Road Trip Planner: Which Basic Necessities to Pack

Road trips have always been among the favorite types of holidays. There’s nothing quite like the freedom of traveling by car, stopping whenever you want to take a break or snap some pictures, all while singing along to your favorite tunes.


Having a plan is so important, which is why we created this road trip planner to make packing everything you need simple! You will also want to check out these tips to stay safe on your road trip


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Car essentials


You’ll want to make sure that you’re driving a car that’s in top shape when you’re traveling long distances. So, make sure to give it a once-over and check tire pressure and the vehicle’s oil level. 


Here are a few items that are worth bringing on a road trip, no matter the distance you plan on traveling. Always have your license, car manual, and registration. These are easy to forget when you are excited to start your trip.


If you’re driving in a foreign country, you will need travel insurance. Check your home and auto policy first, but typically, those policies will only cover some incidences and are not valid in all countries.


Double-check that you have a spare tire and that it’s ready to go just in case you need it. Most cars will have them in the vehicle’s trunk, and you want to check that it is in good condition thoroughly. 


Other things to have in your car are an emergency kit that includes a jumper cable and flares, water to replace car fluids, a snow kit or sunshade depending on your destination, and a flashlight.


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Must-bring Road Trip Health Items


You’ve taken care of the car and packed all the essentials to ensure small or big issues won’t keep you stranded. Now it’s time to look at the items that shouldn’t be missing from your road trip list.


These things may not keep the car running, but they will ensure that everyone is comfortable at every stop. Whether it’s a simple bathroom break, a hiking day trip, or an overnight hotel stay, having these items on hand will ensure everyone stays comfortable.


One thing many people assume will be readily available is toilet paper. Some roadside toilets won’t have toilet paper, and you never know when an emergency may happen, so it’s worth packing a few rolls, just in case.


A first aid kit is essential. You hope you don’t have to use the first aid kit, but you will want it if you need it. Even a scraped knee needs minor treatment, so make sure you have what you need to treat it.


If you are traveling with the entire family, hand or baby wipes will really come in handy. There are even wipes that have hand sanitizer in them so you can kill those nasty germs while cleaning up. Just make sure they are the kid-friendly kind. 


When you’re on the road, it’s a little more difficult to take care of your clothes. But you can bring small, handy laundry pods like these to use at pit stops or in overnight accommodation. This will help keep your clothes clean and smelling fresh throughout your trip.



Don’t forget the sunglasses, because driving while staring into the sun is exhausting. You don’t want to be squinting all the way to your destination, especially in the morning when the sun is low and bright.


No matter where you’re going or what time of year it is, it’s best to pack a good sunscreen offering protection of at least SPF 30. It’s a good idea to apply it first thing in the morning. Especially to your face and arms.


You can burn when sitting in your car. No matter if you are driving a convertible or if you have the windows open. Arriving at your destination red-faced is not such a good look, and needless to say, it’s not the best thing for your skin either.


A Cell phone is a must-have item nowadays but make sure it’s fully charged before setting off. Also, test your car phone charger to ensure it is working, so you don’t get stuck with a dead phone and no map!


Speaking of maps, before you set off, make sure you invest in a fold-up map, and it may be worth it to plan your trip with it. It’s also worth downloading a trustworthy navigation app. They’ll be easy and reliable to use. 


You may have everything planned out with stays at hotels and bed and breakfasts along the way, but just in case your car breaks down, it’s worth packing a small pillow and a warm blanket.


Pack plenty of nutritious, delicious snacks like nuts and protein bars. They’ll last a long time and are a great way to quell the little hunger when there’s no gas station in sight.


You could also take a cooler box with you. This is a great way to keep fresh fruit and drinks cool on the route. Make sure to take at least two bottles of water and keep refilling them regularly. It’s essential to stay hydrated.


Last but by no means least, have your very own road trip playlist ready, with all your favorite driving songs! This will not only make your journey more fun, but every time you hear those tunes, they will remind you of the epic time you had on the road!



Road Trip Round-Up


Road trips can be the start of great friends and family memories. If you pack all of the above, you will have a safe, healthy, and fantastic adventure!

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