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Montego Bay attractions

7 Montego Bay Attractions for Just About Any Traveler

If you’re planning a trip to Montego Bay then you’ll need to find some activities for your itinerary when you’re not relaxing at your resort or on one of the lovely Montego Bay beaches. We put together a list of seven Montego Bay attractions for your leisure no matter who you’re traveling with.


After all, you chose Montego Bay for relaxation and adventure. Jamaica is one of the best Caribbean Islands to visit.


It offers different landscapes, natural sights, and Montego Bay attractions for each type of tourist that can enjoy the vibrant culture of the area. And the amazing Jamaican food scene which is mainly composed of seafood, making it perfect for a summer getaway.


Each year, more than a million tourists visit the island and Montego Bay beaches to enjoy the resorts and tropical calm, but that’s not only what you can find there.


In this article, we’re going to discuss the best things to do in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Keep reading for our list of Montego Bay attractions and more.

Montego Bay attractions

Montego Bay Attractions and Best Things to Do

Montego Bay or MoBay in Jamaica is the top choice for tourists to visit, being the capital of Saint James Parish on the north coast of the island, it’s also the visitor’s hub where you can find most of the Iberostar’s 5-star hotels in Jamaica and other resorts.


Montego Bay is famous for being one of the busiest cruise stops on the island, offering amazing golf courses, great restaurants, crystal clear water, and white-sanded beaches, along with world-class diving and snorkeling spots.


Being a tourist hub, there are many things to do in Montego Bay, both water and inland activities. From beach hopping and snorkeling or diving to canopy tours and biking, there’s something to do for every visitor other than just hanging out on one of their stunning Montego Bay beaches.

Montego Bay attractions
Martha Brae River

Visit Martha Brae

When it comes to Montego Bay attractions, Martha Brae River is at the top. It’s one of the first choices when it comes to rafting, tubing, and kayaking.


Located near the village of Falmouth, just 2–3 miles inland and 20 miles from Montego Bay, making it a great option for adventurers and couples, since you can do romantic bamboo rafting on the river.


Not only that, Rafter’s Village is the embarkation area of the river, boasting more than five acres of well-cared lawns, and offering many recreational areas like a bar, picnic grounds, swimming pools, a restroom, and some souvenir shops.


Also, if you want to learn more about Jamaica’s herbs, you can take a walk in Miss Martha’s Herb Garden, where you can learn about the famous herbs with healing benefits the island has to offer.

Montego Bay attractions
Canopy Tours

Canopy Tours

Surprisingly enough, you can find canopy tours in many areas of the island, inviting the more adventurous tourist. You can travel on a zip line through a wooden and mountainous area of Jamaica, checking out the views, flora, and fauna.


Most of the canopy tours in Montego bay take place in Montpellier, a two hour tour that will let you hike to different zip lines and pass over rivers and more. This is one of the most exciting Montego Bay attractions to experience if you’re not afraid.

Montego Bay attractions

Visit Negril

If you’re willing to leave Montego Bay beaches for something a little different, you will find much beauty in Negril. Negril is located 1h away from MoBay by road, but you can sail there on a tour and take advantage of the scenic views of the coast.


A trip that will let you snorkel and check out the marine life of Jamaica, swim to the Pirates Cave, and check out the stunning views of the cave, also, you will swim on many of the top-notch spots of the area.


The town of Negril is stunning, located on the west side of the island, offering great beaches boasting tranquil and turquoise waters.


One of its popular attractions is Long Bay, and its opening to a coral reef-protected lagoon, another top spot for snorkeling with a great landscape.

Montego Bay attractions
Blue Hole and Secret Falls

Visit Blue Hole and Secret Falls

Embark on an adventurous day trip to visit Blue Hole, a stunning mineral spring with a deep cave where you can swim in clear turquoise water and do cliff jumping, you’ll be able to check Secret Falls which is an amazing natural pool, and do some tubing too.


Not only that, on this guided tour you make a stop at Dunn’s River Falls, check out the landscape and take a swim in its pools.


This is not the closest thing to do in Montego Bay, it’s almost 2h drive from there. It’s a day trip, but it’s the hidden gem and an almost untouched natural attraction is totally worth it, many tourists put them on the top of their bucket list for day trips and Montego Bay attractions.

Montego Bay attractions
Cinnamon Hill Golf Club

Play Golf at Cinnamon Hill Golf Club

If you’re into golf you definitely need to check out Cinnamon Hill Golf Club, you can find local caddies that are labeled as one of the best globally. Cinnamon Hill offers a stunning golf course with 18 holes.


The grounds used to be a sugar plantation, and one of the biggest draws is the fact you can see the picturesque landscape and the Caribbean Sea. Making it one of the most beautiful golf courses around and one of the best Montego Bays attractions.


It’s definitely worth visiting, the course was designed by Von Hagge and Rick Baril, and it’s done in a way to let you feel both the tropical and coastal golf. The 17th hole is located almost 400 feet above the sea.

Montego Bay attractions
Rose Hall

Visit Rose Hall

Rose Hall is a must-visit and probably one of the most popular among Montego Bay attractions. It offers many attractions to check out and the Rose Hall Great House is the number one.


It used to be a plantation house with stunning views of the sea. Currently, it’s a history museum where you can learn more about the country’s slave history and about the White Witch of Rose Hall, which is a popular legend (you can even visit its grave).


You can book a tour and learn more about the Palmers and check out the area. Also, you can head to the Half Moon Equestrian Center, check out the ponies, and learn more in an interactive way about animals like rabbits, donkeys, and goats.

Montego Bay attractions

Visit Hip Strip

Close to Doctor’s Cave Beach, you can find a popular street called Gloucester Avenue, more commonly referred to as Hip Strip. It’s the place to go if you are looking for shops, entertainment, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars, making it a perfect stop for nightlife


The avenue is packed with shops selling shirts, shops with candles, little statues, hand-made jewelry, and more. You can also find shops selling art.


It’s the go-to of cruise passengers and a famous place for visitors to go shopping since the Hip Strip is boasting with souvenirs.


Final Thoughts

When looking for Montego Bay attractions it’s important to consider what your travel style is and your time constraints. If you have transportation, you can adventure out for day trips.


With Montego Bay attractions ranging from golf to zip lining and even exploring hidden gems, you’re sure to find something that makes everyone happy.

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