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road trip to the uk

Are You Ready for a 10 Day Road Trip to the United Kingdom?

Have you ever dreamed about a road trip to the UK? 


Have you ever wanted to gaze out the window at the United Kingdom’s grassy countryside, ancient castles, and bustling city life? 


It might seem far-fetched. Especially if you aren’t from the United Kingdom. You might have questions regarding how you should travel and where you should go. After all, the United Kingdom is quite large! 


If you have never been to London, there is no doubt that you should start there, regarding a visit to the UK. It is one of the most amazing cities in the world, in terms of entertainment and history.


You can spend a week and still have lots to see. But if you say “Been there, done that!” then what you need is a one-week road trip that will take you from Liverpool to York.


No doubt London is a must-see for travelers, but there is a lot more to the United Kingdom than just one city. When you take a road trip to the UK, you’re able to visit many amazing cities in a short time. 


Liverpool to York is a great route to take on a road trip to the UK because you can really soak in the culture of the United Kingdom as a whole without feeling too overwhelmed. Anybody can do it! 


So, without further ado, let’s check out 5 pit stops to visit on a road trip to the UK. First things first, you might need a motorhome. 

road trip to the uk

5 Pit Stops to Visit on a Road Trip to the UK 

First, Renting a Motorhome: The New Way to Travel

Remember how a few years back, Airbnb completely changed the way we traveled? Gone were the questionable hostels and expensive hotels. That was before the sanitary crisis of COVID-19. 


Some people are still weary of staying in an Airbnb or other peoples’ homes, and that’s okay. 


A lot has changed since then, and now people are looking for new experiences. Especially if you’re looking to take a road trip to the UK. 


One of the solutions that they have found is heading out on the road. But when you do so, as a family, it can get quite uncomfortable in a car. Car rentals can also be quite stressful. 


And because of this, people are quickly adapting to the new way to travel, which is to rent a motorhome, wherever they are going.


You get to see many cities in one trip and save money on accommodations. You can find the right one for you, at Goboony. It’s the perfect solution if you want to take a road trip to the UK! 

road trip to the uk


The first stop on our list is Liverpool. What is the first thing you think of when you hear the name, Liverpool? It all depends on your age, probably.


But if you are over 40, you are certainly reminded of where it all started for the Beatles. What an excellent first stop on your road trip to the UK! 


The Cavern Club is a mythical location that has kept all the good vibrations from the past. Not only did this exceptional band start there, but many others have performed inside the Cavern Club, as well, including Arctic Monkeys, for the younger crowd.


You also need to take the time to visit the Merseyside Maritime Museum, located on the Royal Albert Dock. You will learn fascinating things about boats, which will change the way you look at them forever.


Liverpool is a beautiful city by the sea, so rock on and check it out, especially if you’re a music lover. 

road trip to the uk


Manchester is the busiest city you will visit on your road trip to the UK. We definitely suggest that you do a little shopping while you are in town.


The Italians are often better known than the Brits, in terms of fashion, but (especially for men) they have fashion designers that are really at the top of their industry.


Also, you can catch a game of football, as the city is home to two football clubs: Manchester City and United. While you are in town, make a stop at SEA LIFE.


You will get to see sharks, rays, and all kinds of fish, as you walk through underground tunnels. Thanks to the 3D Turtle Beach Experience, you will learn the complete cycle of life of a turtle. 


What a unique experience to have during your road trip to the UK. It’s great for families! 

road trip to the uk


Those who are crazy about sports have to make a small detour and head to Sheffield, before continuing the trip to Leeds.


That is because Sheffield owns the oldest football club in the world, which was called Sheffield F.C. Of course, it also owns the oldest football field.


To anyone who is a fan of the sport, that is really something to see and brag about when you go back home.


If you are really lucky, you can catch the derby between Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday, which is called the Steel City derby.


But that is not all, Sheffield is also home to the first professional ice hockey team in the UK, and the World Snooker Championship; quite impressive, isn’t it?

road trip to the uk


This quaint city is the perfect place to enjoy life, by enjoying coffee or a drink on a terrace. It is a peaceful town to visit on your road trip to the UK. 


Leeds was an important town in Victorian England, as one of the centers of industry. Eating international cuisine in one of its many restaurants is a must, as well as visiting the Leeds City Museum and the Royal Armouries.


Take long walks in the beautiful parks that you will find all over town. It’s a nice spot to rest while you’re on your road trip to the UK. 


When you get back on the road, head to Harewood House, where everyone in your family will learn the history of the estate, and also its place in the larger history of the UK. 

road trip to the uk


History lovers will be pleased to visit this city, that the Romans built all the way back to 71 AD. Later on, in 866 AD, it was captured by the Vikings.


What you will see, while visiting the old parts of the city, will remain in your memory forever. And if more recent history is what interests you, then head to the York Castle Museum, where you can catch up on the last 400 years.


Make York your last stop on your road trip to the UK and you won’t forget it. The city has so much history and so much to see, it’s like the icing on the cake! 

road trip to the uk


With these 5 towns, you should have an eventful road trip to the UK! Liverpool all the way to York will ensure that you take in all of the sights and experiences that the UK has to offer. 


The UK is the perfect place for various road trips. If you enjoyed this particular one, next time, try new roads, in the southern part of the country.


An alternate route for a road trip in the UK is London to Bristol. Start in London, then move on to the coast for a tour of Brighton, before continuing West to Southampton, and then North-west to Bristol. 


As always, check out our guides on road tripping essentials before you go! 

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