. But the ideal time for vacation and tours should be in spring or autumn when there is just chilly and good to explore the beach and island.


  • Summer (December – February)
  • Autumn (March-May)
  • Winter (June – August)
  • Spring (September – November)


The far north of Queensland usually experiences hot humid summers (wet season) and mild warm winters. Tropical North Queensland weather summer temperatures can get to 31 degrees Celsius or more during the day, with humidity levels at around 75%, which makes places hotter.


At the central, it is extremely hot especially during summer and in winter; it can still be warm but extremely cold at night. In the inland Southern West, it is sometimes hot with dry summers while still cold in winter though in a more subtle way. Meanwhile, in the South East, summer is warm and winter extremely cold.


koala bear, Queensland Australia


In the south which is the most populated particularly areas like The Gold Coast, The Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane are some of the most beautiful towns in Australia. It is warm during summer here while winter is slightly cooler.


The next important thing is to know if the place you are to visit is expensive or average, so you can budget properly for the period you will be spending there. For the case of Queensland, what is the cost?


The Cost of Everyday Spending in Queensland


Queensland is made up of different amazing towns like; Brisbane, Cairns, Rockhampton, and more. On average, you can spend up to $206 that is in AU dollars in a day. This is terms of accommodation, feeding, transportation, and entertainment.


The amount that can be spent on food averagely is AU $39, then AU $78 for an average hotel, AU $3.52 for water, AU $30 for local transportation (Taxis, local buses and subway just to name a few), AU $47 on entertainment (entrance tickets, shows, movies, and many more), and on alcohol it can cost about AU $12 for drinks in a day.


There are some magical sports in Queensland that are a must-visit. What are some of the amazing places that can be visited when on vacation in Queensland?


10 Magical Places to Visit in Queensland


There is no shortage of magical places in Queensland, but these are probably some of the most iconic. Whether you want to dip your toes in the sand, hike to epic waterfalls or look out from breathtaking mountain vistas, Queensland surely has something for everyone.


Paronella Park Queensland
Paronella Park Queensland


1. Paronella Park


Paronella Park is located in Cairns and has one of the most attractive sites in the town. It is one of the oldest parks in Australia so there are a lot of historical touristic sites to visit. Some of the places you can take a tour while visiting the park includes; the Mamu Skywalk, Waterfalls, Rainforest, and Wildlife, Lake Barrine and Millaa Millaa Falls.


Springbrook National Park, magical places ion queensland
Springbrook National Park


2. Springbrook National Park


Springbrook National Park is another magical place to visit in Queensland and has many breathtaking sites and views. It is also a good location for couples and to get engaged. It has countless waterfalls and cascades with shocking views, walking tracks and many more.


Mount Hypipamee National Park , magical places in Queensland
Mount Hypipamee National Park Photo source


3. Mount Hypipamee National Park 


Mount Hypipamee National Park is another magical site to visit during your stay in Queensland. It has amazing wildlife and locations which you can take beautiful pictures. The Dinner falls and Crater is some of its notable features. Vacationers can even have fun in the Dinner falls water especially swimming.


Cape Tribulation, magical places in Queensland
Cape Tribulation


4. Cape Tribulation


Cape Tribulation is also an amazing place to visit and it is found at the end of the closed roads of civilization where it’s one of a kind self-guided trails, guided walks, horse rides or rainforest zip lines can make you believe in the magnificence of paradise and the beauty of nature.


Lamington National Park, magical places in Queensland
Lamington National Park Image Source Feature Image Source 


Lamington National Park


Known for its famous Green Mountains, Lamington National Park is located in an area popularly referred to as O’Reilly and Binna Burra.  It is interconnected to the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area where vacationers can enjoy the extensive walking tracks and catch lots of fun while remote bushwalking. 


Wooroonooran National Park, magical places in Queensland
Wooroonooran National Park Image source


6. Wooroonooran National Park


The Wooroonooran National Park is another amazing vacation destination in Queensland that has plenty of fun activities and things to do like; swim in magic swimming holes, waterfalls, enjoy walking in the rainforest and summit climbs. Vacationers can also go hiking and enjoy all the stunning views.


Whitsunday Island
Whitsunday Island


7. Whitsunday Island


The Whitsunday Island is one of the most gorgeous getaway destinations that are well noted for its pure-white silica sand, private reefs and beaches, varied wildlife and crystal-clear waters. The exquisite views, private beaches, fringing reefs, and unique hoop pines complete the outstanding island glimpse.


Whitehaven Beach
Whitehaven Beach


8. Whitehaven Beach


Whitehaven Beach is one of Queensland secluded beaches that has one of the breathtaking views in the world. It is famous for the pure silica which is why the beach has this magical bright white stunning look and view.


Stradbroke Island
Stradbroke Island Image source


9. Stradbroke Island


Stradbroke Island lies within the Moreton Bay and is perfect for those who want to experience underwater life. There are actually lots of fun things to do when you visit like surfing and even fish surfing, watch the dolphins swim, stroll around and many more.


Fitzroy Island
Fitzroy Island Image source


10. Fitzroy Island


The island which is ideal for people who love quiet and private lives is located within the calm sheltered waters of the Great Barrier Reef. The island is naturally endowed and vacationers can get into adventure discoveries and find out more about its spectacular walking trails, abundant marine life, and local wildlife.


Now, you’ve got all the practical advice, travel tips and a list of magical places in Queensland you should totally explore. You’re well ahead of the game! You can come home with incredible travel stories and photos of your epic adventures. After all, isn’t that what made you plan this trip in the first place? Now, if only I could help you pack! 


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