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cruising the caribbean

Cruising the Caribbean: The Best Destinations to Explore

We live in a beautiful world, a planet that is full of attractive serene destinations. Traveling and exploring new places is the nature of every human being. 


Cruising the Caribbean is certainly a huge part of this beautiful planet. It’s something everyone should experience. 


There is much to explore and see on this beautiful planet, such as mesmerizing plains, remarkable islands, lush green forests, and snow-capped mountains.


Among the many attraction centers, the Caribbean has always been one of the best destinations. This particular place’s aura has attracted domestic and international tourists.


The Caribbean has been a destination for individuals of different ages and cultures.


Many islands in the Caribbean have turned out to be favorite destinations for tourists. Individuals from colder regions tend to visit the Caribbean to enjoy sandy beaches with warm tropical weather.


If you are a passionate explorer, the Caribbean is a diverse destination with everything you have been dreaming of seeing and experiencing.


You will encounter many attractive scenic places, turquoise blue waters, soft sandy beaches, and an awe-inspiring landscape.


The place has amazing tourist attractions sites that will offer you everything from adventure, fun, exquisite meals, and convenience of shopping.


Tourists visiting the Caribbean Islands have many ways to enjoy their tours, such as trekking, snorkeling, cruise ships, and scuba diving.


Enjoy your Caribbean cruise with Ponant. When you choose to cruise with Ponant, you will enjoy attentive services in a five-star environment.


Additionally, you will never be bored as there are plenty of options to interact with others thanks to the impressive variety of lounges and bars.


You can cruise with peace of mind thanks to Ponant, as you are insured against risks and other inconveniences that may occur before and during the cruise: civil liability, cancellations, lost luggage, repatriation, etc.


The Caribbean is rich with interesting exotic destinations, and it may be hard to decide where to visit. In this post, you will read about the best Caribbean destination, which you can include in your itinerary.

cruising the caribbean

Cruising the Caribbean at These 6 Beautiful Locations 

British Virgin Island

British Virgin Island (BVI) is our list’s number one Caribbean destination. Sixty islands make up the BVI; if it is your first time visiting, be assured you will explore several places.


There are plenty of reefs where you can dive, plus the white-sand beaches.


The island attracts people of different races; it has fun activities and lodgings for accommodations. The British Virgin Island is one of the Caribbean destinations with the best beaches in the world.


There is the famous family-friendly Cane Garden Bay on Tortola Island to the quiet Deadman’s Beach on Peter Island.


Clean and clear azure Caribbean waters surround the island; this makes it a suitable place where you can surf, dive, windsurf, and sail.


The dolphin tours and sunset cruises are among the many excursions you can have from the islands.

cruising the caribbean

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is ranked as the second largest Caribbean country. This destination has been a favorite place for couples.


Most of them come and spend their entire honeymoon period in this beautiful place. It is easy to access The Dominican Republic; it will take a two-hour flight if you are around Miami.


Those come from European cities; it will take them roughly 8 hours. Accessibility is one of the major reasons why people tend to visit this destination.


If you are into beach activities, there are over 250 miles of beautiful beaches waiting for you to choose from. Most visitors tend to go to Punta Cana and Puerto Plata.


These places have different types of resorts. You get resorts within your budget and high-class services at these places. Moreover, you will get to find departure points for activities like diving and snorkeling excursions.


If you are an individual who is into history, a visit to Santo Domingo will be worth it. This capital is where most of the important attraction sites are situated.


You will learn about the delightful combination of history and modern-day Dominican life.

cruising the caribbean


Jamaica is one of the best Caribbean you can ever visit. The locals at this destination are welcoming and friendly. It is a place you will visit and not miss your motherland.


When your vacation is over, you will feel like a local. You will be introduced to the rich Jamaican culture in each place, from reggae music to jerk chicken cooking on a roadside grill.


Jamaica is quite a famous place, and even if you haven’t been there, you must have heard some interesting stories about the area.


Jamaica is one of the best Caribbean destinations since there are regular flights to this attractive destination. Also, you will get all-inclusive resorts, making it an easy goal to consider and plan.


Seven Mile Beach in Negril is among the places you can consider spending your vacation. If you are an active explorer, Jamaica is the place to go.


Enjoy swimming and hiking up the falls at Dunn’s River Falls. It is one of the best waterfalls in Jamaica. You also get guided excursions to the Blue Mountains National Park and snorkeling.


Before you visit Jamaica, you must consider the right time to visit. The suitable time to come to Jamaica is when you are free; if not, you may have to consider the weather and the storm periods.


The best months for the vacation are from November to mid-December.

cruising the caribbean

St. Lucia

Apart from exploring, St. Lucia is the best place where you can think to spend your honeymoon. The reason why I propose it for a honeymoon is because of the variety of luxury resorts.


It has clean beaches where you can spend most of your time. The Anse Des Sables Beach and Plantation Beach are some of the good beaches.


St. Lucia tends to have several fun activities you will enjoy participating in, such as zip lining across the forest and off-roading.


At St. Lucia, you will get a quite natural beauty environment with the best nightlife and restaurants situated at Rodney Bay. There are no dull moments at St. Lucia. You will find one thing that you will enjoy doing at this place.

cruising the caribbean


The island of Anguilla is quite different from the rest of the Caribbean destinations. The place offers the best experiences. One of the reasons why it is considered the best is because cruise ships are restricted from the island.


Therefore the place has a small population of tourists. In addition, Anguilla has small-sized villas on the beach, unlike the rest of the Caribbean islands, where you will get large hotels.


The island has high privacy levels. The place is not populated like the other destinations covered in this article. If you are after additional pampering, there are luxury resorts on the island.


On this island, you will hang out on the best unspoiled sandy beaches, like Meads Bay, Shoal Bay East, and Rendezvous Bay.

cruising the caribbean

The Cayman Islands

To the explorers who are after epic diving experiences in the Caribbean, Cayman Island is a suitable place to spend your vacation.


The island chain comprises Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac. Grand Cayman is the most famous among the three, having several popular dive locations like artificial reefs and the Kittiwake Shipwreck.


Another reason for the popularity of Grand Cayman is the tranquil Seven Mile Beach, considered one of the best in the Caribbean. Additionally, it has Stingray City, where visitors can look closely at the big sea creatures.


You can feed the creatures at this place, and they will immediately eat the food from your hands. Feeding the giant sea creature is the best experience that you will not get in other Caribbean islands.

cruising the caribbean

Final Thoughts

As the winter season drags on different parts of the globe, a Caribbean vacation is the best alternative to escape the cold months.


The Caribbean has a lot to offer; imagine walking on warm sandy beaches, diving in clear and warm water for some snorkeling, etc.


Therefore if you want the best warm-climate holiday, you can visit some of the above-mentioned Caribbean destinations.

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