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Balancing Work and Travel – Remote Business

Whether you’re self-employed or work from home, balancing work and travel can be a challenge. And managing a business while traveling can be even more taxing. 


With the distractions of the trip, it’s easy to lose focus and fall short on your performance. With these tips for running a business remotely, you’ll be on your “A” game. Keep reading for our tips on balancing work and travel. 

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Tips for Balancing Work and Travel

As travel became more casual and more people could afford to visit other countries, more businesses decided to send their employees to specific locations to promote their activities. According to Statista, business travel was estimated to be 20% of the global tourism expenditure in 2021.


Although the pandemic hit the industry, it has regained its stability, and now people are again traveling for business or choosing jobs that allow them to visit more countries. 

But people who manage businesses, whether smaller companies or corporations are challenged with maintaining the course of activity when traveling. That’s because, in many cases, time zones are different, leading to exhaustion and jet lag, while not continuously monitoring the business affects employee productivity. 


In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss balancing work and travel so you can keep your business on its feet while being away from work. 

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Know What to Prioritize

Regardless of the company you’re running, it would be best to be organized and know what to prioritize to complete all tasks. This means devising a schedule that works for you and always abiding by it.


Your plan should consider the following:

  • Your staffing needs as they are necessary to point out to ensure there are enough employees to handle the workload while you’re away
  • The regulations for each state and country you’re visiting are a must to learn if you want your business to be successful
  • Using templates might help you get your thoughts in order so that you can quickly pinpoint the task that needs to be tackled at any point

Of course, when traveling, you should expect schedule adjustments to be required as there will always be flight delays and other issues that you need to adapt to. Therefore, flexibility is a must.


At the same time, properly assessing tasks by urgency and importance, as well as setting deadlines, are tips that will help you when managing a business remotely as you plan ahead and know precisely what needs to be done.

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Here I am catching up on emails while my son has a blast.

Plan Ahead

When it comes to balancing work and travel, consider having a to-do list with you all the time. You also need to plan your whole trip properly.


This should be done in addition to your usual work schedule so that you can ensure your presence when needed by your employees. Planning a business trip is challenging because you need to consider expenses, accommodation, and other amenities that won’t burden your accountant. 


If you do it right, you’ll be able to handle work from both locations and minimize stress. Some tips you may need include the following:

  • Select accommodation based on prices and convenience. For example, if you need parking at JFK Airport, you should consider something close to the spot
  • Research your destination. Know the local language, the national exchange required and some conversational phrases if needed
  • Create an itinerary that can help you be in control better. You can use special applications and software solutions to remind you of your next task when finishing another

Searching for the best prices might take some time, so you can ask for help when you feel overwhelmed. Deciding on the best place for your stay and tackling all other business activities is challenging, so you may even have a travel company check in everything from you, from the best restaurant deals to parking at Newark airport. 

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Use Technology

We live in an era of technology, so why not take advantage of its features? Different software tools are created especially for business leaders to achieve goals and end tasks, even if they’re not at the office.


Of course, increasing the use of technology poses certain aspects of data security, so you’ll need to prioritize it. 

Here are some examples of how technology can help your business remain stable during your travel:

  • Create virtual workstations where employees can connect with their teams, and you can monitor their progress
  • Encourage the use of collaborative technologies, form video calls to online workflow applications
  • Enhance employee satisfaction by providing AI and analytics for personalized and streamlined experiences

Using digital tools for balancing work and travel is necessary, regardless of your workstation. Of course, your employees must also be provided with the latest technological devices, from mobiles to software programs, that allow them to focus on effectiveness rather than monotonous tasks that can hinder their creative process.


An example of such a device is a wearable watch through which your team can receive real-time updates, send text messages and make calls on the go without interrupting their current tasks on the desktop.

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Avoid Burnout

Although we’re used to entrepreneurs saying working almost continuously is the only path to success, burdening your mind and body will only lead to a lack of productivity and attention. Therefore, you need to be wary of the tasks you need to complete and find a way to balance them day by day so you can avoid burnout.  

Remember that job burnout has the following effects, and it can happen to anyone pushing themselves too much:

  • Insomnia, which is known to increase errors and accidents
  • Sadness, anger or instability that are hindering business
  • Fatigue won’t allow you to conduct your tasks properly
  • You may even be prone to high blood pressure, which, in time, can lead to more complicated health issues

Besides managing your tasks correctly, you should also watch your meals and do some exercises daily so that you won’t break from your usual routine suddenly. It would also be best to avoid drinking, sleeping late, and performing other activities that might tire your body.


Overall, preventing burnout means finding an equilibrium between your personal life and your company, which is necessary if you want this position in the long term. 

Planning A Trip

Improve Your Communication

During the pandemic, one of the challenges that companies had to face with remote working was the lack of access to information, which led to poor communication. But this can also happen when you’re away for longer on a business trip, which is why you must provide different communication options.


 Of course, this might mean you should be available for them at any required hour. Oftentimes, email is not enough, so video conferencing might be a better choice.


At the same time, quick collaboration is done best when proper tools are in place, so you should get that checked before leaving. You can gather all your employees and devise a plan to collect essential information and data necessary to complete basic tasks or even tackle more complex issues that don’t require your supervision. 


Providing these opportunities for remote social interactions is helpful because sometimes employees might need encouragement as they feel overwhelmed with being left to face all tasks. Supporting your employees during harsh times means you must encourage a check-in culture in moments of low performance.


On the other hand, treating people like robots will not ensure your company’s success, so you need to become more flexible and open to communication. 


Wrapping Up

Managing a business while traveling can be easy or complicated. It all depends on your ability to prepare, stay organized, and use technology. Learning how to maintain your organization while away from work is necessary to keep the same productivity levels in the long run. 


By following these tips for running a business remotely, you’ll be well on your way to balancing work and travel.

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