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The Best Bras for Travel You Didn’t Know You Needed

Are you packing for a big trip away and want to ensure that you remember to take the absolute essentials? Well, one of the most important things you need to put at the top of your checklist is a good selection of dependable bras for travel.


Imagine getting to your destination only to realize you’ve forgotten the item that is going to make you feel comfortable and confident throughout your trip! You don’t want to be stuck without bras for travel, ever.


While there may be other travel priorities that you’re determined to remember and check off your list before embarking on your next adventure, bras for travel hold more importance than you might think.


After all, without the support of a reliable bra, you can be restricted in the activities you do, and you may not be able to make the most of your vacation. 


And when it comes to traveling, it’s vital to ensure that nothing holds you back from doing the things you love the most and exploring the world without limits. That’s why, here, we are going to look at the main types of bras for travel that you need to pack.


Whether you’re eager to make your trip an adrenaline rush, a calm and quiet affair, or a combination of both, you’ll be thankful you packed the best support possible. Let’s get into it. bras for travel, travel bras

The Best Bras for Travel

The T-shirt Everyday Bra

Let’s begin with a bra that almost every woman owns. Everybody has an everyday t-shirt bra that they can throw on with most outfits – or if they don’t, they should!


These kinds of bras are best for you to wear day to day, as they should give you the breast support you need while still being comfortable enough for you to go about your day. In fact, this type of bra is probably what you will be able to get the most use out of making it one of the most obvious bras for travel.


It’s a great choice for wearing for activities like heading to the shop or exploring your local area. T-shirt bras typically offer full coverage so your chest is kept in place nicely.

bras for travel, travel bras

The Strapless or Convertible Bra

Having a strapless or convertible bra gives you more outfit options when you’re on vacation. If it’s convertible, that’s even better, as you’re getting the best of both worlds. This makes the strapless/convertible choice a must among the best bras for travel.


If you’re going on a trip somewhere sunny, you probably have plenty of strapless or strappy tops and dresses that you want to take along with you. Your t-shirt bra isn’t always the best to pair with these, as the straps show and can ruin your outfit.


That’s when your strapless bra comes in. It can go underneath your outfit and keep your breasts supported while being cleverly concealed.


If you want to take a backless outfit along with you, you may even want to consider a stick-on bra to protect your nipples, although this isn’t good in terms of breast support.

bras for travel, travel bras
Bandeau Bras for Travel 

Next up on our list of best bras for travel is the bandeau bra. If you’re planning to travel to hotter climates or hope to spend the days walking around and exploring what your chosen holiday destination has to offer, it’s worth considering making use of a bandeau bra.


While this kind of bra falls under the above strapless type of bra, they are an extremely comfortable option with breathable fabric to help you remain supported but cool on those much-anticipated adventures.


Bandeau bras work a lot like a standard tube top would, except they are much smaller. The lack of straps and hooks means that the bra works as quite literally a band to keep your chest supported.


Ultimately, it may not offer you the strongest support, but it certainly keeps you comfortable and carefree in those hotter climates. It pays to note that this best bra for travel should be considered for its coverage and not support.

bras for travel, travel bras
The Sports Bra

In all of the excitement to book up and plan out a trip, it’s easy to forget to pack bras for travel that help you to indulge in some more physical aspects of your travel.


If you’re the sporty type or even an adrenaline junkie, and you want to incorporate something fun into the trip, then you’re probably going to need to take a sports bra along with you.


Sports bras typically have more breast coverage and larger straps than normal bras, allowing you to be flexible and carefree when taking part in more vigorous activities. This could be great if you’re going on a walking holiday, bungee jumping, or running, to name just a few examples. 

bras for travel, travel bras
The Bralette

In general, no matter where you’re planning to go on your travels, bralettes make great bras for travel as they are a bra and a top in one. This makes bralettes a more convenient and flexible choice when you’re looking to have something less heavy and restrictive on your body.


In terms of style choices, there are lots of pretty designs for you to choose from as well. In fact, because bralettes are usually lightweight in material and pleasing to the eye, they’re easy to style with just about anything.


They’re also great to take on vacation as they’re comfy and won’t make you too sweaty! Be sure to pack at least one of these versatile bras for travel to keep you with some more options no matter what the occasion may be.

bras for travel, travel bras
Other Considerations 

In order to pack the perfect selection of bras, it’s also important to ask yourself a few additional questions. For example, will the color of your bra matter on this trip?


If so do you own something nude or at least a bra that’s similar to the tone of your skin? Failing that, would a selection of black bras be easier to hide under your tops and outfits? 


If you’re planning a long trip that requires washing and laundry, are you packing bras that can be cleaned and dried easily? And if you’re heading to warmer climates, will the materials allow your body to breathe, or will they contain sweat and eventually make you feel uncomfortable?


In the end, the ability to have those added bra choices can allow you to fully enjoy your trip without any concerns. But asking yourself a few of the above questions can be that perfect final step in selecting the ultimate collection of bras for travel so you can focus on the perfect trip.

bras for travel, travel bras

Final Thoughts 

There’s a great deal of care and attention that goes into creating the perfect trip. And while being on the trip itself is where the true memories are created, it’s in the planning and preparing where you can really make sure you’ve taken your own comfort into consideration as well.


If you can pack the right bras for travel, there’s nothing stopping you from making the most of every last moment of your trip, and doing so fully supported and in complete comfort. 


And while these choices of bras may not even all end up being used, the important part is that they are there at your disposal. Having these additional options allows you to say ‘yes’ to every activity, trip, and social situation, all without having to worry about how to support your body and stay in comfort.


If you can pack a sensible range of bras for travel, you can rest assured that you’ve set the tone for a trip that’s destined to be one of the very best.

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