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The Ultimate Guide to Camper Travel in New Zealand

Suppose you are thinking of the best way to spend your vacation, and you are considering a camper road trip around New Zealand. In that case, you are definitely making the best choice.


This is your ultimate guide to enjoying your travel around New Zealand in a camper. 


Get ready to know everything you need to know about where to buy or rent a camper, how much it would cost you, important road rules and all other essential information to ensure you have a splendid camper travel experience in New Zealand.

new zealand

Should You Purchase Or Rent A Camper For Your New Zealand Travels?

The Ultimate Guide

The time you will spend in New Zealand is an important factor to consider when deciding whether to buy or rent a camper. This will help you know if you have a long-term need or a short-term need. 


It is better to buy a camper if you plan to stay in New Zealand for over a month. It will be a long-term use and cost-effective as compared to renting. You could even sell the camper at the end of your travels.


However, if you are thinking of spending just about a month or less, you should consider renting a camper. This would help you save more time on the buying and selling process. Click here at Wilderness Campervan Rental to rent a camper.

new zealand

Seasons In New Zealand 

Also important is knowing the different seasons in New Zealand. This would help you understand which season your camper travel will fall and how you should prepare for it.


There are four distinct seasons experienced in New Zealand, and each has its own unique beauty.



Spring is experienced between September and November. The weather switches from being nicely hot to rainy and cold. It is characterized by the blooming of flowers and vegetation, which add to the beauty of the sight of the freshness of the air. 


Commodities prices are average around this time of the year, and the crowd is minimal.



This runs between December and February. This is often the best time for travel and sightseeing. This makes the crowd at this time relatively high, including prices.


Despite the unpredictable nature of New Zealand’s weather, this season offers a better chance of a good forecast than others.



This is usually between March to May. During these times, the weather is nice, while the summer experience begins to fade away gradually. The prices and crowds are average, just like in springtime.



Winter is experienced between June and August. These times are freezing, especially on the South Island.


The South Island has renowned spots for skiing and other winter sports, so it might be the best time to travel if you have a knack for them. Fewer crowds and low prices are features of this season.

new zealand

When Is The Best Time To Travel Around New Zealand?

There are no unfavorable times to camper travel around the country. The idea of the best time to visit is based on your personal choice.


If you are keen on enjoying good weather, do not mind the high prices and crowds, summer will be the best. This is usually the peak of the tourist season.


However, you’ll have to pay higher costs for a camper and share the road with thousands of other travelers. If you couldn’t handle the snowfall that comes with the winter season and couldn’t deal with the massive crowd on the road during summer, your best bet would be to travel during shoulder season.


This is before summer (spring) or after summer (fall). You can decide which to choose as convenient for you. You would also enjoy the view of the beautiful spring flowers and color-changing fall trees.

new zealand

Why Should You Travel In A Camper In New Zealand

Driving a camper to tour around the beauties of New Zealand will afford you a lot of experiences you wouldn’t want to miss:


Save Money 

You may wonder how driving a camper will help you save money. Although renting one is not entirely cheap, it would help you save money on other expenses.


For example, you could find free campsites to park your camper and stay for the night. You would also be able to do basic stuff like cooking without lodging in a hotel that could cost you a fortune.


Easy Planning 

It is relatively easier to plan your travels in a camper. You don’t have to do a thorough search and prior booking at hotels every day, and there is no need to make a campsite reservation in advance.


Just find a convenient place to stop when you need to rest. You can eat what you want by cooking rather than trying to locate the nearest and most affordable restaurant around.




This is the best part of a New Zealand camper travel. Since the whole purpose of your trip is to enjoy every part of it, why rid yourself of it? Wake up to nature’s most beautiful elements and have an adventurous travel experience.

new zealand

What License Do You Need To Drive A Camper In New Zealand?

If you know how to drive a car, you can definitely drive a camper in New Zealand. However, you need a driving license. This driving license has to be written in English to be valid.


If not, you need to carry an additional document, your International Driving Permit (IDP), or use any translation approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency.


It might, however, be easier to get and organize an International Driving Permit before arriving in New Zealand.


Although the legal driving age in New Zealand is 16, you need to be at least 18 years old to hire a camper. In fact, most rental companies will not rent out their vehicles to a driver that is less than 21 years old. In addition, there is usually a requirement if a young driver’s fee if the driver is less than 25.

new zealand

Tips For Parking A Camper

You must know the height of your camper before parking. Car parks, tunnels, and highways in New Zealand may have archways that may impede your movement if your truck is too tall.


The maximum height that can pass through is usually clearly displayed. Therefore, it’s important that you pay attention to it. 


It is advisable to use dedicated motorhomes. Some parking lots in New Zealand cities and even some supermarkets have specially designed motor homes. Look for these spots when driving into a parking lot. 


Also, you could have no choice but to park across two spaces occasionally. This may be in the horizontal position or in a vertical way.


It’s, however, best for you if there is someone to guide you in the parking space. You could get a road trip sidekick to help you while parking in tight places. Work out signals to help you know when to turn right and when to turn left. 

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A camper trip would allow you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. You would get to appreciate nature and the beauty of the land better.


The adventures you would experience would surpass those of lodging in a hotel day-in-day-out. 


Rent your camper and let the thrill begin right away!

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