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4 of the Most Common Types of Fishing Spots and How to Choose Them

For aspiring fishers, picking the right fishing spot can prove to be the difference between a successful, trophy-laden session and drawing a blank. Thus, being able to scout ideal fishing locations is extremely crucial. But first, you need to understand the various types of fishing.


Yes, over two-thirds of the world is covered by water. Yet, you would be surprised to know that identifying a successful fishing spot requires more effort than the actual act of catching fish.




Read on to learn more about the most common types of fishing spots and what you need to do to locate the best ones.


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Common Types of Fishing and Choosing the Best Fishing Spot 


Various types of fishing are based on their water bodies which include ponds, creeks, lakes, rivers, oceans, and so on. Not all these places consist of the same type of fish. One of the golden rules of fishing is to know what fish you are looking for.


Thus, the fisherman needs to have prior knowledge on where to look for what fish types. For instance, a shallow cove is an ideal location for catching bass. Try it in an ocean, and you will surely fail.


This article focuses on explaining the different types of fishing, how to pick the best fishing spots, and improving your fishing skills in the process.


If you do not pick the right location, chances are, you will return home empty-handed. The following sections discuss the various ways in which you can determine the ideal fishing spot.


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Take Help From Professionals


Fishing is an acquired art form. You cannot learn it in a flash. A lot of time and effort is needed to learn proper fishing techniques, and even more so if your sole aim is to catch the big ones.


We suggest taking the help of professionals before setting out on your journey to a nearby pond. These experts are fully equipped to answer any questions that you might have. Furthermore, they will show you all the right techniques to make the catch and efficiently retrieve the fish from the water.


They will also provide you with information regarding all the necessary equipment for fishing, including where to find the right fishing reels and rods for your needs, and show you the ways to use them, hands-on if needed.


Companies like The Nature Insider specialize in teaching their customers and viewers the perfect fishing methodologies to follow. You can read comprehensive articles on fishing guides through their online platform and directly contact them if you feel the need.


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Prospect the Area On Foot


Once you find a body of water, it’s time to find the best fishing spots there. Do not be too eager to start fishing right away. Take a casual walk around and try to figure out convenient spots.


As this might take some time, you can do the scouting a day before. This way, you can be sure of where to set up camp the next day and utilize the maximum amount of time in fishing.


Keep a lookout for bird flocks. There is always a massive likelihood of birds gathering wherever there are signs of baitfish. On top of that, there is a variety of software and tools that you can use on your personal mobile device.


Implementing these fishing apps in your fishing adventure can provide you with information like the depth at which the fish are located, the structures present at the bottom, the presence of underwater vegetation, the exact temperature of the water, and much more.


For your surveying efforts to take effect, try going to the edge of the water body and scaring the fish. This way, you will get a fair idea of where they truly are hidden.


On the contrary, when aiming to catch fish instead of just locating them, do not go very close to the potential fishing spot. Try your best to not make any unnecessary noise so that the fish are not scared away.


You will be amazed at how little it takes to scare them. They can sense extremely subtle ripples in the water and escape the area right away.


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Locate Areas With Submerged Vegetation and Debris


As mentioned above, you will be amazed to find a ton of fish in places with dense underwater vegetation and debris (like rocks, stones, wreckages, etc.). The logic behind this is fish tend to feel secure when in cover.


Relatively small fish can hide within the folds of the leaves with ease. They usually hide in these locations when threatened or if they feel insecure.


Furthermore, certain structures also act as great hiding spots for fish. You will find an abundance of bass near the bottom pillars of docks. Freshwater fish like Walleye or Muskie tend to seek out ledges to hole up.


At times, you might see a random tree trunk or large wooden logs in the water. Expect to find comparatively large fish in such places, as these locations are perfect for predator fish to lie in wait for their prey.


Types of Vegetation That Attract Fish


As for vegetation, the places having an abundance of them are, arguably, the best spots for beginners. That is because it is easier to catch fish from these spots as they have a hard time escaping from the complex pathways within.


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If you happen to come across hydrilla, be sure to find at least some bass around. These dainty aquatic plants have developed the reputation of being “bass magnets” over the years.


Lily pads also attract shoals of fish and can easily be identified as they tend to float on the surface of the water.


Alexander Springs, Florida springs
Lily pads at Alexander Springs


Hyacinth is also a common plant that groups of bass like to hang around. Similar to lily pads, this variant of weed also floats on the water surface – which explains their importance to fish seeking a place to hide.


It is the tendency of fish to remain hidden from external presences. We believe this is what makes fishing so enjoyable. It is the challenge that ardent fishers thrive on.


Do Your Research


With the advent of modern technologies, a lot of practical work can now be done on a computer in a solitary room. We believe this should be utilized in fishing as well.


A simple web search can provide you with information like the ongoing season, the recurring temperature, the weather forecast of the day you plan on going out to fish, and so much more.


All this information is crucial. That is because the behavior of fish is largely affected by such environmental factors.


For instance, you cannot expect to find a lot of fish – if any – during an ongoing storm. The same can be said during a heatwave about the fish that do not survive in a hot climate. You need to make sure that you look for the right species under the right circumstances.


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Seek Advice From Locals


When scouting for ideal fishing spots, the best idea is to ask around among locals. Chances are, you will be directed to the best location in the vicinity.


There is no better way to find the perfect spot than to ask someone who already has relevant experience. Make sure you know what fish you are looking for. Try visiting local markets and bait shops to purchase the necessary equipment, in case you did not bring any.


Afterward, spend some time with the locals and discuss the overall condition of fishing in that region.


You can also take suggestions from dedicated fishing guides. You will be amazed at the depth of knowledge they have regarding fishing in that particular region.


If you do not want to get involved in any form of communication, you can simply take the time to observe what other fishers are doing. After that, it is only a matter of setting yourself up and initiating your hunt.


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Different Types of Fishing 


When it comes to different types of fishing it all depends on the body of water, fish species, fishing methods, and certainly your equipment.


Fishing can be classified into different types. Let us take a brief look into some of these fishing forms.


Freshwater Fishing


This refers to fishing in all water bodies except the ocean. Ponds, creeks, streams, lakes, and rivers – all of them fall into this category. Examples of fish generally found in freshwater bodies include pike, trout, crappie, walleye, bass, catfish, etc.


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Saltwater Fishing


This is a term that people use when referring to fishing in the ocean. In fact, over 97% of the water on planet Earth is saltwater. Clearly, almost all of the fishing done globally is in saltwater bodies. Examples of saltwater fish include king salmon, redfish, bluefish, pacific halibut, striped bass, etc.


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Stillwater Fishing


This is a common fishing technique where the angler releases the bait into the water and lies in wait for the fish to locate it.


This is a very easy method of fishing, which makes it highly popular among beginners. Fishing in stillwater might lead you to trophies like bluegill, chain pickerel, and the largemouth bass.


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Running Water Fishing


This is practically the opposite of stillwater fishing as, in this method, the bait is cast in a water current. This method is relatively challenging, making it difficult for beginners to attempt. However, if you do succeed, the trophy will feel even more special.


Final Thoughts


Fishing is an incredibly rewarding experience but you have to understand the different types of fishing first. Be it winter fishing or looking for large trophies in the ocean – a certain level of knowledge is required to ensure success. As you know by now, choosing the right spot can prove to be the main difference. Hence, we suggest taking ample preparation before setting out on a fishing trip.

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